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Title: Killer Pussy #12  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Killer Pussy #12

89 Mins.
New Sensations/Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal
THEMES: Group sex, anal, wax museums, European
STARS: Eve, Sophia, Daniella, Kathlin, Dalela Deniro, Sandra, Stefanie, Nacho Vidal, Tarzzan, Dennis Marti, Claudio Villa
Reviewed by: Mars

Nacho Vidal is a porn director who brings a manic level of enthusiasm to his work. He and a posse of muscled, hung buddies romp through his gonzo flicks and stick everything everywhere they can in a parade of beautiful Euro-babes. Killer Pussy #12 is no exception. With a few skinny exceptions the women are curvy babes with terrific hips and ass. They're not as taut as the women in other Nacho flicks, but the vigor with which these women attack the cocks they are offered is a big plus. There's the barest, slimmest, faintest glimmer of a plot. Nacho simply tells the camera that he and the other guys are supposed to be statues that come to life and fuck a group of students and their teacher, who've come to see the museum. A hand drawn sign is the only prop to support this story, but no one really cares.

To start things off (after the "statues" have chased the girls inside) all four guys grab hold of a couple of the women. A wavy haired hottie, short and compact, and a dark haired beauty with an excellent ass are both into it from the start. They get pawed and groped and there's a lot of oral attention paid to all involved. These girls suck cock well and there's hardly a moment when they aren't showing off that talent for the first bit of this scene. They soon have a dick at either end as they bend over a bench. The wavy haired gal takes it in the ass and gets D.P.'d while standing up. This gives us a good view of the action. When it moves to the floor, wavy hair is thrusting more than the boys, which turns up the heat (how often is a woman more active in a D.P. than the men?). The other guys drift off and Nacho gets some alone time with the girls, which he uses to wreck the wavy girl's ass with his huge cock. The dark haired lady's turn is a doggy style pounding that's wild. He pulls her hair and slams into her. The action cuts away, however...

This film has an interesting technique for blending the different scenes. A few times it'll cut away from a segment to start a new one, then cut back to the first for the wind up before really getting into the second piece. It's not a bad little trick.

So the next segment begins with a blonde and a redhead getting fucked by the three other guys. There's some excellent pussy eating and cock-sucking. The girls' shirts get torn off and we cut back...

To Nacho mish fucking the dark haired girl. This is some of the most erotic sex in the scene. She's got the million mile stare, her brains thoroughly fucked out, and her orgasm noises are thrilling. He swaps around a bit, putting the girls on top of each other and on their knees, before popping his nut on the dark haired woman's face. A good segment, all told.

So back to the blonde and the redhead and they're getting the works. Red has two dicks in her, at either end, and blondie is taking a mish pounding very well. She ends up bending over and taking a deep and smooth ass-fucking while the redhead is busy riding one rod and blowing another. And that gives way to...

A couple more girls (a skinny blonde and a honey with red-streaked hair, a decent body, and a homely face) get found by two men and the usual groping ensues. Red gets rolled onto her shoulders so one of the men can eat her pussy, which is nice, and then we cut back again...

To the first redhead and blonde, down to one guy now who's busy with the redhead riding reverse cowgirl to show off her sweet rack. The blonde climbs on for an anal ride, but I tell you, those razor bumps all over her crotch really don't do it for me. A cum shot on red ends this one for good. It's not a terrible segment, but it is one of the weakest on the disc.

And back to the second set of blonde and red. Nacho joins in for a bit to stick the blonde in one end as she swallows at the other. Red is the designated anal girl for the scene and she takes it with gusto. She's the most active and enthusiastic of the women in the movie and bumps up the heat. Plus the camera work and direction in this segment is great. The four actors swing through several positions with each other and usually manage to link up (the girls are getting fucked and the blonde is licking the shaft pumping into the redhead, good stuff). So several terrific group shots help keep the action very interesting throughout. Add that to the redhead's enthusiasm and we get one of the best segments on the disc. This time it doesn't cut away before the end. Nacho says he's going to go find the teacher and leaves it to the four of them to finish up. Blondie gets a pounding on her sides with some choking and red is slammed mish before the pop shots fly.

The last scene is terrific. Nacho finds the "teacher" and she's a fucking beauty. Her bod is a curvy dream, with excellent natural tits, a tapered waist, and a well rounded ass. Beyond that, though, she's also a woman. Nacho makes this distinction, letting us know that she's older than the girls he usually works with. It excites him to no end and just watching her you can see why. She carries herself with a sexy and sultry confidence that amplifies her assets at least three-fold (give or take). Nacho responds with a fantastic performance. The two of them build up the heat with some talk and gyrating before the clothes come off. It's a slow burn that really makes the action that much hotter when it ignites. The blow-job alone would make the scene noteworthy. She takes him deep as he fucks her face for a long time (he even squeals when she first runs down the length of his cock). When he takes her from behind we learn she's got a sexy moan and a nice back. He lifts her to a standing doggy by her arms and we get a great view. It's altogether a good time, with a few more positions and a cum shot on her stomach plus a minute of Nacho praising her. A fine end to a good flick.

Overall: The key to this flick is energy. There's a lot of it and it's infectious. The enthusiasm with which the men and women go at it makes the sex hot and fun. Oftentimes Euro-babes are more subdued, enjoying themselves but more or less passive. In this vid several of the girls are more directly involved in the action. I've yet to be disappointed by Nacho Vidal's gonzo offerings. And the final scene is a very sexy segment with a truly sexy woman. Check it out.

Extras include a photo gallery (a good one, in fact), four trailers on side A, 30 or so on Side B, and 10 interviews with some porn starlets (not featured in the movie).



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