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Title: Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp  
Reviewer: Duces Wild  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp

101) Minutes
DIRECTOR: Snoop Scorsese
THEMES: Bikinis, Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, Orgy, Music Videos
STARS: Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Blue, Ashley Long, Sin Nye Lang, Monique, Shyla Stylez, Dee, Ice, Holly Hollywood, Mia Smiles, India, Nikki Fairchild, Kiwi, Cashmere, Honey Bunny, Flick Shagwell, Taylor St. Claire, Skyy, Britney Skye, Nyomi Arman, and a lot more.

Reviewed by: Deuces Wild


Finally the sequel to the 2001 best selling tape "Doggystyle" has come out and it is safe to say it's better than the first. The cast in this blows the other cast away with girls like Dee, Kiwi, Shyla Stylez, and others. India is the only performer to be in the first one and this one. In this movie, Snoop is a pimp who gives a look in his life to a news station for 48 hours. Chelsea Blue plays a reporter who will follow Snoop around during that time. (Before the movie goes on there is the first of three music videos for snoop's song where the whole cast dance around.

Ashley Blue, Monique, Sin Nye Lang are on all fours shaking their butts for Snoop to decided who got the best butt. He can't decide so he brings in Larry Love (Mr. Marcus) to decide who has the best. He starts testing them all out with a little ass and pussy licking and fingering. All the girls begin to give him oral before, he starts to get busy. Ashley starts it off with a little mish quickly then right into anal. All the girls get anal before he pops in Ashley's mouth. Monique and her do a little cumswap to end the scene. Good way to start off.

Shyla, India and Nikki Fairchild are washing this huge limo and each other. They all toy each other before the scene is cut short by Snoop & Co. (We see those three later.) Snoop talks about how he got in to pimping before we see some girl/girl action. Ice, Dee, Holly Hollywood, Mia Smiles dance around before they start in what looks like a huge empty pool. The girls pair off and are fingering each other before they bring out the toys. Dee and Holly strap on some dildos and give it to the other girls. Little bit more fingering before they all team up on Dee with a toy to nice climax. Two great scenes and there is much more.

Back to the three previous girls washing the limo, a black in a clown suit and make-up ask for a few things and gets more than he bargained for. They all give him some oral, then India hops on for schlong ride while the others play with themselves. (India is one of the best looking girls in industry today and proves it here.) Nikki and Shyla get a turn with the clown as India goes and straps one on.
She gives it to Shyla and to pumps away at Nikki. India and Nikki switch spots for awhile then all the girls play with each other and India takes a dildo in the ass. (Big grin on my face.) The clown then pops on Shyla's face to end the scene.

More Dialogue with Snoop and Chelsea before another scene starts. This one is just filler for the movie. It has Cashmere, Kiwi, and Honey Bunny with two guys, one white and one black. Every one receives oral for a little before Kiwi and Honey Bunny does some cowgirl while Cashmere watches. Cashmere and Honey Bunny keep switching off on the black guy in different positions and Kiwi rides the other guy until he climaxes all over her tits. It's Honey Bunny's turn as she gets hit with a massive facial. (Another music video from Snoop is played after this.)

Next is Flick Shagwell in a gangbang, I'm not that much of a fan of hers so I didn't enjoy this scene that much. She gives a lap dance to all the guys in the room as Sabine Maui and Jada Fire watch on. There is about five black guys and one white guy in the room as she gives them all oral. From there the guys take turns with her doggie style and with oral. After that they switch off with some reverse cowgirl and mish before all the guys nut all over face and chest. The worst scene in the film for me was this one.

The last scene starts as Snoop tells Chelsea that she is one of his girls now. A big orgy begins as Chelsea masturbates to it. I don't know any of the people involved except for Taylor St. Claire, who has the best natural tits you ever seen in your life. There are four guys and four girls in this and they all pair off. Every one does some stuff in the grass before they all go in a Jacuzzi and do doggie style (The movies' favorite position) at the same time. The black girl in this does anal also. After that all the guys unload on to Taylor's face. The movie ends with the third and last music video.

This movie definitely lived up to its predecessor and then some. Snoop and Hustler have something good here and should not let it get away. This movie was top notch except for the Flick scene and the fact that Chelsea wasn't actually in any of the scenes. Hopefully he brings her back in the next movie.


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