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Title: Raincoater's Point of View #2  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Raincoater's Point of View #2

Reviewer- Kid Cocky

Time- 117 Min
Company- Red Light District Video
Director- Vince Vouyer
Cast- Daisy, Anna Belle, Naudia Nice, Malorie Marx, Honney Bunny, and Vince Vouyer

This is a typical Vince Vouyer movie. Fortunately, a typical Vince movie is a splendid thing for all you pussy loving dudes. I have seen about ten Vince Vouyer movies in the past year, and they all seem to have some things in common. For example, Vince is usually the only big star in his movies. You'll never see a name like Chasey Lain, Silvia Saint, Jenna Jameson, or even Jill Kelly in any of Vince's movies. He usually skimps on the big names in order to save a few bucks. However, he is amazing at introducing new talent to the porn industry.

In this movie, he introduces the porn world to Alexis Malone and Anna Belle. Both ladies are cute little blondes in their early 20's. Vince usually takes the new talent under his wing and fucks them himself. He also enjoys being the first to ass fuck them on camera. He acts like he doesn't want them to be taken advantage of by some no talent dick, but I am sure he has more than philanthropic intentions. He probably just likes being the first to butt fuck them. Vince also has a knack for bringing in young girls who have very few reservations about sex. Case in point, one Nadia Nice. Naudia is a nineteen year old hispanic doll who is making her second appearance in a porn movie. I guess you would call her inexperienced, but she was DP'ed in her first movie. I can only imagine that it was a Vouyer Production as well, because he seems to stick to the same girls in his movies. Naudia, at only nineteen years old, is already an anal queen. In this movie, she takes a huge cock in the ass without any "mental reservation or purpose of evasion." She also does a good half dozen deliberate ass to mouth shots, and she claims how much she loves the taste of her own ass. OK, so maybe I don't believe those statements, but I certainly do enjoy her attempts at making me believe.

Anna Belle, one of the first timers in this movie, also delivers a memorable performance. Her first scene in porn is capped with some delightful anal sex, and then she takes a messy pop shot to the face. Like all girls in this film, she has perky young natural breasts. She is a real sport about showing them off in the bonus (boner) footage, and you'll probably enjoy every second that she is on the screen. After her scene, in the bonus footage, Vince asks her if she'll work with him again. The native Texas tart has no qualms about working with Vince again, but she says that her butt is going to be off limits. Apparently it is a lot of strain of an asshole to have Vince Vouyer pumping it for a good 20 minutes. Well, we can only hope that that she lifts her butt ban for her next flick. Keep your fingers crossed fellas.

On a final note, I was surprised that my "lady friend" enjoyed this movie. We watched the first two scenes together, and by the third I was 9 inches deep in her snatch. I also have to give Naudia Nice credit, the facial that she took inspired my girl to allow me to spread my butter on her face. Ahh, another satisfied customer. Thanks Mr. Vouyer!

Kid Cocky
"Harder than a 14 year old at a nude beach."


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