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Title: Nordic Debutantes #4  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Nordic Debutantes #4

Time- 2:30
Company - Private Pictures

Nordic Debutantes is by definition is a foolproof concept for an adult film. How could you not enjoy seeing six foot tall platinum blond babes with more than ample hooters get boned by nerdy Scandinavian men.

This movie actually was filmed somewhere in Scandinavia. The narrator who describes each scene is humorously translated into bad English, albeit in a particularly throaty and sexy voice. But this in no way detracts from the quality of the film.

One nice touch that the Scandinavian's apparently still like to incorporate a story into their pornos. In the first scene Lars, who runs an escort service, has just hired a new girl Sabina. But as any good business owner would, Lars is the first test out the merchandise. Sabina quickly disrobes and shows of her humongous taters and nipples and almost fluorescent white pubes. She pulls out Lars' tiny weiner and gives him an impressive dick job. Next, Lars lays her down on a table, throws on a rubber and fucks her rotten. Sabina rolls over, offers her up her ass and Lars penetrates her doggy style while she plays with her clit. Soon, Lars is up on the table with Sabina, taking her from behind, while her little tummy jiggles for the camera. To finish her off, Lars puts his beef into her rose bud anus and closes escrow with a delicious hooter hump.

Scene two features DeDe, a model, doing a photo shoot with Eva, who also happens to be a gorgeous Nordic babe. For some reason, and I'm not complaining, Eva, the photographer is also in a string bikini. They take a few sexy pictures before they're interrupted by Gunter, who wisely offers his crooked Johnson to Eva. She warms his cock up for DeDe who takes over the hummer briefly before guiding his unit into her womb. Gunter flips her over and does her doggy style, then fucks her standing while she hangs from a tree branch. Finally, she rides his curved dick until he cums over her firm tits.

The third scene starts with an interview with Lars. Apparently Lars is a "professional fuck artist" and the "most popular sex stud in Scandinavia." Not that any of this matters when Gabriella steps into the frame. Perhaps the most gorgeous babe in the entire film, Gabriella is a textbook Nordic Debutante: platinum blond, thin and not a day older than eighteen. She starts by blowing Lars but, being the fuck artist that he is, he soon turns the tables and munches Gabriella's sweet cooter and bung. Then he fucks on a table that perfectly aligns both their genitals. After several minutes of pounding, Lars uses the table differently, and bends her over it to do her doggy style. Once she's nice and hot, Lars slips his tubesteak into her beautiful rectum. He humps her ass for a good while, and when he can't take it any longer, unloads a stream of jizzim on her face.

Scene four begins with a heart wrenching revelation. Eva has been kicked out of her house by her boyfriend, so she's come over to Ingrid's place to stay the night. Ingrid consoles her, but before you know it, they're making out like high schoolers. They strip naked and Ingrid eats Eva's supple ass then pussy while finger fucking it the whole time. Next it's Eva's turn, she gets her shaved beaver eaten out and tongue fucked by Ingrid. Then, the moment you've been waiting for, the lovely laides bust out the dildos. Ingrid pistons a veined translucent cock into Eva, while she jams a black one into Ingrid. To top this off, Eva straps one on and pummels Ingrid to satisfaction.

In scene five, "blond sex tart Sonja" finds the noisy hunter that has woken her up by firing his big gun. She takes out her rage against him in a unique way, by burring his dick in her windpipe. The hunter fucks her on the table that has been in almost every scene so far, and then flips her over and does her doggy style, which affords us an unobscured view of her wet cunt. The hunter ends the scene by firing his little gun right in Sonja's mouth.

The next scene features the bad narrator who has been introducing each of the scenes. So she doesn't feel left out she gets her own taste of the D. First she gives her counterpart head until he cums on her face. Then he fucks her trim beaver, which is one of the two brunettes in the entire film. To finish her off, he humps her ass for what seems like decades and busts a monstrous nut all over her face.

The final scene stars the other brunette of the movie, Lassie. But don't let that disappoint you. She's probably got the best body of them all. Her story is that Lars, the self proclaimed Scandinavian God of Fuck, has come over to use her phone because his car has broken down. While on the phone, however, he finds Lassie's giant black dildo and reveals what he's going to do with it. So it doesn't really come as a surprise when he disrobes Lassie and inserts her toy. But why use a piece of molded plastic when you could use your tongue. Soon, Lars is munching her pleasantly shaded muff while he gently slips his thumb into her anus. And since her ass is ready, he eats that as well while she writhes with pleasure. To pay him back for his services, Lassie sucks his dick off, then rides him in the reverse cowgirls. She turns around and rides him the other way, before he bends her over the couch and fucks her in the ass. And for the finale, Lars spunks on her face and chest.

Nordic Debutantes is an insatiable trip to the gorgeous muffs of Scandinavian blonds. Who can turn that down?


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