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Title: Euro Angels #5  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Euro Angels #5

138 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Anal sex, first timers, Euro
STARS: Orsi, Rita, Eniko, Judith Grant, Marilyn, Reka, Krisztina, Brunetta, Caroline, Christoph Clark, Mike Foster, Leslie Taylor
Reviewed by: Mars

Christoph Clark is a director worth watching. The more of his work you see, the more apparent it becomes that he's good at what he does. Not only that, but he seems untouched by the cynicism or "hey, it's just a job" apathy that strikes many porn workers. Euro Angels #5 is an early flick for Clark, and therefore not the best, but it's still a polished piece worth watching. Not to mention the fact that it illustrates quite clearly that Christoph is the greatest single-camera-no-crew director that's every lived. With just himself and a girl Clark manages to make some fine porn. Better, in fact, than some fully crewed features I've seen. Anyway, hero-worship aside, Euro Angels #5 is an anal-centric romp through a bevy of Euro-babes. And I mean anal-centric, so stay away if you can't take the booty sex.

Ostensibly this is a collection of European girls that are mostly first-timers. Clark introduces Orsi, a freckle faced gal who's taut but skinny. The scene follows a pattern that's repeated through most of the disc. First there's some getting-to-know-you chatter and a bit of the girl showing off for the camera (nice breasts). She plays with herself for a while before we get her ass up on a bed. After a bit of dildo play Christoph fucks her ass, trading off now and again with her twat. There's a lot of shifting around in a Clark sex scene. They diddle here and there but hardly ever leave the ass for long. He holds her in the air for some more action and it finally ends with a pop shot on her lips.

Rita, with black hair, killer legs, and a fine ass, pairs up with Eniko, a redhead with an excellent natural rack. They spend some outdoor time fingering each other at a public picnic table before retiring to an apartment to really get busy. They both have beautiful bodies and spend a long time standing in the entry way to strip and rub against each other. The toys come out when they hit the bed and then go in the butt. Fingers and toys keep those sphincters gaping. Both girls take a dildo DP that we get good angles on. They end it with some side by side solo action. Not bad.

Clark has a "bumper girl" in this feature (he often does), she's a lady that shows up for brief clips between the longer scenes. On this disc it's Judith Grant, a stacked blonde hottie with magnificent curves. She gives a quick show of putting on lingerie and rolling on a bed.

Marilyn is one of the prizes in this flick. She's an elf faced beauty with large tits and a slim bod. She strips down to a body stocking nice and slow, revealing those sweet breasts and a fine ass. After some solo time, she gives Christoph a tit-fucking (lucky man) then spreads out on the bed for some missionary action. Like a kid with a shiny new toy, Christoph tries to do everything in about four minutes. Fingers, tongue, toys, and cock fly as he stuffs her. It settles with a DP (his cock in her ass and a dildo for her twat) that's fun to see. They stick with anal sex for the rest of the scene and twist through a series of positions that show off Marilyn's body well. In tribute to Clark's obvious excitement, at the end he lays her on the floor and showers her with a geysering cum shot. Excellent segment.

Reka is next and Christoph reveals that she's not a new-comer, but he liked her in one of the Buttman films and asked for her number. Reka is a sultry, raven haired, and curvy beauty. She's hot and into the sex, which makes for a steamy scene. To start it off she gives a great strip show to the camera, dancing and slowly revealing her assets (yeah, I know, but it's a totally justifiable pun). She stands and fingers herself until Clark comes over to get a good blow job. He then makes her crawl for more which just about knocked me out of my seat. It's a small moment, but cranks up the heat fast. Getting her on the bed, Reka proceeds to finger her own ass and rub her clit at the same time, which is also hot. From there it's pretty standard ass-fucking. The angles are great and the two of them work well together, keeping the scene warm throughout.

Judith the bumper girl comes back for another tease. She writhes on the bed and shows off her body, spreading her legs and cunt for all to see.

Krisztina (yes, that's how they spelled it) is a big haired blonde. She's not 24, no matter what she says, and her skinny body supports a nice pair of breasts, but doesn't do much for me. She shows off some nakedness and she and Christoph take turns fingering her holes on the kitchen counter, which ain't bad. The fingers take up a lot of time, giving way to some toys that she uses on herself. Clark gets into the act for some reverse cow girl anal and stays in for the rest of the scene. It's a decent piece, but not compared to most on this disc.

Judith Grant makes her final appearance in some studded leather gear. She takes another turn around the bed, writhing and rubbing herself for the camera, before signing off.

The penultimate scene is a departure from the rest of the film. It has a bit of plot involving a banker and a married couple in debt. How can they square things with the banker? By trading for sex, of course. Brunetta, a brunette (surprise) with a good body, takes on both boys and does a bang up job. She gets fucked on the desk with a cock in her mouth for a while before it turns into an anal reaming. There's a lot of talk (heavily accented English) that keeps things interesting. The guys DP her with their fingers (which is neat), spreading both holes wide before swapping cocks for digits. The camera work is good and the action solid. It all ends messily.

Finally we get to watch a blonde from Budapest named Caroline. She's yet another babe with a good body. It's worth mentioning, however, that her teeth are terrible and when she gives that fuck-face-grimace it does awful things to her looks. Plus her thigh high boots make fart noises when they rub together, which is eight-year-old-humor-hilarious and tends to wreck the mood. Strangely, the scene mostly overcomes those shortcomings and delivers some good moments. Caroline has a good body and takes her time revealing it before fucking herself with a dildo. Christoph gives his vote of confidence by putting his cock into her mouth and making sure we see the best views of her he can get. She DPs herself with toys and fingers before taking a load on the face. It ends with her orgasm (I guess) and closes out the picture.

Overall: Clocking in at over two hours and having several high-caliber babes helps this disc rise in the ratings. A few bumps hardly register. Euro fans will scream, and plain ol' porn fans will find what they need. Euro Angels #5 is worth your time and money. Which is something considering that it's raw and rough compared to Clark's later works. Remember that it's an anal extravaganza so butt-phobes beware and butt-philes pay attention.

Extras: You get a thorough Fetish Menu, a photo gallery and some good cast info. Not much, but what they do give you they did well.



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