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Title: When the Borz are Away the Girlz Will Play 9  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


When the Boyz are Away the Girlz Will Play #9
MOVIE TYPE: All-girl
84 Mins.
Jill Kelly Productions
THEMES: Girl on girl, fantasy
STARS: Jenna Haze, Shyla Stylez, Tyler Faith, Ashton Moore, Jezebelle Bond, Aria, April, Chloe Dior, Shay Sights, Lezley Zen, Devon Michaels, Britney Foster
Reviewed by: Mars
Whoever does the hiring at Jill Kelly Productions knows the value of a good performer. JKP has more than its share of beautiful women on their payroll but more importantly their talent knows how to put on a good show. In porn you'll see extremely pretty girls or well-hung guys who have the attitude that they just need to show up in a scene. There's no sense of performance in their appearances. With most JKP productions, however, the norm seems to be enthusiastic and energetic talent who play well to the camera and audience. When the Boyz are Away the Girlz Will Play #9 is a good example of that. With good camera work, excellent lighting and picture, and actresses engaged in the show we get a good all-girl flick with some very steamy moments.
Each scene begins with a bit of voice over from Jenna, explaining the power of fantasy. It's not so much plot as it is a loose link between unconnected scenes. Whatever.
A trio of women start things off, with Lezley Zen, Britney Foster, and Chloe Dior. Lezley is gets to play center stage first, with the other two seeing to her needs. It's a slow, sensual start as they worship Lezley's taut and smooth body (with rather solid looking fake tits). She spreads wide on a chair for a three finger plunging that's hot stuff before sitting on Chloe's face as Britney keeps Chloe's twat happy. They are into it and eager to lick and suck as they shift and writhe, each girl getting a turn at the center. They keep the pace nice and easy for most of it, creating a good tension. Chloe takes a dildo deeply as she holds another in her mouth for Lezley to ride. That ain't bad at all. Britney writhes to an orgasm on another rubber toy to end things. They work well together and get the disc jumping right off the bat.
The action stays hot with a well shot outdoor scene. Aria, in black fetish fear and a pink strap on, has the beautiful, buxom Shyla to play with. Shyla is in a rope harness, surrounding well crafted bolt-ons and giving Aria something to hang onto. It starts with Shyla giving head to the dildo at Aria's crotch. This usually does nothing for me. Sucking off a dildo is pointless. However, they manage to make it an interesting affair. It leads to a 69 where Shyla gets past the rubber dong and tongue fucks Aria's pussy very well. The camera is a great fried during the fucking. We get a great view of Aria pounding into Shyla missionary but the best is the reverse cowgirl ride, showing off Shyla's figure to it's fullest as she bounces away like a woman possessed. Good show. The strap on is replaced by the biggest fucking double dildo I have ever seen. It's enormous and they each take an end. They don't get far on the thing but it's so huge that whatever they do is impressive. Shyla then uses the tip of it to fuck Aria and it's hot. They may not be able to show fisting, but damn if this isn't nearly the same thing. Again, not too deep but she takes a lot of rubber cock. It's a good time.
Strangely, the next scene is the weakest on the disc despite starring Jenna Haze and Ashton Moore. It starts off all right but doesn't seem to develop well. There's some nice nipple attention to begin and then Jenna dives between Ashton's legs. She's a fine pussy-eater and keeps her fingers busy as well. So far so good. It starts to pale after that mainly because it's generic action from that point on. Jenna fucks Ashton with a standard vibrator, then gets on all fours so Ashton can return the favor with another vibrator. It lasts for a while but that's it. That's the extent of the action. Ashton never takes on the task of tonguing Jenna's twat. They never get above 6 on the excitement meter and it just feels like the "we can just show up" syndrome. Maybe they were having a bad day. Anyway. Nothing special here, let's move on.
Jenna gets a chance to redeem herself with the very long and lovely April. The set is neat, a single stuffed chair in front of a huge screen with live-feed images (from a different camera angle) of the two of them. They're both masked and get to business after some nice teasing with licks and gropes. Jenna gets to the serious stuff between April's legs and with tongue and fingers makes the girl shake and moan. She rides Jenna's face for a while and it's worth the time. A dildo appears and April gets fucked to a believable orgasm. Hot stuff and it leads to Jenna sitting on April's lips until she gets to her own loud petite mal. It's a fine bit of action with a bizarre-noir feel.
The final scene is a foursome with a bevy of pretty ladies. There's a lot of silicone between them, but it turns out all right. The fantasy theme really goes nuts in this setting. A flock of Lucite toys on fishing line hang from the ceiling, a fog effect is going full blast, and most of the lens seems covered in Vaseline, leaving a small circle of clarity in the center. Separately these things aren't so bad, but all together it's a bit much. Especially the toys on strings (strings we have no trouble seeing). Anyway, it doesn't ruin things, but it makes for less visible action and I found that annoying. The women do justice to the scene (despite the visual impediments) by keeping the action going and moaning and writhing well. They utilize some toys of their own on each other throughout and it's steamy. There's an excellent bit with Devon getting stuffed by Shay, Jezebelle taking one from Tyler, and Devon's foot keeping a dildo in Tyler's cunt. It's a good chain. We also get a great view of the buff and busty Devon sitting on Jezebelle's chest at one point. After a time they get set off, making their respect orgasm noises as they diddle themselves and each other. Less gel on the lens would've been nice. It keeps you focused on what's happening center screen but draws away from the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is what foursomes are all about, right?
Overall: Good camera work, fine lighting, and enthusiastic performances from pretty women. It all makes for a swell all-girl skin flick. With just a couple of stumbles, this is a still a stand-out in the field.
Extras include chapter search, photo gallery, behind the scenes features from When the Boyz are Away the Girlz Will Play #9 and #5, plus photo galleries from five other JKP flicks. Not bad.



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