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Title: Rogue Adventures 12: New York Vs. Brazil  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Rogue Adventures 12: New York Vs. Brazil

139 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: She-Males, Brazil
STARS: Gabriella, Fabiana, Yazmine, Ivy, Amber Vaughn, Diana, Danielia D., Isis, Carlos, Juliano Ferraz, Ethan Starr, Donovan Lazar, Fabio Scorpion
Reviewed by: Mars
Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures series of she-male videos has been a consistent pleasure to watch. Skilled with the camera and in finding some of the sexiest transsexuals, Silvera continues to deliver the goods with each installment. While all of them are worthy, some are less so than others. Number 12, however, is in the upper echelon, giving us a gaggle of beautiful and sexy trannies from Brazil and the U.S. The Brazilian she-males are more feminine, curvier and softer angles in their faces (for the most part). Meanwhile the American lady-boys tend to be more involved in the sex, making up in pure, sexy passion what they might lack in overtly feminine looks. Who wins the Brazil vs. N.Y. contest? Who cares, they fuck right there in front of the camera!

To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.

It begins in Brazil with two trannies, who are kind of hard to differentiate, and a guy named Carlos. Gabriella and Fabiana are both blonde, slender, round in the ass and medium in the chest. And both have cocks. Don't strain yourself keeping it straight, they give a good show. Carlos sucks on Fabiana's rod for some time (and we get some good views) before Gabriella gets a turn at his mouth. The she-males take turns plugging his ass, which isn't a bad time, and then they get fucked with vibrators. Strangely, neither of the she-males get worked over with a living cock, despite the fact that there are three of them waving around. One way or another, they all three pop a nut to finish it off. Not bad, good views, though not the most intense sex ever shot on video.

It picks up a bit with Yazmine, a very tan and bleach blonde Brazilian tranny with a taut hot body s/he shows off to the camera. Juliano shows up to get a hummer, and Yazmine proves s/he knows what s/he's doing. The teasing licks and slow pace make it a steamy blow-job. He gives almost as good as he gets, with hir sitting in a chair, wrists strapped to the arms. He sucks for a long time before they move to the bed. Yazmine gets into it, taking the guy's thick cock in the ass easily. The best, however, is when s/he rides him reverse cowgirl, showing off hir very hard cock as it bounces along. Good angles, too, a pretty picture. S/he fades a bit in the next position, looking a bit bored as he slams hir from behind, but gives a decent show when s/he fucks him for a while. So, not bad, overall, but stick close for the next segment.

Ivy is a slender black she-male from New York. S/he's got small (lactating) breasts, a pixie face, and an enormous wang. Topping out around 9 and a 1/2 inches, s/he's a long one. S/he's also a very sexy girl. After a bit of a strip tease, Ivy gets Ethan on his knees to swallow hir pole. I'm impressed with his talents, considering what he's faced with. S/he fucks his mouth for a long time. Ivy is particularly feminine (despite the monstrous dick), with perhaps the most perfect womanly voice of any she-male I've heard. Plus s/he can deep throat. S/he makes Ethan's prick disappear as they 69 before fucking him silly. It's a hot bit of action and s/he's really intent on doing the guy. They both shoot their loads to finish it, but the action is the high point. I'll watch hir again.

We stay in New York for the next scene. This one stars the prize she-male of the disc (as far as looks are concerned), Amber Vaughn. S/he's a Spanish honey with a very pretty face, round breasts, excellent legs and ass, and a decent dick. S/he's also having a good time throughout the scene, always a plus. S/he smokes in a couple of parts, which is terribly sexy despite my California-bred shock at seeing smokers in a hotel room. Hir boy sucks hir cock for a bit, but it's much hotter when s/he squats down to take his rod between hir lips. Great view and sexy stuff. S/he talks dirty with a coy smile and gets fingered before s/he gets hir ass stuffed. It's deep and easy going and Amber is nicely into it, with that half-lidded look of passion that convinced this jaded reviewer that s/he liked it. After, s/he alternately blows smoke on his cock and sucks it. Very cool. Good looks, good action.

While Amber may be the looks winner, I'm giving my vote for Best Action to Diana and Ethan in this next scene. Diana is an angular faced tranny with a long body and fantastic legs. S/he is mighty sexy, even just walking around. Get hir into a cheerleader outfit with stockings and heels and I'm on the edge of my seat. After some posing and giggles, Ethan shows up to give Diana a blow-job. Good views of that and it lasts a while. Diana, it soon becomes apparent, digs him and digs the action. It's hot like fire. S/he gobbles his shaft before they get into a sweet 69. Diana is smitten with hir boy and it makes the scene cook. They kiss well and wrestle a bit on the bed, fucking each other's mouths back and forth, before s/he pounds his ass well. Diana is humping like mad, sweaty and crazy as s/he goes. S/he pops like a hose to end it. Mad action, excellent sequence.

Which brings us to the last scene. It's the weakest on the disc, with Danielia, a blonde Brazilian tranny, Isis, a genetic girl (who is very well put together), and Fabio Scorpion. First of all Danielia never seems to show up. S/he's got a vapid stare, unable to look away from the camera as s/he goes through the motions. Fabio seems determined to push the scene along. Isis is there to get some action, but she's playing the submissive and isn't getting good direction from her partners. The best moment is when Fabio and Isis go at it, with Danielia forgotten on the couch. Not a good scene, and a terrible ending to an otherwise good disc.

Overall: Who wins? New York, hands down. Not to say that Brazilian she-males are weak, this batch just isn't the best. The Americans make this disc a keeper, I'll be spinning it again for sure. All three of their scenes are worth visiting again.

Extras are middling. Chapters, a good fetish menu, a photo gallery, a cast list, and some URLs.



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