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Title: Real Masturbation  
Reviewer: Duces Wild  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Real Masturbation

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
75 Minutes
New Machine
THEMES: Amateur, Masturbating, Toys,
Not Listed
STARS: Misty Parks, Nakita Kash, Lacie, Ember, Dora Venter, Carmen Luvana,

Reviewed by: Deuces Wild

This movie is one of many compilations by New Machine from there Pro-Am movies. This one focuses on solo sex and foreplay. Most are from Ed Powers and his series and the rest are from Randy West and his movies.

First is Misty Parks from More Dirty Debutantes 202, as she lies in the bed having a conversation with the cameraman. After a while she starts to play with herself with some rubbing and fingering. Then Ed Powers gives her a vibrator to use and she uses it to an orgasm. Very average way to start the movie.

Next up is Nakita Kash from Real Female Masturbation 1 riding in the back seat of a SUV while it is in drive. She's in progress as the scene starts fingering her self and rubbing her clit many times. We then cut to her with a purple dildo and she gets off on it repeatedly before the scene ends. Not only is this the best scene but, she looks like she had multiple orgasms in the SUV.

Lacie from M.D.D 203 is up next and her scene is pretty quick. It starts out with her playing with the clit for a while before getting a pocket rocket to get her self off. (Told you it was a quick scene.)

Now Ember has a mix of three different scenes from Porn O' Plenty 6 and M.D.D 204 & 205. It begins with her getting off by Ed Powers eating her out. Then cuts to her with a pocket rocket for about half a minute before it ends with her playing with her self to a very loud orgasm. This was definitely odd and arousing all at the same time.

Now we have Dora Venter from Global Warning 5 on a couch fingering her pussy while talking to Ed Powers. Then he passes her a pocket rocket to use for a while until he can't get enough so he starts to go down on her. After that she goes back to playing with herself and the pocket rocket.
The last scene in the movie belongs to the gorgeous Carmen Luvana in M.D.D 211. This scene goes back and forth with her starting out playing with her self then Ed Powers go downtown. After that she uses a pocket rocket and then they do the same thing to close out the scene.

For my first solo film this was a boring movie, only highlights were Nakita and Ember in their scenes. If you are a fan of these types of films then you should definitely go and rent this to see if you like it other wise skip it.



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