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Title: Young As They Cum #5  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Young as they Cum #5
MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall
78 Mins.
Digital Sin
THEMES: Barely Legal
STARS: Domino, Lisa Parks, Foxy Lady, Precious Girl, Mariella

Reviewed by: Arnon

REVIEW- Although this movie doesn't promise you anything, you get what you expect. Obviously you expect to see young girls, and you definitely get that. Five of them in fact, and I doubt any of them are over 21. On the bonus side, they're all really hot, which isn't necessarily the case in any movie I've seen. Digital Sin seems to have a pretty good track record of getting attractive girls, and luckily for us this movie holds true to that formula. In addition to the attractive cast, the cinematography is excellent, with good camerawork and a nice look of a high quality movie.

The first girl out of the gates is Domino, a great looking dark skinned girl with a terrific body. She's lying on a couch in a fancy looking living room while Lee Stone is pretending to draw her, naked of course. Lee's unhappy with the way she's modeling for him, so he goes over to her for some personal, hands on body arranging. Next thing you know his gigantic hands are rubbing her shaved beaver and his tongue is buried in her snatch. This movie has a great camera look. Instead of crappy home video quality common in most porn this has a grainy, actual movie look to it, which I find more fun to watch. After a thorough tonguing it's Domino's turn to suck on Lee's giant, curved prick. She does a terrific job of licking, rubbing and sucking at the same time. Lee turns her over onto her back on the couch where he proceeds to shove his mammoth girth into her tight little snatch, and her moans of pleasure indicate that she's loving it. She has such a terrific body it's really fun to watch her get fucked. Next they switch to rcg, with some great close-up shots of the penetration and her tiny tits bouncing to and fro. After going through doggy style and some interesting sideways leg twist positions Lee pulls out and moves up to gush all over Domino's pretty face.

Precious Girl and her Latino boyfriend, being the no good criminals that they are, break into an expensive looking house to have some wild sex where rich people live. Where this hottie learned to use a lockpick I don't know, but I was impressed. I'm not even entirely sure why they needed to break into a place to have sex, but maybe it's supposed to be exciting. Anyway, they waste no time, and in ten seconds the guy's pants are around his ankles while he plops down on the couch and Precious wraps her hot teen lips around his member. She also does a terrific job going down on him, proving that she knows what she's doing. In this area they broke into is some exercise equipment, and they move onto one of those all in one exercise machines. Precious grabs the top metal bar and spreads her legs real wide so her guy friend can have a lick or two of her hairless pussy, which is quite nice looking. For some reason the guy in this scene irritated me (I think it was his crappy moustache) so this part wasn't as cool as it would've been, but it was still nice to see a close-up of her pussy. Precious moves down to the weight bench on the exercise machine, where the couple proceeds to fuck with her on her back. They go through a couple more positions, creatively using the equipment to maneuver themselves around. The Latino guy finishes by giving her a pearl necklace I'm sure she'll remember for a while.

Next up is Lisa, who's practicing her piano skills in a shirt and white panties. She gets horny with all that hot piano music playing and starts to rub herself, which leads to a rather erotic fantasy. She's on her knees in front of a well-built man, sucking him off quite thoroughly. That doesn't last too long, cause before you know it she's bent over the arm of a chair getting fucked from behind. The lighting is rather poor at the angle they're at so the camera spends most of the time in a faraway shot, which kinda sucks. They go through a few more positions, including a couple (4 actually) where the guy is holding her in the air while she bounces up and down on his dick. If nothing else this girl is very flexible and seems to enjoy bending her legs into very unnatural positions, which of course will get you off if you're one of those guys (or girls) that fantasizes about acrobatic girls. This couple actually spends a lot of time moving to different positions, but due to the sunlight in the room half the time the lighting isn't that great. Still, you get plenty of variety, which is always nice. The guy ends up popping into her waiting mouth.

In another expensive looking house, which are a dime a dozen in porn movies, a guy enters to wait for his girlfriend. She tells him she'll be out in a minute, and comes out wearing a type of jersey and little speedo underwear with the number 69 on the front. Oh yeah, the girlfriend is Mariella, a very cute blonde with large, natural tits. She proceeds to take his pants down to his knees and give a semi-crappy blowjob. Ever see those girls that don't really put their lips on the dick? They just kind of put their mouth over it and somehow the lips don't touch? That's what this girl does, and I find it annoying. Plus she doesn't go that deep. It's obvious that she either A. Hates giving head or B. Isn't that great at it. But I suppose what she's here to do is have sex, and that she's good at. When it's the guy's turn to repay the oral favor he does a slightly better job, but even he doesn't look like he knows what the hell he's doing, although from the girls' moans you couldn't tell. Like the other scenes the sex starts off with Mariella on her back, and the guy kneeling on the floor in front of her. They quickly move to their sides, and then to doggy style, where the guy quickly unloads onto her chest. This was a very brief, semi-boring scene in an otherwise pretty good movie.

Foxy is in her bedroom reading a porno mag, wearing a t-shirt and small panties, and she starts to masturbate. She's a petite girl with really dark hair, and very attractive, although her hair is cut weird and almost resembles a wig. She starts fantasizing about the same guy that Lisa was fantasizing about (What a coincidence) and before you know it he's laying on the bed while she takes almost his entire dick into her throat. After her very entertaining blowjob she gets onto her knees, just to be different, and takes his cock inside of her. This girl must be barely 18, cause she looks really frickin' young. The couple spends almost all of their time with her either on her back or on her knees, but thanks to their energy and the frequent angle changes it doesn't really get boring. In the end the guy unloads onto her pretty face. If you're looking for a movie that delivers in the barely legal department, with highly attractive girls, you should definitely check this one out.

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