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Title: A Whore With No Name  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: D-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


A Whore With No Name

Reviewer- Sheyna
Overall Rating- D
Female Looks- B
Male Looks- C
Sex- A
Plot/Acting- F
Extras- Behind the Scenes, photo gallery
A/V Quality - D

Time- Unknown
Company- Legend
Director- Jerome Tanner
Cast- Hannah Harper, Sophie Evans, Malorie Marx, Melanie Jagger, Brooke Hunter, Brittney Skye

Review- Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT rent this movie with your wife or girlfriend. We all know porn is supposedly "degrading to women," and that topic is a debatable one. But this DVD leaves no doubt, approaching blatant misogyny. The plot is instantly annoying - A company that produces hybrid women to serve men like cheap whores. With opening lines in the first scene such as, "Call 1-800-FU-Bitch," "You don't have to put up with their crap anymore just to get a piece of ass," "No dating, no nagging, you don't even have to talk to these women, and they never get fat," and "I haven't had to beat a women since I got me one of these," Instead of turning it off and chucking this DVD in the trash, and in the interest of serving Rog as a porn reviewer, I made the decision to mute the dialogue and just concentrate on the quality of the sex.
One thing I will say for this DVD - the girls sure get a nice pussy workout, not leaving an inch neglected. Particularly in the first scene, there is lots of multiple-finger pussy and ass fingering. Damn, give that first guy my phone number. Hannah Harper's first blowjob scene is notable for her moaning, cocksucking frenzy. This is followed by a scene with a bunch of redneck hunter types surrounding a car with a hot, naked woman tied to it like a deer. Again, the mute button was essential before I lost my temper with these losers.
There is some sweet, fresh pussy in this DVD. One angular brunette fingers her own ass while a hot blond fingers her pussy with excellent closeups and a nice long scene. The brunette then straps one on and goes straight for the blond's ass before they break into a hot double dong fuck.
The camera work in this film is terrible. Too many angles trying to be artistic, such as underneath the cock during a blowjob, and too much shadowing on the actors. A few hot scenes might have been very good had it not been for the shitty camera angle.

The one line I did crack up at during this movie is one I frequently use myself. "No matter how good he or she looks, just remember....someone out there is sick and tired of putting up with their crap."
I do not give this movie a high rating because of the subject matter, which I think most women will find a huge turn-off, going way over the top in terms of offensive woman-bashing. But I have to admit, the pussy was fresh, fine and left well fucked at the end. I'm told that's all that matters in porn.

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