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Title: Young Cream Pies 4  
Reviewer: Duces Wild  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Young Cream Pies 4

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
150 Minutes
New Machine
THEMES: Amateur, Creampies, Anal, Group Sex,
STARS: Jodie Moore, Jassie, Ines, Nadia Moore, Yoshiko Yakamora, Ed Powers, Randy West, Randy Redwood, John Decker, and Craig Moore

Reviewed by: Deuces Wild

Young Cream Pies is a compilation that pertains to the creampies from all the series done with New Machine. The first thing that caught my attention was Jodie Moore is in this and Jassie made me had to see this. This film has an amateur appeal to since it's done by Powers and West but I think it should be good no matter what.
First off is Ines from New Ends 4, she begins playing with her self on the bed. Ed comes in with some oral and vice versa before he goes into the missionary position. After that he goes straight to anal with some doggie and reverse cowgirl for the majority of the scene. They go back to the mish position where he comes in pussy and she squirts it out for the camera. (I didn't like the girl at all in this scene.)

Next on the disc is Jassie and her boyfriend Randy Redwood from Up and Cummers 93. Jassie is a 19-year-old slim long hair brunette with small tits and a nice ass. She definitely looks her age, and has that girl next door aura about her. Randy runs her through the normal routine of asking questions like where she's from (Vegas) her age, how old was she when she started fucking (16), you get the idea. He then has her strip down and gets a good up close and personal look at her. He then has her masturbate a little, then put her clothes back on only to strip down for her boyfriend. Obviously a rookie, the striptease was a waste. Her boyfriend lies her back on the bed, sucks her toes, and then goes right for the bush. It's your basic run of the mill oral scene, nothing special. From here, Jassie does her best oral for the camera, then climbs up on Randy R. cowgirl. She gets really excited and cremes all over his rod, so much so that Mr. West mentions this quite a bit. West then asks her to turn around into a reverse cowgirl so that she can watch herself fuck her boyfriend. From here they switch to doggy where Randy gets some great close ups of her taking it from behind. He then has them bring it home by switching to missionary, then an internal cumshot. She then shows the camera her prize as it oozes out of her gash.

Next up Jody Moore and husband from Up and Cummers 97. She is a model from Australia. She also ran for congress but received only 5% of the votes. She brought with her, her new man and the driving force behind her career. She does an interview with Randy and then with her and Randy. They show us some of her magazine work and then they finally get down to business. Her clean-shaved pussy is already wet and creamy for the interview before the scene. She starts off with a short adequate blowjob and then they roll into a sideways 69 followed by a top bottom 69. We get some excellent views of her spread pussy and her blowjob gains a little intensity as she starts to take him a little deeper in her mouth. He penetrates her missionary with her legs in the air and though she is quiet, she does smile like a nasty slut for the camera that reassures us that she is happy to be there. Well, finally he starts fucking her worth a damn and she starts making some realistic noises, not fake or staged but real, natural moans and sighs. You can see her pussy creaming up around his cock. She rolls over to take it from behind doggy before showing us her sexy as hell feet and toes. She gives her man a great foot job. She is quite agile and her toes and arches are sexy as fuck. She climbs on for some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl that really shows off her sexy body. She gets on her stomach and takes a good pounding from behind before her man shoots his load inside her very pink and wet pussy. Randy gets some great footage of the cream pie that ensues before he gets his cock sucked by this beautiful girl and blowing his man juice in her beautiful mouth and pretty little face.

Now we have Nadia Moore from Up and Cummers 33 who pulls double duty. First taking on John Decker, and then climbing aboard Randy West who can't resist joining in. Who can blame him? I would hop on in too. When a girl looks this good, an old man's got do what an old man's got do. I've seen Nadia in several movies before, and because she didn't stick around the business very long (sadly) I've probably seen a good percentage of her on camera work. Each time I've seen her, though, I have to admit to thinking, "I wonder if her daddy knows she's doing this?" There are those "nice" girls that guys sometimes talk about in hushed tones when we say things like, "She makes you think she's a good girl, but I bet she's wild in bed." Now, we know just how wild girls like Nadia can be. Decker, not once, takes a second off from fucking her. Clearly, he enjoys himself. After unloading his ejaculate into her mouth, West takes his turn and she damn near sends him to an early grave. I think I may have broken a sweat just watching her go to work on him. After that pound session he goes inside her to pop and finish the scene.

Last we have Yoshiko Yakamora from M.M.D 31 with Ed Powers. She wastes no time as she goes to give him head. The look on his face says it all that she's doing a good job. He rolls her over to get her in to some reverse cowgirl as she moans like a banshee. (You can tell she is faking it completely.) After some doggie he rolls her on her back to missionary so he could pop in her pussy to end the movie.

This was a good movie to watch. I wasn't surprised since Jassie and Jodie were in it but it was a good movie. People who rather have a compilation than buy all the movies should get this. For fans of Randy West and Ed Powers work this is a must whether it's to keep or to buy this a good series to look at.



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