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Title: Cum Drippers #3  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Cum Drippers #3

Kid Cocky-

Time- 110
Company- Vouyer Productions
Director- Vince Vouyer
Cast- Gen Padova, Cameron, Taylor Rain, Allura Eden, Brian Pumper, Steve Holmes, Mr. Pete, Joel Lawrence, and the Vince Vouyer


Vince is a great director. If nothing else, his cast usually seems to have a pretty good time in his videos. However, this movie failed to live up to my expectations. You see, I loved Cum Drippers #2... and I just liked this movie. However, I would still recommend this movie as a good purchase. I mean, every scene will get you off. There isn't a boring minute in the whole movie. There are plenty of hot ladies getting the hell fucked out of them. The guys have big dicks, and there are plenty of hardcore actions without anything that goes extremely overboard.

There are a few areas where this movie falls short. For example, the cumshots are fairly weak. The whole point of this movie is to showcase internal cumshots. How do they show internal cumshots? Well, the guys are supposed to cum in the girls, the girls are supposed to let the cum drip out of their cunts, and then they are supposed to lick up the cum. However, this didn't go over really well because the guys didn't really cum enough to allow this to happen. By the time the girls licked up the cum, there was only like a drop or two to lick up. What the fuck good is that? I guess these guys were either over worked or under hydrated. Either way, they just didn't produce the monstrous cumshots that are expected in this sort of movie.

There are plenty of cumshots, cream pies, anal sex, at least one DP, 12 internal cumshots, and some pretty decent looking girls including the introduction of Taylor Rain. Taylor is a cute little brunette who will have a pretty successful career in porn is she so chooses to do so.

I am a big fan of Vince's behind the scenes footage. For whatever reason, I love to see what the ladies are like in real life. Some of them are caught on camera without them knowing, which beats any reality show I have ever seen. It's interesting to hear the girls talk about what they are really thinking about during the sex scenes. For example, one girl just hated her shoes. She said they were really uncomfortable and she couldn't stop thinking about them in the scene. It's funny to me because you would think that it would be more uncomfortable to have a dick in your ass than to wear uncomfortable shoes, but I guess she felt differently.

Anyway, this is an interesting movie. It doesn't live up to part two, but it is certainly a good enough flick to keep up Vince Vouyer's reputation as a great producer/director/and star of porn.

Kid Cocky
"Cocky as I want to be."   


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