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Title: Latin Extreme  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Latin Extreme

Time- 1:20
Company- Jill Kelly Productions

If you like burrito pounding Latina putas, then bust out your tamale and start stroking because Latin Extreme is the movie for you.

Alexis, a Peruvian with more body piercings than a Mayan high priestess, and probably bigger hooters too, starts off the picture by finger fucking her South American coņo. Pedro, her photographer friend, lends her a finger of his own briefly, before he eats her bung (let's just hope she hasn't had any burritos recently). Speaking of burritos, she blow's Pedro's (which is also pierced - in more ways that I care to describe) to stiffen it up for her beaver. He fucks her on a flimsy little table, then does her standing up before he puts his tamale in her mouth and gives her some of his personal hot sauce.

Scene two stars Estefana and her companion, the friendly purple dildo. She pistons it into her shaven cunt with exclamations of "muy grande" (Spanish for 'very grande'). Fortunately for her, she doesn't have to fuck alone when Arturo suddenly appears. She blows his miniscule dick and then he humps her massive mammaries. Next, Arturo pumps her in the reverse cowgirl for a while, then from behind on their sides and finally, in the ever popular doggy style. He closes the deal with a load in her mouth (which she swallows like a champ).

Ice, the star of scene three, is a misnomer; because by no means is she frigid. She proves it to us by immediately jamming herself with a monster dildo, but realizing she's not quite wet enough, she must lubricate it by burring it in her esophagus. Once it's nice and slick, Bruce, her slightly homosexual friend, completely shorn of all body hair, steps into frame stage right and gives her a hand. Or a mouth in this case. In an entirely unique maneuver, he inserts the blunt end of her pink dildo into his mouth and fucks her until his neck goes numb. Next it's his turn. He gets his dick blow and ass eaten and then, as my suspicions prove correct, gets a string of anal beads inserted into his colon. Once you fastforward past this disturbing scene, you see Ice on her knees for another dick job, then on her back for a real pounding. And of course, the scene ends with a money shot in the face.

In scene four Anna Maria, a cute little puta, gets her coņo eaten by the sweatiest biker you've ever seen. He fingers her nice looking beaver, then eats and fingers her dirt box. Nextn, he stretches out her pink muffin until I swear you can see all the way to her cervix. For a little change of pace, Anna Marie blows his tiny salchicha then hops in the saddle and rides him like the dirty vaquero he is. She turns around and takes it doggy style, then he flips her over, puts her knees on her chest and gives her a thorough rogering. The action ends when the sweaty biker shoots his dirty load all over her stomach and tits, a pleasant departure from the almost ubiquitous facial.

The final scene of the film features Misty sucking on a cute little fourteen inch pink dildo (and deep throating a good eight inches of it). She fucks her pussy for a while, then a guy I swear I've seen fuck midgets on the internet sucks her stinky feet for what has to be ten minutes. When he finally gives that up, she blows him and lets him tittie fuck her a bit. He turns her around and eats her pussy and ass, which I'm sure taste better than the feet. She sits on his dick while he fingers her colon before rolling over and taking it doggy style. She offers up her ass, which her partner accepts willingly and then takes it in the bung (as she pants like a dog) before she "sucks the ass" of his tiny dick.

If you're into south of the border sex Latin Extreme is what you've been waiting for. With hard sex and hot Latinas, it doesn't get any better than this.


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