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Title: It's a Group Thing  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


It¡¦s A Group Thing #1

MOVIE TYPE: Vince Voyeur gonzo style
120+ Minutes
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Vince Voyeur
THEMES: group sex ,cum swapping and swallowing

STARS: Ashley Long ƒº, Rose Petal ƒº, Faith. Austin O¡¦Reiley, Juliana Kincade, Melanie Jagger, Pat Myne, Steve Holmes, Joel Lawrence, Tony Tedeschi, Manuel Ferrara

Reviewed by: Gary


Let¡¦s just get it out of the way right now, shall we? This is nasty, ball burning, unadulterated fucking porn. This is the stuff that arms feminists and other anti-porn fighters in the world. This DVD contains some nasty fucking shit! The type of stuff that might make the faint of heart weak, or possibly turn their stomach. For this reason and others this DVD has earned a solid ¡§A¡¨ rating from yours truly. The girls are really good looking (with the notable exception of Ashley Long and Rose Petal who are incredible and exceptionally fucking hot even in the world of porn-perfection), the sex is pretty fucking hot, the girls have their envelopes pushed and there is a degree of pure filth and degradation going on to boot. Need I really say more? Okay, you asked for it so here we go.

Scene one: Faith and Austin. Faith is a tall and lanky brunette with gorgeous tits and a beautiful face. She is a natural slut and you can tell that the nastier she gets the more turned on she is. The more turned on she gets, the nastier she becomes¡Kyou get the drift, right? Austin is a bottle-blonde with sweet tits and sexy fucking pierces nipples. Yummy! She is not quite as hot as Faith but she is still fucking fine. She is not as much of a slut as is Faith. Don¡¦t get me wrong, she acts like a slut but you can tell it¡¦s an effort for her to achieve the levels of nastiness that Faith does quite naturally. They start off working over Vince for a little warm up/ quickie. Faith exhibits voracious oral talents looking like a possessed fucking Hoover vac on Vince¡¦s meat puppet. Austin sucks but not anywhere near what Faith demonstrated for us. The sex between them and Vince doesn¡¦t warrant much review here. It was obvious that these young chicks tolerated banging this aging fuck stick. He pops in Faiths mouth and she swallows. Finally the hot action starts when Steve and Tony show up to relieve the poor geriatric Vince. Faith again shows a voracious appetite for cock and Austin does her best. They go for vaginal and switch partners, then anal and a switch again. The highlight of this scene is the ending though. Faith takes a large, creamy and thick load in her cute mouth and shows it to us before gulping the choad down. Austin, in her effort to achieve slutdom, gets on her knees to await her share of man juice, even saying, ¡§ya may turn mmmm¡¨. But when he ejaculated his juice into her awaiting mouth you can see her almost gag. Okay, maybe he hit the back of her throat and caught her off guard. Vince tells her to swallow and she makes these sexy pouting eyes and shakes her head and says no. They tell her to be a big girl and swallow. She attempts it but her gag reflex got the better of her and she uncontrollably spits it up (not spits it out and not puked it up but somewhere in between). It falls on her face and tits. Faith *jumps* to lick it up (slut). The scene fades with Vince saying, ¡§man she puked up the jizz¡K.and you ate it!¡¨ The girls flip him off and tell him to go fuck himself. Degradation? Yes. Nasty? Yes. Thanks Vince.

Scene two: One of the show stoppers. Rose Petal is about as cute and sexy as you can get. She is totally realistic, the girl next door, very believable. She has a degree of innocence to her look but don¡¦t let that fool you. She looks quite young even though she is 21. Perhaps it¡¦s her braces. Damn. You know when I was a kid braces were something to be made fun of and yet here I am 28 and looking at Rose going, damn those braces are fucking sexy. Cum suck my dick sweetie. She has a great bod; petite. She has natural and perky tits, long legs and she likes to be spanked (a slut after my own heart)¡Kwe even get to witness Vince¡¦s weak attempt to satiate her spanking desires. She takes on Pat Myne and Tony Tedeschi like a pro (and this is only her second scene ever! And she only lost her virginity at 19). She gives great head and looks sexy as fucking doing it. She takes both these big dicks on no problems and accepts both loads in her sweet little mouth. After the first load she exclaims, ¡§yum I want more¡¨ and Tony happily obliges.

Scene three: Ashley Long (fucking incredible hottie) Melanie Jagger and Juliana Kincade. This is a long scene and I don¡¦t say that just because Ashley Long steals the scene away from the other slut dolls. Ashley is a vision of beauty and perfection. Her legs are so fucking long that it¡¦s ridiculous. She has beautiful long hair, a sexy-sweet countenance, a mouth made for my cock, pert little tits with great nipples, a toned flat stomach (but not hard) and ass that is tight as a drum and ready for fucking and oh yes I will mention them again¡Kher long, slender toned legs. Oh My Lord she is fine as fuck! Melanie is a good looking brunette with big tits and a taste for nasty sex. Juliana is a cute blonde just trying to keep up with the scene. They fuck and they fuck and they fuck. Ashley has a nasty mouth on her and lets it run as wild as her sexual antics. Again, the ending of this scene deserves special mention¡K.The girls line up on the ground. Ashley takes a big mouthful of jizz, she passes it to Melanie who passes it to Juliana, who tries to swallow but pukes it up for Ashley who swallows. Next Juliana gets an original jizz load and passes it to Melanie who passes it to Ashley who swallows. Final load is all for Melanie¡Kshe is a selfish slut and claims the final load all hers, she wasn¡¦t sharing.   


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