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Title: Just Over Eighteen #5  
Reviewer: Laszlo  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Just Over Eighteen #5
MOVIE TYPE: Legal Teens
TIME: 138 Mins.
STUDIO: Red Light District
DIRECTOR: David Luger
THEMES: anal, DP(Allison only), 2 on 1
STARS: Princess Diana, Allison Wyte, Melody, Baby Doll, Lacey Barnes, Cassie Young, Pat Myne, Brian Pumper, Lee Stone, Steve Holmes, Tony Tedeschi, Brett Rockman
Reviewed by: Laszlo

Diana is the cover-girl and this is one case where the photo does not do her justice. She has big, beautiful, dark eyes and a gorgeous profile that the video camera captures well. Diana was born in Norway but is of Persian descent according to the back cover. If you like watching Rudi Bahktiar on CNN you'll love this girl as she has a very fresh, hot, exotic look. She also has a cute accent and tells us right from the start she likes her pussy wet. Enter Mr. Pumper and Tony Tedeschi and she starts sucking cock while sitting on the sofa. She looks straight into the camera in these shots and we're off to a good start. She tells Tony to stick his dick in her while she sucks Brian. She maintains eye-contact with the camera here and moans loudly as she's getting fucked. She does cow-girl, pile-driver and some brief doggy-style before Tony pulls out and cums on her face. Brian gives her a big facial next which she reacts really nice to. She is a very enthusiastic girl and the entire scene is fun to watch.

Allison Wyte has a very tight body and is wearing a ripped t-shirt and short shorts outside. She has reddish brown hair and her style reminds me a lot of Aurora Snow. She teases us briefly with her beautiful tits and ass then it's back inside for more interview. Fast forward to the sex...Tony Tedeschi and Mr. Pete show up and she starts sucking cock slowly while getting her pussy licked. There's a nice close-up of her tight, 18 yr old pussy before Tony starts pumping away in missionary. She gets loud and we see her tits bounce as they each take turns thrusting into her. Her ass looks good while getting fucked doggy style and she takes a couple of hard slaps on her butt-cheek. Anal lovers will like this girl as she takes some hard anal banging while on the couch sucking Tony's cock. Up next is reverse cow-girl and some hot, intense DP. Some great close-ups of her face as she's getting double-plugged hard while talking dirty. She takes a drippy cumshot from Tedeschi before some more anal sex from Mr. Pete and a good sized, messy facial with her mouth open. She blows bubbles afterward and finishes a very hot scene with her chin up. Lots of energy from this girl makes her scene a winner.

Lacey Barnes is a very cute, petite blonde with the prettiest pair of deep blue eyes that this reviewer has seen in a while. Unfortunately, that's it for the positive things to say. She seems a little scared or nervous during the interview and that never bodes well for the performance. Lee Stone shows remarkable restraint as he starts to fuck her but Lacey shows little to no energy here. She has her eyes closed (NO! bad!) for most of the sex and moans mildly as they move from position to position. This is an extremely dissapointing scene considering her looks are top notch. The end result is not quite the equivalent of watching a limp corpse but definitely in the flopping fish category. It ends with an unremarkable facial with Lacey turned away slightly and her mouth closed.

Melody is next with Pat Myne and Brett Rockman. Like Diana she is of Persian descent and has big dark eyes that get watery as she starts to suck their cocks. She has a nice, big, natural rack that bounces really good as she gets fucked RC. She's very loud as Pat rams her hard while she sucks off Brett in missionary. Pat sticks a finger up her ass but Melody does not do anal here. She takes a couple of good cumshots on her chin and face and some playful cock taps on her nose to finish off a high energy clip.

Baby Doll is a brunette with a passable face and a big, round white ass. She shows it off to the camera and smacks it playfully before Brian Pumper comes in and goes to work. Her oral skills are OK but she doesn't give as much eye contact as most of the other girls. Doggy style is where things heat up and we get to see her ass and tits in motion. Good ass shots with her on top as well. The energy abates while Brian spoons her but picks up a little during anal RC. Brian fucks her missionary briefly before pulling out to give her a massive facial that gets cum in her hair, forehead and eyelid.

Cassie Young is a tanned blonde who looks a bit more experienced than the other girls. She has a killer body and nice firm (fake?) tits. She says she's from Vegas and it's easy to picture this girl working the strip clubs with her tattoos and bruised knees. Brett goes to work on her pussy with 2 fingers and tongue. She said in the interview she likes men who take charge and that gets put to test when Mr. Pete shows up and he pulls her hair aggresively. She's soon on her knees and both guys take turns throat fucking her with some cock-slapping thrown in for good measure. Her eyes start to water and the guys take turns fucking her pussy in missionary and filling her mouth with cock. She gets on top next and we're treated to some nice shots of her tight ass bouncing up and down and getting spanked hard. Some reverse cowgirl while Pete throat fucks her briefly...then pulls her hair tightly as she gets man-handled and brought downstairs for some more. This is a nice transition and you really get the feeling this girl likes it rough. There's some hard doggy-style that shows off her ass really well as she sucks cock eagerly and messily. She takes two large cumshots directly into her mouth but rather than swallowing, lets it all drip down over her tits. This is easily the hottest scene on the DVD.

Top notch picture quality and audio here with excellent camera work. Extras include the standard picture gallery and bonus "Boner footage" that features P.O.V. shot clips. It starts with Allison Wyte giving some great oral and taking a cumshot into her mouth (which she swallows) as she looks straight into the camera. Some additional tease shots of Melody which lead to a facial with some good eye-contact as well. There is no behind the scenes clip of any of the girls which I have enjoyed from previous DVDs in this series (especially #2 featuring Jenna Haze).
Overall this is a high quality addition to the Just over Eighteen series. Gone are the days when there used to be only one or two hot girls on the disc with a lot of filler in between. The only real dud here is Lacey's scene which may be rationalized as nervousness on her part since she may have been just starting out in the biz. Mr. Luger's camera work and editing are to be commended here with consistently great shots, showing the girls off extremely well. Allison Wyte, Diana, Melody and Cassie show a lot of enthusiasm and energy that is displayed well here.   


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