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Title: Barefoot Confidential #19  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Barefoot Confidential 19

MOVIE TYPE: vignettes, feet
110+ minutes
Kick Ass DVD
THEMES: sex, feet
STARS: Honey Bunny, Julianna Kincade, Claire, Gen, Pat Myne, Tony Tedesci, Lee Stone

Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- This movie purports to be a foot-fetish movie. I am not sure that it fully constitutes that but there is some nice emphasis on feet throughout the DVD. Before we get going I will admit that I have a bias. I like feet. I love feet. Not to the extent of some. For me, it has to be a pretty lady with pretty feet. That is about as far as I take this fetish. To me, however, this seemed like a regular vignette series that paid a little extra attention to feet. This movie is certainly not all feet though. In fact only a minority of this DVD concentrates there. So, if you are not a huge feet fan don't be turned away. There is some great vanilla sex here too.

We start of with Claire, a slut with short hair and a southern drawl. She is not really all that sexy and her feet are, in my humble opinion, not all that pretty. Also, she's smoking a cigarette which is definitely not a turn on for me. She talks some BS about getting out of parking tickets 'cause her feet are so damn pretty. Tony Tedesci eats it (and her feet) right up too. She orders him to lick and clean her feet and in-between her nasty, dirty little toes which he does with little reservation. They move into the oral sex and Tony does his usual, "I don't like to eat pussy but I have to for my job" cunnilingus before she moves in to give him a fairly nice hummer. He fucks her three ways till Sunday and then blows his sticky load on her peds.

Next we have Gen who is a fucking adorable cutie. She is short and dirty/honey blonde haired with great natural tits, soft silky legs and truly beautiful feet and toes. She teases us with her pretty feet in the pool before cumming inside the house to masturbate for us. There are plenty of close up gyno shots as well as lingering shots of her beautiful feet. Yummy, yummy....no sex but lots of foot tease. This is truly the foot fetish scene of the DVD.

Honey Bunny is next. She is a very tan skinny Asian looking slut with an Ahnk tattooed on her flat belly. Her scene has a guy out her window watching her touch herself and her feet while reading dirty magazines. He is taking pictures. He comes in to watch and take more pictures. She is surprised. He explains that he has a web site dedicated to her and her feet. Because this is porn and not reality she gets turned in and offers to let him take some REAL pics of her. He readily obliges and they get into some kinky sex. Lots of foot licking and toe sucking, a nice foot job with her fairly pretty feet and red toe-nails and a nice thick load of man-juice all over her peds. Her website fans will love those shots.

Alright, the highlight of the movie is the final scene with Juliana Kincaid. She is a sexy as hell. She is gorgeous and beautiful in both a girl-next-door sort of way and a nasty porn slut way. The best of both worlds. Also she has awesome feet, totally pretty and a great shade of nail-polish for her as well. She is greeted by Pat Myne and friend in a park. They are silly and obnoxious in their attempts to see her feet, get more (revealing) pictures of her and of course to fuck her and jizz on her sexy-as-fuck- feet. She is a good sport putting up with all of their bullshit. She obliges their wanton desires and goes home with them to show off her feet, bod and sex. She gives great head. In fact she looks so pretty with a dick in her mouth that it's making me hard now just thinking about it. Juliana has the kind of body men craves and a face that is just as pretty. She sucks and fucks with Pat before he comes on the soles of her feet. Hmmm, soft, silky, sexy and jizzy; you gotta love this girl and her feet.


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