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Title: Beautiful Girls #7  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Christoph¡¦s Beautiful Girls #7

2 Hours 20 minutes
Evil Empire
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Euro sluts getting fucked hard
CONDOMS: none noted ļ
STARS: Carmen, Lucy, Maryka, Stacy Silver, Sofia Gentry, Kelli, Leila, Sweet Rita, Tina, Vivienne La Roche, Summer Storm, Christoph, Hatman, Julian Farraz, Greg Centauro, Steve Holmes

Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- Considering the title I would have thought that Christoph could have found some better looking chicks for this flick. Don¡¦t get me wrong, there is not a one I wouldn¡¦t let suck my dick based solely upon their looks but these girls were not all Beautiful and Gorgeous. Stacy Silver, Carmen, Sindy, Kelli and Summer Storm are all quite hot though. In fact, they are beautiful as the title promises.

We start off with Carmen and Lucy (20 and 18 respectively). Carmen has some incredible tits. They are full but not too big. They are all natural and have a perfect slope and shape not to mention her big beautiful silver dollar nipples that look good enough to eat. These two euro-sluts double team two lucky uncut euro fucks. These girls just fuck the living shit out of these guys. They obviously have passion for their ¡§work¡¨ and you can tell the enjoyment is for real. We end with a lovely facial that highlights Carmen¡¦s sweet face.

Next up we have the two girls from Prague but the only name here you really have to remember is Sindy. She is fucking incredible. She has a beautiful face, totally tight body, great tits, long toned legs and a sweet ass that begs to be spanked and fucked. Her partner is a bottle blonde who is good looking but just looks too much like a trashy whore to be called beautiful. These two team up with Steve Holmes (the infamous butman duck stick) for some seriously hot romping. He knows just how to get girls to be very nasty, dirty and slutty. He works his magic on these two really drawing the slut-fuck-animal out of them. They enjoy his large, thick member and eventually are rewarded with a thick load of baby formula.

The next scene also has two cunts in it but again you really only need to remember one of them: Stacy Silver. She is a bottle blonde with great tits and nice nipples, a pretty flat belly and nice legs. Wish she had laid off the ink though. Tats can be very sexy and other times distracting from the true beauty of the girl in question. Stacy is certainly sexy but the ink takes away from it. Oh well. She makes up for that with her blow job technique not to mention her pretty, pretty pink pussy. Her lips look so soft and puffy and she sure can spread and stretch that glorious pussy out. Two men join up with these fuck-kittens and they take the fucking like champs. Some sweet anal action here before we get to the pretty money shots. This is definitely a hot scene. And for those of you with smoking fetishes we start the scene off with these two in their lingerie smoking cigs¡K.

I will jump to the final scene¡Kwell the pre final scene of the final scene anyway. Summer Storm and hatman. I have seen Hatman before and have to say I was pleasantly surprised with his performance compared to last I saw him. Summer Storm is fucking gorgeous. She has true natural (and realistic) beauty. Great tits, ass and legs not to mention an incredibly beautiful face. She sucks and fucks with the best of them and isn¡¦t afraid of a little sperm on her face. Later in the scene three girls take on Hatman by surprise but for me the scene (and DVD) ended with Summer! You go you fucking hottie!  


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