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Title: Rocco: Animal Trainer #10  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Rocco: Animal Trainer 10

MOVIE TYPE: Doesn¡¦t Rocco get his own category yet? Rocco, gonzo.
135 minutes
The Evil Empire
DIRECTOR: Rocco Sifredi
THEMES: Anal sex, nasty sex, submissive sluts
STARS: Belladonna, Kelly Stafford, Melinda Casta, Daniella, Sara, Alissa, Agnes, Ibolya, Betty, Michelle

Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- Wow! What an awesome and intense DVD. I was talking with a girlfriend of mine the other day about porn. She was saying that she likes to watch porn. In fact she has only one real problem with the porn industry: that it takes the sacredness out of sex. I said fuck ya it does ƒº! Well, if porn in general has helped to take that which is sacred out of the sex then this production from Rocco and crew takes it out by leaps and bounds. This is some hard core, animalistic, nasty ass fucking sex. This is even fairly extreme for American porn. He gets real girls (pretty ones) to do the raunchiest sluttiest things for the camera. These girls get into their submissive-slut space and just go off like nasty little kittens in a frenzy. But don¡¦t take my word for it. Buy or rent this DVD now but not if you are faint at heart.

Rocco finds some good looking chickies for this fest. But the only girl we really need to discuss is Belladonna. She is clearly the star of this film and after watching her scene you will know why. She has a great body although she is not the sexiest thing I have laid eyes on. She is too inked up to be all that hot in my book and the gap in-between her front teeth is a bit distracting as well. She does have incredible natural tits with great nipples, beautiful legs and a pretty middle. Her pussy is quite lovely as well. I am not going to go scene by scene blow by blow. There is too much going on in Rocco¡¦s movies to do too much of that. Let¡¦s just say that from the start of the scene we can tell that Belladonna is a major fucking slut. She and two other girls take on Nacho Vidal. I don¡¦t really need to discuss these other sluts because Belladonna steals the scene. Nacho takes a double dong and puts it in-between Belladonna¡¦s mouth and the blonde slut. Well, Belladonna lunges herself down onto that cock until she gags and swallows it to the hilt. The blonde¡¦s eyes nearly pop out of her head they are so wide in disbelief, amazement and awe. Once Bella starts gagging on that cock its all over. Nacho needs her to go down on him and he drags her down on him. She gives him such a fantastic, nasty hot blowjob that even I can hardly believe it. She is gagging and drooling and spitting all over his massive cock. He forces her down on him. She takes so much man-meat that tears start to roll down her face. (what a good girl! You know they are trying extra hard when they start crying). He forces her, she pretends to resist. They both smile and he starts slapping her and strangling her as he forces her to suck serious dick.

They bust out some interesting toys. The one that most caught my eye is the one I had never seen before. This heavy rubber bladder attached to an air pump like they use to check blood pressure. They shove that up Belladonna¡¦s ass and pump her sphincter up like a balloon. You can tell they push her to her max too. Then they pull it out and do the same to her mouth. This happens time over again. Very nasty and hot. The blowjob finally ends and the blonde goes to give some oral attention to Nacho but after Bella¡¦s effort, what¡¦s the point. They move into the sex and still Bella is the star. Nacho proves his studliness and services the three sluts until jizzing on Belladonnas back/ass while the other kittens lick it up. Fucking intense, The DVD is worth it just for this scene alone.

The next scene is another long and involved scene with lots of ¡§characters¡¨. Most important to note is the cropping-blowjob that Rocco receives. Again, it¡¦s no Belladonna but using a riding crop on the slut sucking cock is a favorite fantasy of me and my Oregon-girlfriend so I especially enjoyed this part of the scene. Rocco crops her hard enough to make her ass a pretty pinkish red and to really hear that sexy slap of leather on skin. Just when you think that Rocco¡¦s movies are too over-the-top to be real he surprises us. He brings in a fairly old man and makes these young pretty temptresses suck his little, old wrinkled dick. This is porn, sometimes you see this BUT to have him bring in two 50+ year olds who look plain Jane as day this is surprising, He forces these mature sluts to suck cock along with his young, playful kittens. Then back to the young and pretty sex. He finishes up with a couple of man-mayo loads to their eagerly awaiting faces. Another good scene.

The final scene involves two chicks and about 15 guys. Lots of cock sucking a bit of fucking and a shit load of facials. The sexy as fuck blonde who only sucks and does not fuck is the sexiest in the movie although her energy and antics do not come close to Miss Belladonna.

Another fucking scorching DVD from Rocco. I highly recommend this one.


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