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Title: No Man's Land #2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


No Man's Land #2: Tails of Temptation

MOVIE TYPE: All Girl Feature
84 Mins.
Video Team
DIRECTOR: Simon Rosenberg
THEMES: Girl/Girl, dreams, incest
STARS: Sharon Mitchell, Laurel Canyon, Rachel Ashley, Jessica Long, Ariel Night, Lorilei, Ross Lowell

Reviewed by: Mars

I'm a sucker for 80's porn. Love the stuff because it was what got me through puberty. The No Man's Land series is a staple of that era (in my mind, anyway) and #2 is a great example of all-girl 80's flicks; natural bodies, fake hair. The girls are all sexy with (mostly) natural breasts and little acting ability. The script is pointless and the sound echoes but the scenes manage to turn my crank. Who knows, it may just be nostalgia.

The premise is simple, Sharon Mitchell (looking healthy) is a gypsy with a crystal ball and she shows a few women visions of their hidden lesbian desires. It starts with Laurel Canyon. In the vision she and Jessica Long are making out groping one another with naughty intentions. They kiss and suck on each other's nipples in a friendly way for a bit. The pussy eating begins with Laurel on the receiving end of a decent mouth job. She's into it and bucks into Jessica's tongue and fingers. Jess gets a quick turn, but soon it's Laurel getting fucked with a large dildo. It's pretty hot to see her get worked hard by the plastic cock. Jessica isn't fooling around, stuffing Laurel's cunt with the toy. We get to see some good angles on the action and it ends with Laurel on her knees.

Back to reality and Laurel goes away mad. But then Jessica shows up for reading and Sharon tells her that she (Jessica) wants to get it on with her own sister. A vision starts and it's Laurel and Jessica again. Sister, apparently, doing nasty things to each other. Laurel licks Jessica for a bit, then straps one on to fuck her "sibling." Jessica rides the plastic dick before they share a double dong. It's fun to watch and they give a good show.

A pair of women get the next reading and they're shown a vision that has them practically attacking each other's large natural tits. The enthusiasm is stretching the bounds of the believable, but they keep it interesting. There's much wrestling around and breast squeezing and nipple sucking before some mediocre pussy eating. One sits on the other's face and then bends backwards for an odd 69 that's kind of cool to see. A third girl shows up and gets some attention from the other two armed with vibrators.

Laurel is back for the next bit of action. She has some solo time with a vibrator and her taut body. The tits are fake, but her form is pretty fine. Sharon gets into the action with some deep kisses and excellent cunnilingus. She sits on Laurel's face and gets some tongue action in return that's good to watch. Laurel's no slouch when it comes to cunt tonguing. A brief reverse cowgirl ride on a strap on dildo finishes off the action, but don't fret, there's more.

It's the last scene, so it must be time for the all-girl orgy. All six women are in on it. Sharon demands that Jessica and Ariel strip for them, but the only music they have is the a cappella singing of the other girls. It's terrible. It takes way, way too long for them to get naked and it's no fun with the off key humming the other's are doing. The eroticism is totally shot. Luckily it's somewhat restored when they all shut up and start doing each other. It's a mish mash of bodies as the women lick and suck each other in various ways. Laurel and Sharon once again prove they're the pussy eating champs. A few toys get thrown into the mix. Generally it's just a writhing pile. The camera work isn't stellar, but you'll get the idea.

Overall: It's basic stuff but it works. As I said earlier it may be nostalgia creeping in but I dig this movie. It doesn't make me shoot in my pants, but it has a charm to it that can't be denied. Anyone who lived through the era of 80's porn should get a kick out of this fuck film. For a serious wank-fest, however, you'd best look elsewhere.

The extras were weak. There were tons of ads masquerading as special features.



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