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Title: Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Buttman¡¦s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2
2 hours 20 minutes
The Evil Empire
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Ass worship, big butts, anal sex
CONDOMS: None noted
STARS: Christy Parks ļ, Mika, Tawny, Shanna McCullough

Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- Let me start off by saying that the girls in this fuck-flick are cute, pretty, slutty and at times HOT. This said, they are all *big* girls. Not to say BBWs by any means of the term. They are all quite fuckable too say the least. But these are not petite girls with washboard stomachs either. They have an air of realism about them. They have very beautiful (although a bit big in spots) and believable bodies. So, if you are into the big tits, small frame and blonde hair with at least 2 to 3 body piercing porn slut type, you are bound to be a bit disappointed here. After all, this is Buttman¡¦s *BIG* Butt Adventure folks¡K.And on that note, if you do not love asses, perhaps even worship asses, this may be a bit slow and frustrating for you. Don¡¦t get me wrong. There is more to this DVD than simply ass worship and tease. There is good oral, good vaginal and great anal sex. This is, however, primarily tailored towards those who like the eroticism of a slow, tease and worship that leads to the sex. As the back of the jacket reads, this is primarily a tease and worship series.

All that being said we lead up to a very hot and lengthy scene starring Christy Parks. This chick is fucking hot! Yes, she¡¦s a bit big in the butt and thighs and has a little bit of the soft tummy syndrome but her face, legs and tits more than make up for that in my book (plus she really not very big, just natural). She has a cute as hell adorable face with a stunning smile and tits! OMG does this girl have some huge, natural beautiful tits; the size, slope and nipple are just gorgeous. I envy the lengthy cleavage fuck that lucky meat puppet (Eric Everhard) gets to give her before he pops all over those lovely, beautiful breasts! She treats us to a slow tease of her gargantuan melons while Buttman worships her for us. She arrives in a skin tight suit looking all kinds of voluptuous and sexy. The tease is long enough to warrant a costume change and she puts on a short skin tight pair of shorts with hot pink g-string underneath and a lacey white bra. When we get to the sex, she gives good head, not great (but I would still jump to let her suck my cock). Eric Everhard gives her a good cunt and ass licking and John is sure to get plenty of great angles and close-ups for us. Every thing looks great. He schtups her doggy, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl before they pause for a little foot worship. Next they move to the anal action and more ass worship. He lubes her up with his fingers (and plenty of lube) before they stuff an ass-plug in her. Then she walks around with the plug in her asshole and her big cheeks embracing and surrounding it. He turns her sideways on the couch and crams his meat stick in her waiting sphincter and the anal action in under wayƒº! They take it wheelbarrow and she seems to ¡§loosen up¡¨ and really start to enjoy herself. They move to doggy and he dps her with a toy while he continues to ravage her ass. He pulls out of her ass and she drops to her knees for the titty fuck of which I am so envious¡KBeautiful. Fucking beautiful.

Mika is a blonde slut in an exercise room wearing very short and very tight white shorts with a black g-string underneath and a white exercise top. She is quite fit but still curvy and voluptuous enough to be included in the BIG butt series. Her tits are smaller than and not as nice as Christy¡¦s but hey, tits like Christy¡¦s¡K..
Buttman teases us with his camera work as she exercises away; plenty of but worship and camel toes to keep everyone happy. George (a random meat stick from the Czech Republic) steps in to peel away the shorts and let the worship of the ass begin. He immediately finds her ample globes (which bare scars of the surgical knife) and in like kind she immediately locates his special little puppet: meat puppet that is. He licks, sucks, chews, peels and spreads her pussy and ass before she pays some real attention to his cock. She gives good head but never gets too far past his head before she turns around for a standing doggy sort of thing. He really fucks her hard too before she climbs aboard the bologna pony for a little reverse cowgirl action. They cowgirl before the anal. He fingers and lubes, then fucks her anal doggy then reverse anal doggy and then anal on the exercise bike. Cowgirl anal on the weight bench then an A@M as she sucks his jizz out and all over her face and tits.

Tawny gives us a no sex scene in which we are teased, Buttman worships and they play with a dildo and a couple of sets of anal beads. Tawny is okay looking and this scene, to be honest, did nothing for me except for to make me reach for the FF button on my remote.

Last up, the infamous, Shanna McCullough. She has been in porn a while and is a bit older but has a good body and great tits. And man does she know how to use them. She gives us some great tease footage (also going through two outfits). She starts with the tight long red velvety number and moves into the lacey black lingerie. Buttman¡¦s friend Hatman shows to help out with some more worship and then the fucking. Shanna has never been the great a dicksucker but she is more than adequate and makes great eye candy while she goes. She fucks the shit out of Hatman and coerces him to blow his load all over her fabulously big but. The manner in which he finishes up is unique. He does the equivalent of a titty fuck but with her big butt cheeks. She fucks them and fucks them and then spills his man milk all over those hot buns!  


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