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Title: When the Boyz Are Away the Girlz Will Play #7  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


When the Boyz Are Away the Girlz will Play 7

112 Mins.
Jill Kelly Productions
THEMES: Lesbians
STARS: Ashton Moore, Jenna Haze, Nicole Sheridan. Holly Hollywood, Jezebelle Bond, Friday, Mary Carey and Alana Evans

Reviewed by: Gary


I have to admit it took me a long time to finally get around to reviewing this DVD. As a general rule, I don't like all veggie movies. That is to say, if a DVD has one girl-girl scene on it I don't mind too much but to have wall to wall veggie girls is typically more than I want to see. There is something very erotic about girl on girl sex but there is also a sense of never getting to completion or fulfillment. Of course, it may be argues that this is based in my male p.o.v. or definition of sex but hey, I am a guy and I like sex that has penetration and a cum shot...what can I say? So, this DVD was last in my stack to review. My hopes were raised for three reasons....First, my girlfriend told me how often times in these all girl features the sex is nasty and perverse. The girls talk and get nastier with each other than they do with men. Second, I have seen some of those Four Finger Club DVDs and I saw just how nasty and out of control these girls can get. Third, the box cover promised the sex nasty and depraved, just the way I like it. So, I felt a good shot at some extra-nasty, extra-perverse porn starring some buxom bombshells.

Well, the girls were all very sexy and pretty. They even seemed into their veggie sushi. As for the ultra nasty sex: well I never saw it. They hinted at it but never did achieve it. Some of the sex scenes are pretty hot for all lesbo action and for that I was impressed and relieved.

The box-cover promised us Ashton Moore as we have never seen her before. Well, I hadn't seen her since the release of the Search for the Snow Leopard (1999 I think) and man has she gotten skankier! Or at lease she looks more used and jaded than I had recollected. She has a great body and even a pretty face. Her boob job looks a little brutal though and she has really over-inked her body with tattoos. Although the box cover does a good job at masking them. She does have a driving passion for sex and she manages to carry that over to her girl-girl work. Man does she have an ass and a pair of long, luscious legs.

The movie alludes to kink but never truly achieves it in my mind. There is innuendo to Power Exchange and S&M but we never truly see it. There is minimal talk about "which role do you prefer top or bottom dominance or submission"? There is even a scene where Ashton gets 4 or 5 lashes with a flogger before they get down to veggie sushi munching. I appreciated the small flogging if for nothing else to see this taboo subject in the mainstream of porn. All in all though, the sex was not very kinky. For lesbian sex it was quite Vanilla to say the least. This is not to say that some level of heat, passion and intensity are not realized. In fact, if you go for all girl action this has some great stroking material. Deserving special mention are: the first scene by the pool, the flogging scene and the final scene with three totally babe-a-licious, sexy ass mother-fuckers getting jiggy with each other. These blondes are gorgeous. They all have great asses, nice tans, big beautiful tits, taught tummies and long sexy legs. Yummy! Girlz, are you sure you wouldn't like to add some of my meat to your equation?  


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