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Title: Up & Cummers #10  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: n/a


Bottom Line: While most of you out there will probably not give a damn about what I say here—because Jenna is in this one. I want to say a few things beside that. First this is a great film for Kylie Ireland she is a hottie equal to that of Jenna. Second this is old school Jenna here, so if you are used to Jenna after $70,000 worth of people taking a hammer to her face, then I would avoid this one. Lastly check out the Brazil scene there is a girl in this one that will make you want to emigrate. The Feature: 6 Chapters. Randy West's Up and Cummers series has garnered its own special place in the Porn Hall of Fame (or maybe shame, depending on your point of view). Showcasing young betties who are either new or want to be new to the industry All with of these videos, we begin with Randy giving us a little stage setting with respect to the lovely ladies that we are about to see. In this case we are dealing with Jenna Jameson (all of 19) and Kylie Ireland (here 23). Here Jenna is an untouched beauty—before the breast implants, before the stardom, before she paid some unknown plastic surgeon thousands of dollars to hit her in the face with a hammer and put it back together again. Kylie is also a spring chicken (here we find that she has only been in the industry for six days). Jenna however has had some bad experiences in her first guy-girl scene, and thus is only going to suck Randy off. From the intro we can tell that he is definitely un-thrilled about the whole thing (for those of you who might be disappointed by this move on to Up and Cummers 11). Jenna here is currently a dancer at the Crazy Horse, straight out of high school. I must say that both of these girls are extremely hot. Jenna is playful and frisky like a young girl new to it all. When she and Kylie get down to business undressing each other, both girls actually looked interested in turning the other on. Both girls spend ample tie French kissing each other and sucking on each others' titties. Then Kylie starts out by going down on Jenna and giving her a little tongue tickle. Jenna is definitely moved. Kylie evens finds the time to throw a finger or two in there, getting Jenna to scream 'harder, harder'. When its Jenna's turn to do the tongue dance, she takes Kylie from behind and over the top, coming down on top of her ass and plunging her tongue deep into Kylie's perfectly shaved pussy. Both girls rub furiously at Kylie's clit getting her off. Kylie is great here you can see every muscle in her thighs light up when she cums, as if her whole body is flexing. When Randy lends them a little Pocket Rocket the action really heats up, as each girl drills their own clit into hard core ecstasy. Jenna is the first one to cum and boy let me tell you this one is the real deal—there is no faking it here. We then see Kylie do the same to her body. When Randy finally gets involved both girls are more than ready to go. The action starts out with Randy eating out Kylie who in turn is eating out Jenna, but this soon digresses to West get down into his skivvies and both girls taking very good care of him. Jenna agreed only to do oral here, but she is no slouch, sucking on Randy's balls and almost making him lose his goods in Kylie's mouth. When we get down to the fucking its all Kylie; first one her back, and then riding atop Randy's massive cock. Jenna tries to make herself useful, but in the end she is resound to masturbating while watching the heavier action going on next to her. Yet Jenna seems just fine with her fingers, a little bit too comfortable I might add. Randy seems to pick up on this as well, as he stops fucking Kylie in mid-stream in order to eat Jenna out. This brings Jenna to a screaming climax. Randy then finishes himself off with a quick doggystyle fuck of Kylie that pounds the shit out of her until he ultimately pulls out and blows his load all over the two girls faces. The next scene is with Jasmine Aloha (Brazilian-Hawaiian/American Mix), who starts out stripping out of her teal bra and panties down into her birthday suite. Looking like a modernized through back of the hooker form Full Metal Jacket (remember 'me love you long time') Aloha is living proof the West is a whore and would fuck anything that was willing and came with moist orifices. She have massively huge tits with tiny pin head nipples that look like they are constantly erect (maybe the are constantly erect but they are so small that it is hard to say). As she lays back into the chair in the back yard of some poor fellows house, we see her masturbate with her massively large talon sized finger nails, and then do something bizarre with her shoe. I am not sure but I think she was trying (poorly at that) to get the damn thing inside her. After this West sits down to interview her, and he seems about as interested as someone waiting for a root canal. Its funny to here Randy couching her to say that she like fucking for the camera and that she doesn't do it for the money (lies, lies, lies..., but I won't ruin your fun). Soon the two decide to head inside to fuck—with about as little pretense and foreplay as ordering a Big Man through the drive-up window. I must say that from her the whole scene just falls apart. From West's blue underwear, to the incredibly over the top screaming from Aloha. West keeps saying 'you are so fucking pretty, your face makes my dick hard'—no offense but who is he trying to convince us or himself, I mean lets be real this guy gets hard when the wind blows, otherwise he wouldn't be in porn. Jasmine sucks down West with a ton of enthusiasm while West makes playful with her big butt. We then see something incredible; Jasmine takes one of her legs and pulls it up to her head, exposing her pussy in a way that I have never seen before. West takes advantage of this by fingering and sucking at her clit frantically. The only problem is that she moans so much that it gets annoying. Finally we get down to business with West plugging her love hole. Here Jasmine goes crazy, screaming and breathing and moaning, as West pounds her into the bed. The funny thing is that Jasmine is always in control here, West doesn't even know what has happened and he is almost about to blow his wad. Somehow he manages to maintain control in order for Jasmine to climb onto his cock and take full control of the situation. It is here that we find out that Jasmine is a femme-bot, fucking West like the energizer bunny. When West gets control of the situation again and is fucking her form behind we get some great shots of him grabbing onto her ass and pulling himself into her pussy. Finally West pulls out and Jasmine sucks this scene to a conclusion. Jasmine may be no Jenn, but I don't think I have ever seen Jenna fuck that dirty, and I don't think that we ever will; Jenna has too much pride. After a little bathroom break, we catch this scene with the uncompromising Ed Powers and two Brazilian beauties, who Randy no doubt picked up for a great discount at the local market. One of them is beyond hot (if you are into the whole Brazilian Carnival thing), the other is, well the other one. She has beautiful full and long curly blonde hair that runs down almost the length of her back, as she stand naked in the bathroom with West. Powers is behind the camera here allowing West to get down and boogie with these two girls. OF course West is fucking the dog in this scene, and the beauty is sitting off the to side-lines and beating her self off. I must say thought that there is a great scene of Ed dancing with one of these girls (he couldn't look like more of a dork if you paid him). The blonde then continues to dance and strip as Ed and West and the real beauty sit back and enjoy the show form the couch. We then get a shot of the blonde in the shower soaping up her pussy—she looks about as alluring as a caged animals taking a shit, every once and a while she acknowledges that you are there but most of the time she is just doing her own thing. We then cut back to the bedroom and the blonde is now face down on the bed with a vibrator shoved up inside her. We find out the her name is Katerina Mendez (I am sure her family will be proud that she is a big movie star in the United States). Katerina plunges this phallic cock into with no problem at all. We then see her beautiful friend grab a huge yellow vibrator. She starts in and then rolls over away from the camera. Meanwhile Katerina is sucking down our man Ed. Yet West is (and rightly so) more interested in the action that is going on on the bed with Katerina's friend. We then switch and watch Katerina fuck herself with the red stick of love, while Ed gets a delicious bj from Katerina's hottie friend. West stops the action so that Ed can hold the camera while West gets his rocks off. Katerina starts in on his cock, while her friend licks away at West's nipples. West delivers a masterful pussy licking to this beauty while Katerina is delegated to licking Randy's asshole. You know that its the breaks you come to be the main squeeze and end up with the shit job. West starts out by fucking this Brazilian goddess first and the action is great. Unable to fake the intensity West truly delivers her to the gates of heaven. When the action slows down we see the two of them kissing and caressing each other; in some great shots you might actually think that Randy cares about her, you might—until he turns her over onto her stomach and makes a big deal about how beautiful her asshole is. Oh yeah by the way Katerina is pretty much left to the sidelines for this scene except for her exploits in sucking down Ed Powers and an anal scene with Randy. Other than that Randy spend most of his time riding the real Brazilian beauty in the room. This is one of those rare jems in porn; something that should not be missed—you can't fake this shit, and you can't write it either. As far as Gonzo goes this is about as good as it gets. The last scene is with eighteen year-old Lisa, who is going to be on video for the first time. Lisa is a beautiful San Francisco native who looks kind of like an African-America/Mexican Mix. After a little ideal banter between the two, watch Randy give Lisa a lot of on screen direction. The problem is that its more about what West think is going to sell than about what West is actually getting turned on by. We then watch as Lisa fingers herself into orgasmic heaven with various digits and paraphernalia to assist her. In all this is ending the movie on a down note. While Lisa is great to look at, a single masturbation scene would not have been my choice. Always end on the upswing, which in this case would have been either the Brazil scene or the one with Jenna and Kylie. This scene ends in a whimper instead of a roar.  

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