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Title: Young Sluts Inc. #7  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Young Sluts, Inc. #7
76 Mins.
Hustler Video
DIRECTOR: Kat Slater
THEMES: Girl/Girl, Prostitution, Bets & Dares
STARS: Deja Chan, Estelle Lawrence, Redd Fields, Jordan Perry, Alex Rox, Mackenzie Wilson, Joey Ray, Mariella, Juliana Kincaid, Scott, Gommel, Dirty Sanchez
Reviewed by: Mars

It's frustrating to review a porn flick that has so many good elements but misses out on a few essentials. Young Sluts, Inc. #7 is well shot, the actors are not the finest (but they certainly live up to the "young" in the title), and the plot is terrific - great set-up without being overbearing. However, the action, the fucking, the reason it's porn, is not up to snuff. With one notable exception, the sex is underwhelming. Not terrible, just lukewarm. Actually, let me re-think this. Perhaps the sex doesn't always have to be a cornucopia of nasty rutting. For couples, this may be a great thing. There isn't anything threatening about the action and the plot is titillating enough to add a bit of naughty flair to the flick. So if you're looking for a nasty wank fest, move on, if you're looking for a starter for you and your coy significant other, load this up.

The plot begins with a framing device. A young and cute brunette with a may-be-Australian accent is in some sort of trouble and is trying to explain to two men in an office that she's not a whore and that they shouldn't tell her daddy that she is. It all began, she says, as a prank...

Flashback and the Aussie gal, who gets large checks from daddy, and her two rich friends are arguing over who's a prude. Juliana, a skinny blonde with tiny tits, claims that she's a naughty girl and puts in a tape to prove it. This is the first action, with Juliana on the tape with a guy and another chick, Mackenzie. Mac looks very young and the two of them tag suck the guy's cock for a bit. It's not bad, but he outdoes them with some decent cunnilingus with one stacked on the other so he can switch off easily. The biggest problem in the entire film show up in this scene; the music. The loud, ridiculously pompous soundtrack practically drowns out the sex noises as the trio go at each other. But it becomes a little moot since they don't do too much. The positions they get into are nice, and look good, but there isn't too much variation. It doesn't last very long and ends with a double facial.

And so the three rich girls make a bet that each one will fuck a man for money (there's a bit more to it than that, but I can't reveal the whole thing). Juliana goes first and takes on a muscley guy in a waterfall hot-tub. He eats her pretty well and she gives him an ok blow job, but we don't get to see much of it. (Perhaps this is the cable ready scene?) They get busy in a few positions including a good reverse cowgirl that shows us just how skinny she is. The music is again at the forefront, covering all the other noises. It's too bad because sex noises can make a scene much more enjoyable. Anyway, they finish off with a money shot on her ass. It's not a thrilling scene.

We then get to watch the Aussie and her other cute blonde friend (the third rich girl) have what I suppose I have to call sex. It's really some of the most tepid girl-girl action I've seen in a long time. Neither of them is into it and they don't even bother trying to hide it. The blonde uses a vibe on the brunette's clit for a long time, with some noises leaking out from under the shitty music. Then the Aussie fucks the blonde with a dildo. Blah, bland stuff. She works her tongue over the blonde's cunt for a bit at the end and that's not bad, but that Australian is not comfortable.

The blonde we just saw (who's name is Jane in the movie) take on her customer, a guy with a long cock and a lack of lube. They do a bit of necking and groping on a couch which is pretty hot. The hummer isn't bad either (the music is, again, intrusive) and his mouth-work is decent. They get into doggy style, but he has a terrible time trying to stuff his cock into her dry pussy. It's painfully obvious that someone forgot the lube and it ruins the effect. The mish is better and we see her nice legs spread wide. Apparently they found some slippery stuff, because he spends some time plowing her ass before sliding back into her twat for a reverse cowgirl. It's an ok ending after a rough middle.

Back to the beginning and the Aussie finishes telling the two men in the office her story. They strike a deal, she fucks the skinny guy and the problem and her dad doesn't need to know. She agrees and the office man calls in his secretary to make it a foursome. Within two minutes the Aussie and her skinny man leave and we never see them do the deed. We do, however, get to watch the hottest scene on the disc with the French secretary and her boss. She sucks cock well and strips to reveal a nice, slender body with a good set of tits. He pays some oral attention to her nipples and cunt while she shows off how limber she is. Good stuff. The missionary keeps me interested and the views of the doggy style are great. For once the music backs off and we get to listen to her moans. A good bout of reverse cowgirl is followed by a facial pop shot and that's the end of the action.

Overall: As said above, this would make a decent couples flick, but it's a bit disappointing for more experienced porn-hounds. The situation is a great fantasy, but the execution is lacking. Plus, cute as she is, the Australian needs to loosen up or get out of porn.

Extras: A decent collection of stuff with a slide show, twelve previews, and a behind the scenes feature with some insightful comments by the director.



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