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Title: Keepin' It Real #9  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: D-
Male looks: D-
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: D-


Keeping it Real #9

Kid Cocky-
Overall Rating- D
Female Looks- F
Male Looks- F
Sex- B
Plot/Acting- N/A
Extras- C
A/V Quality B

Time- Two Hours
Company- Afro Centric
Director- Unknown
Cast- Honey, Goldie, Stallion, Voluptuous, Ri-Dick-U-Lust, and Snake


First, I would like to go on record asking, who names themselves "Ri-Dick-U-Lust?" With that having been said, I can get to reviewing this movie. I know that I have been a little harsh in my reviews lately, but this one is a real stinking piece of trash. First, there are only four chicks in the entire film. That alone makes it hard to give a movie a good rating. Unless each chick is being banged by 25 guys each, there is a good chance that any movie with four chicks is going to be a waste of money. Furthermore, there isn't anything other than male/female sex. No dyke-ing out, no gangbangs, no three-ways, NOTHING! There is practically no anal action in this movie, film quality is amateur, and the scenes seem to drag.

I would also like to mention that I think that black babes can be the hottest ladies in porn, but the four in this movie were dragged right from the gutter. They are just fine for everyday looks, but they certainly aren't the type of girls that you should spend your money to watch. In fact, I'm not even sure that Stallion was a girl. She looked more alien than chick. She stood about 6' tall, probably weighted 180 pounds, had neon red hair, bright blur eyeliner, and skin so dark that would have made Ed Lover look pretty. There are plenty of beautiful black babes in porn, but Afro Centric decided to find the nastiest ladies in the adult film world. So, they deserve a bad review. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't write a bad review. You, the fan, might accidentally buy this movie if I gave this a good review. Then you would never trust Roger's Reviews again! I can't tell a lit, this one sucks.

So, there has to be some redeeming qualities about this movie. Well there are a few. This sex is pretty amateur. So, if you like home grown bootie, this movie might be right for you. Also, this is one of the few all black movies in film today. That is something that we need more of, so I gave afro-centric credit for that. Also, the sex scenes aren't too bad. The girls are somewhat energetic, and the guys provide some pretty decent deep dickin' action. Also, these girls have some pretty decent sized natural tits. So, maybe I am just the wrong guy to review this movie. Maybe John Lee Hooker would have liked these bitches, but Kid Cocky gives this movie a definite thumbs down!

Kid Cocky
"Bad ass in black, with a finger in her crack, too legit and you know I am whack."

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