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Title: Red Light District's Gang Bang 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Red Light District's Gang Bang: Volume 2

139 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Gang Bang
STARS: Ashley Long, Juliana Kincade, Rick Masters, Anthony Hardwood, Brian Pumper, Tony Tedeschi, Brett Rockman, Mr. Pete, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Guy DeSilva, Brian Surewood, Robbie James, Scott Lyons, Brandon Iron, Joel Lawrence, Tyler Wood, Marcus Wright, Billy Banks

Reviewed by: Mars

Gang bang vids usually suffer from a simple malady, too many guys, one woman. The guys get bored when they're standing around, the woman gets dazed and zones out from so much fucking. Keeping up the action and intensity is hard to do. Fortunately, Red Light District's Gang Bang: Volume 2 dodges that problem and delivers two gang bang scenes with consistent action and energy. The camera work is well done, allowing us good views of the action, and the actors all talk throughout the scenes. This keeps it focused and interesting even though the action is very repetitive (12 guys do her missionary, then 12 guys do her doggy style, etc.)

First on the block is Juliana Kincade. She's very long and skinny, with a pretty face and one of the best attitudes ever. Vouyer interviews her a bit before the action and she's got a sense of fun about the whole deal. Good work ethic. Not only that, but she's not about to be passive. It's her gang bang, she claims, and she'll get what she wants.

Which means that she commands every boy to suck her pussy before anything else. They do their jobs and she dismisses them and calls over another as it pleases her. The reward is that she sucks each cock in turn. Juliana kneels down and the guys come to her for their blow-jobs. She gags and throat fucks them with a laugh and a smile. The guys in the background keep up an encouraging chatter, which keeps things lively. They surround her for a circle suck for a time and she keeps her mouth and hands busy.

When the fucking starts it's a round of missionary screwing. She keeps a dick in her mouth at all times as the boys take their turns. After that she gets it doggy style and then reverse cowgirl from the gang.

It switches to reverse cowgirl anal (with a prick between her lips of course) and she ATMs each rod before they switch out. This leads to DP plus BJ so she's full up. And when that's done, it's double vaginal penetration baby. This description may seem dry, but Juliana really keeps the action warm with constant dirty talk and focused look. She doesn't become a fuck doll, just lying there and taking all the meat, she keeps her attention sharp. The guys help as well, staying enthusiastic even on the sidelines and egging on the others.

The internal pop shots start up, with a few in her ass and a couple in her cunt, and they lift her off the ground so she can squeeze out the goo. From my point of view, that's just gross and I didn't need to see it. Anyway, the rest of the cum shots are all over her mouth and chin, making a huge mess to end a very long scene.

The second half is given to the British babe Ashley Long (or is she Australian?). She is a tall, small chested, very well toned blonde who looks up to the task of screwing 12 guys. Turns out that she is, in fact, up to the task. After the initial interview the guys file in to pay homage to her pussy with their tongues. After that they line up for some decent blow-jobs. Ashley can swallow cock and she works her way up and down the line.

She's a dirty talker and doesn't let up on the commentary while the cock jocks fuck her missionary and doggy style. The views are good on the mish, letting us see her athletic bod as she fucks. We get even more of an eyeful when she switches to reverse cowgirl anal.

As in the other scene, Ashley graces each fucker with a bit of ATM after they slide out of her ass. She rides 'em deep and hard. As if that wasn't nasty enough, Ashley proves that she's a champ by getting some double anal action. She's not fazed in the least as she orders them around and tells them to go deeper. And after all that, she takes it DV for a while.

Ashley gets turned onto her shoulders, ass in the air and a few guys nut in her butt. Once again they turn her over and we get the dubious honor of watching her fart out the collected loads. Christ, I'm glad I hadn't eaten before seeing that.

After that joyous bit of action, the remaining guys pop directly into her mouth. She holds onto the loads and then gargles the sperm. (Has it come to this? Is porn-watching-America so jaded that we need gross out contests? What's next? Eating worms? Anyway...) She swallows the mouthful to end things. Despite the Jackass-style ending it's a good time.

Overall: I'm impressed with Vince Voyeur's abilities as a director in this film. He collected a good group of talent and managed to keep the energy going through two very long gang-bangs. Both were equally entertaining and hot. While gang-bangs, by their nature, can become slow and repetitive, this one wasn't a chore to watch.

Extras include a scene index, photo gallery, a Behind the Scenes segment worth seeing, and 20 trailers. Good stuff.




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