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Title: No Man's Land European Edition #6  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


No Man's Land #6 (European Edition)
Overall Rating A
Female Looks A+
Male Looks N/A
Sex- A
Plot/Acting- N/A
Extras- A
A/V Quality- A
Time- 1:30
Company- Video Team
With a title like No Man's Land, this movie is guaranteed to be good. Plus, it's the European Edition, which means that almost every girl in the movie is a natural blond.
And who can turn that down?

The first scene is a three way lesbian love triangle starring three girls so gorgeous it makes you wonder what they're doing in porn. As the credits open, the blond gets her snatch nibbled on by the black haired one, while the brunette entertains herself nearby. They all have immaculately shaved little pink pussies, none of those nasty black meat flaps here. They make a human lesbian chain, such that the black haired girl is eating the brunette who is eating the blond. Then, to the viewers' surprise appear two dildos, one red and one black, and the blond and brunette service each other while the black haired one eats the brunette's sexy poop chute for what seems like hours.

The second scene is an immediate wood dispenser as it opens with a birthday party with eight, count 'em, eight blonds in attendance. While the birthday girl opens her presents, the two hottest guests of the bunch grow bored and retire to the laundry room. They both happen to be eighteen year old blonds, one standard and one platinum. They proceed to get naked, make out and then the platinum blond gets her beaver munched. Luckily for us, the owner of the house keeps a large dildo in the bathroom which the platinum blond insatiably takes in the cunt and then employs in the other blond's cooter which she alternately sucks then fingers.

It's the birthday girl's twenty-third birthday and she gets several gifts, the last of which being a video camera. She's bummed, however, because there's nothing to film. That is until two of her friends offer to provide her with some material. The three of them slip off into the bedroom and begin to make out while the birthday blond films. You'll notice a recurring theme of the picture, when the blond one whips out a monster dildo and hides it in her brunette friends cunt. She then sits on her face and gets her beautiful beaver eaten, while the birthday girl decides she can't take it any more and takes over jamming the dildo into the brunette. You know that these girls are smart when the reveal a two headed dildo that the blond and brunette share while the birthday girl makes her rounds on bung hole stimulation detail. The two with the dildo arrange themselves so that they're facing one another and hump each other sweetly, erotically hiding all fourteen inches of the lucky dong.

Scene four stars two more blonds, disturbingly difficult to distinguish, who conveniently get left all alone. They begin by getting naked and tonguing each others tits. When they finish disrobing they finally reveal a distinguishing feature, one of the girls has the sexiest tattoo of all time, two satanic looking dragons, mirror images of each other, carved across her belly. The tattooed blond eats the other blond's unfortunately shaved pussy (I'm of the school of though that true blonds should never shave) then fingers her with a respectable three digits. Next she employs a pink dildo, which at first you think is much too large, into her friend's delicious womb. When the other blond reciprocates we finally get to see the tattooed blond's dragons close up. She gets eaten out and then offers her ass to her partner's chocolate vibrator which it willingly accepts.

The final scene of the movie is compelling. The brunette is upset because one of the blonds from the previous scene (which one exactly the director leaves up to the imagination) has turned her down. Feeling her rejection, the birthday girl offers to cheer her up. Apparently, the first step in this process is to make out with the brunette and then lick cooter. This works marvelously and to show her appreciation, the brunette moistens a silver dong in her mouth and the blond receives it in her waiting cunt. The brunette offers her ass doggy style and soon gets her turn. For the finale, the blond straddles the brunette's face while she eats her snatch and pleasures herself.

No Man's Land #6 is highly recommended. You can't go wrong with hot, young blonds munching box like it's going out of style.



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