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Title: Somegthing So Right  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Something So Right

Reviewer- Sheyna

Time- Unknown
Company- Wicked Pictures
Director- Jonathan Morgan (my hero)
Cast- Sydnee Steele, April, Kylie Ireland, Lezley Zen, Cheri, Avy Scott, Cindy, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher

Review- A winner from Wicked Pictures and Jonathan Morgan. An excellent choice for couples, this DVD finishes with a happy ending for all. Sydnee Steele plays an emasculating bitch who hires April to seduce her husband, Randy Spears playing a nice guy, so that Sydnee can run off with her rich asshole lover, played by Brad Armstrong.

Juicy single and double blowjobs start the DVD right off. Sydnee Steele, showing her gratitude for her new diamond earrings, shows off her sleek body and athletic prowess with hungry, powerful cocksucking and a long anal RCG on Brad Armstrong.

Brad deserves an award for his performance in this DVD. He does an outstanding job of whipping the barely visible condom off so discreetly that I had to rewind to see if Sydnee really just went ass to mouth - she didn't. You can barely catch Brad's quick dick-baring maneuver, brilliant! April has a sweet ass and tiny tits with a fresh, young face. Much of her performance is not too special until she wraps her lips around Randy's meatstick and goes deep. Randy is in good shape, too. There is plenty of between-smut dialogue to keep a pleasant, somewhat interesting storyline running. Steve Hatcher with his hair cut disappointingly short takes on a heavy-looking Kylie Ireland and a dark-haired newbie with an unshaved box. Kylie has never been my cup of tea, but she gets even less attractive as the scene goes on. She does some nice dirty talking.

Brad Armstrong then puts a hopeful Sydnee in her place by pointing out to her that she means virtually nothing to him and is replaceable. He proves his word by hooking up with Lezley Zen and a forgettable blond who barely adds anything to the scene. Lezley is the scene-stealer. She has a great pussy. Again, Brad Armstrong gives a stellar performance, going pussy to pussy, pussy to mouth between these two hotties. Excellent camera work of Brad poking these two wet holes simultaneously. Nice and sexy! He slams the shit out of Lezley then all three of them shove their fingers in her pussy together and work it over.

Sydnee, humiliated, apologizes to her husband Randy Spears and he takes her back. They make up for it with a nice, loving fuckfest with fluffy music in the background. Happy ending for all and very palatable to women porn watchers.


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