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Title: Hearts & Minds  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Hearts and Minds

105+ minutes
New Sensations
THEMES: flashback vignettes
STARS: Sunrise Adams, Isabella, Jenna Haze, Annamarie, Luna, Aurora Snow, Tommie Rose, Julian, Dillon, Jay Ashley and Bobby Vitale

Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- It had been a while since I had reviewed a feature DVD and despite the fact that I generally prefer other genres of porn I was excited for a change in pace. As a general rule, feature films are too glossy, too pretty, to vanilla and the sex isn・t all that hot. Although this DVD suffered from some of these :feature symptoms; it was still quite good, had excellent production values a fucking hot cast and for a feature film some of the sex scenes had some hot moments. Another thing that helped me to stomach this feature was that it did not over-emphasize plot nor was the plot meant to be deep, cunning or complicated.

Here is the basic premise: Men at war in Europe reflect back to hot and romantic moments with their wives or girlfriends to give them strength to go on and fight for their country. This theme was loosely kept together by a thread of vignettes involving romantically involved couples. Alright, .nuff said about plot. There are three girls that I would like to give special mention to for this film: Tommie Rose, Aurora Snow and Sunrise Adams.

Sunrise Adams is positively beautiful, stunning and sexy. She has a natural sort of girl-next-door beauty that dovetails with that sexy, nasty porn starlet slut appeal. So, she is dream rolled into one. She has a sweet, pretty face, pert, wonderful natural tits with soft nipples and skinny but still baby-fatted tummy and long, gorgeous legs. She sucks cock like a pro and fucks with wild abandon. My only complaint about her in this scene: a broken nail that is dressed with a band-aid and the fact that her man didn・t fuck her as well as she deserved. For the finale, well let・s just say she looks really pretty with her face iced in frosting.

Tommie Rose is a hard bodied slut that knows what men want. I first saw her in one of Randy West・s Up and Cummers series and she wowed both me and my girlfriend then. She has such a hot and hard sexy body. Well, she looked a little more fake and jaded in this flick but man she sure still looked incredible. Talk about a strong and toned body, not to mention legs that won・t quit. She delivers a wild and wonderful bj after a long sensual striptease. The heat level of the sex wasn・t scorching but I real feel she did the best with what she had, namely a steroid pumped meat puppet who worked mechanically like an oil drill. Still Tommie looked hot as hell and fucked like a champ.

Aurora Snow. Holy shit is this girl awesome. I normally see her in the :little girl; genre/ roll in porn but this time they made her up to look older, you know like how old she probably is (early twenties). This girl is naturally hot and sexy. She looks like the girl-next-door but fucks and sucks like a star. The blow job that she lays down steals the movie. It is wet, sloppy, noisy and nasty. She sure can take it. Hell, this DVD is worth it just for the bj in this scene. All I can say is :ohhh mmmmm Aurora;. I would love a romp with that little nymph. The cum shot for her finale is weak and small but that・s not her fault. She went above and beyond the call of duty and gave us a blow job that porn stars could take notes and lessons from. Aurora, if ever you need a big cock to practice on (or keep you chops in shape) my email is listed on this web site, call meK   


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