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Title: Rogue Adventures 19  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Rogue Adventures #19
139 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: She-males, Brazilians
STARS: Suzy Boneka, Fabiane De La Costa, Kelly Diaz, Gisele Lins, Claudia Polanski, Yasmine Rios, Cris Bel, Vitoria B., Vivian Mello, Fabio Scorpion, Chris Dano, David
Reviewed by: Mars
Sometimes a band, a TV show, a series of porn videos can go through a lull. Perhaps the quality never dips too low but the spark is missing. And sometimes, when that happens, you don't notice until the spark comes back. So it is with the Rogue Adventures series. It's never been bad, it's always set the high standard for transsexual porn. However, thinking back on it now, there were some dips and shallows in recent memory. Rogue Adventures #19 breaks that lull and brings back the old excitement. This volume of the series rekindled the fire and my interest. Some excellent she-males, unbridled enthusiasm in the action, and Joey Silvera's often vocal glee at what he's orchestrated all mix to make this one of the more enjoyable tranny flicks I've seen in a while.
To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.
The beginning includes two she-males. Fabiane is the cutest little tranny you ever did see. Pixie face, small tits, a fine ass and small cock. S/he's joined by Gisele, who's not nearly as cute, but s/he's got a long dick and a winning smile. They team up with Chris Dano, a muscle bound American who is one of the reasons this disc pops. Often guys in tranny flicks have a kind of defensive machismo going. They gotta seem hardcore to stave off any shame about sucking a she-male cock. Chris seems much more secure, diving from Fabiane to Gisele with unmasked enjoyment. He looks like he could kick ass, so who's going to make fun of him? The result is a good time and a long scene. It starts on a couch and Chris sucks on all the cocks he can reach. They migrate to a bed and Fabiane (man, s/he is cute) blows Chris before getting back in his mouth. Gisele stuffs the boy's ass and he takes it well, keeping a pole in each end for a bit before Fabio comes by to stuff Fabiane's rear. It's a long scene and things are steamy throughout. They swap partners a few times (Mr. Silvera chortling as he films) and everyone pops a nut at the end. A good time was had by all and we get to see it.
To keep the energy up Cris Bell graces the screen. She's a real girl with a fantastic body (petite breasts, a terrific ass and legs to die for) and a rapacious nature. Cris is willing and able and that attitude makes her scenes a prize. Anyway, she hooks up with tranny Kelly, a dark skinned she-male with great tits and an ass that'll take anything (really, there's photographic proof). Cris is in charge from the start and playfully (but powerfully) slaps Kelly around before blowing hir very, very well. The genetic girl spends a long time humming on the tranny's dick but it stays sexy. Eventually it's Cris's turn and she gets Kelly to fuck her cunt. Kelly is into it and Cris is having a great time as the pounding goes on. It turns into an ass wrecking and Cris orgasms nicely with her rear stuffed. She then pays her partner back by ramming most of her hand up Kelly's ass (and I really mean most). Kelly takes it like a champ, and could take more if decency laws allowed. It's an energetic scene with both parties satisfied by the end. Great stuff.
Another interesting segment is next. Vitoria, a slightly plump real girl, is bound at the wrists, blindfolded, and leashed. Curvy a pretty transsexual Claudia is in charge. S/he makes hir fuck toy suck hir long cock for a long time. It's rather sexy with Claudia guiding Vitoria around to different positions. Good views, too. Eventually Claudia unbinds Vitoria and they get to the screwing. As was said, the real girl is a bit heavy but sweet and she gets into the action well. Especially with the reverse cowgirl anal. Claudia gets some in-n-out with a dildo which leads to a big money shot and the end of the scene. Slightly kinky beginning, straightforward action, not bad stuff.
Suzy is the tranny in the next scene. S/he's a bit skinny for my taste and has some ridiculous Harpo hair, but manages to be rather sexy during the action. S/he spends a good deal of time splashing water on hirself from a sink and jacking hir very long cock. Vivian, a pretty and buff genetic girl, is Suzy's partner and strips to show off her extremely well formed body. She takes Suzy's prick all the way down her throat in a lengthy and well performed blow-job. Vivian gags herself a couple of times as the hummer gets drooly. Eventually she pumps Suzy's ass with a vibe before taking a toy up her own butt for some solo play. Vivian orgasms nicely, with shaking legs, and then takes off, leaving Suzy to jack hirself off to finish up. It's a simple scene, but it's not boring, oddly enough.
The exceedingly cute Yasmine is the tranny du jour for the final segment. S/he's linked up with two muscular and beefy guys, Chris and David. S/he makes them fool with each other's nipples for a bit before getting in between them to let them tag suck hir rod. David is Yasmine's bitch (willingly) throughout the scene. S/he fucks his mouth gleefully as Chris eats hir ass and then kisses hir well. Yasmine seems really vain through this scene, staring at hirself in the mirror as one of the guys is blowing hir and such. S/he is in control of David and uses him at both ends, slapping him and spitting in his face...a lot. Chris gets hir plugged up for a while and s/he rides him well. David gets his turn for a bit and they all pop off a jizz salute to end things. Not bad stuff, especially with hir taking charge of the two massive guys.
Overall: As mentioned above this volume of Rogue Adventures really gets back to the energetic and sexy scenes that Joey Silvera built the series on. It's one of the best installments of Rogue Adventures and even the transsexual genre itself. Above all, it's a good time.
Extras include chapter menu, fetish menu, 30 minutes of extra footage, a photo gallery, web URLs, cast list and filmographies.



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