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Title: Initiations #9  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Initiations #9

Time- 1:40
Company- Anabolic
Initiations #9 is chocked full of hot fuck action to the max. If you enjoy seeing adorable young nymphs swallow gobs of cum and take monstrous dicks in the dirt box then this is the movie for you.

The first scene sets the pace for the whole film as delicious Kimberly gets, and I quote, "her first taste of dark chocolate." This is her first interracial, and perhaps genuinely so, if you judge by the look of awe on her face when she unleashes the monster. Kim comes out shooting and buries this massive black trouser snake in dark corners of her esophagus. As good a hummer as it appears to be, her friend Tyrone wants some of good stuff. He leans Kim back gently onto a table and proceeds to piston her pussy vigorously, while he narrates (in case you couldn't tell what was going on). Being that this is her first interracial, Kim is a quick study. She rides the black D like she's been doing it for decades and guzzles down his gargantuan black load.

Scene two features a gorgeous girl with fair skin, blue eyes and black hair (whom I think is British cause you can't really understand her because she's always got a dick in her mouth). Or sometimes two, as this scene features two leading male performers. She starts by playing with herself, giving you time to notice an out of focus dude in the background playing with himself. But before you get too worried she's blowing him, and then his friend too. Soon they get smart and realize that instead of trying to put two dicks in one hole they should spread the wealth, so one of the lucky guys inserts is tool into her box. They fuck for a while, and then swap. The gentleman taking her from behind shoots a tiny load, but doesn't let this stop him and continues to bone her. Then he makes a truly wise decision and puts his piece in her corn hole. But he brilliantly manages to out do himself as he removes his dick from her ass, inserts it into her mouth and lets her suck his ass tainted dick. Finally, since there are two dudes and one chick, they follow up with the obligatory double penetration for the finale, complete with a dual facial cumshot.

For a slight change of pace, scene three is strictly a blow job. It starts off promising - Kristy's already got a dick in her mouth when the camera starts rolling. She's got great taters and gives the loudest dick job ever. Perhaps to quite her down a little, her friend thumps her vigorously on the chin, nose and forehead. In an uncharacteristic response to this criticism, Kristy deepthroats his unit till her eyes water. And how else to finish up a move like that but to give her a salty protein mustache.

In scene four we see Ice, a petite 18 year old get hammered by an altogether evil looking costar with a shaven head and satanic looking goatee. He asks her a series of questions to which she answers only yes or no, but then again, she wasn't chosen to be in this move because of her verbosity. On the contrary, I think the producers were more concerned with what was going into her mouth, not what was coming out. Which she soon proves to us as she blows her companion's dick while she plays with herself. He does her shorn beaver on the couch, then doggy style and then, giving him a well needed break, she turns around and rides him for a while. When she finally dismounts he blows a powerful load across her pretty little face.

If you were disappointed there was no anal in the last scene, this one more then makes up for it. Scene five stars a hot little blond, kind of on the thick side, and two dudes, a white guy with an impressive mullet and a black dude. She begins, as any good girl would, by blowing the both of them. The first guy to get a crack at her sniv is the black guy, who pounds her from behind while she first blows and then reams the white guy. Then everyone rotates, and the white guy fucks her ass and the black dude gets blown. Now that her rectum is nice and loose it's DP time. The white dude pulls anchor, probably cause he's got a smaller wang, and the black guy goes to town on her beaver. For the money shot Judy gets a double dose of swimmers right on her tongue and impresses everyone when she swallows them all, and even says thank you.

If you've ever wanted to see the best blow job of all time, you're in luck, cause this is it. Jenna, who went to school in Orange County and has self admittedly, sucked over a hundred cocks, sucks this guy's like it's the last one on the planet. She sucks and peppergrinds and bobs like it's going out of style, all the while talking about how much she loves sucking dick and how wild it drives her to swallow a helping of jizzum. Which she does to conclude her scene, and then proves it to us all by opening her dirty little mouth for the camera.

Next is another interracial, featuring the mandatory platinum blond and black guy with a preternaturally large tool. But this one starts off with a bang, as the dude requests that Shyla deepthroat his gargantuan penis, which she does to my astonishment without gagging and only a minimum of eye watering. He leans her back and fucks her and then, in a feat of Herculean strength, picks her up and fucks her standing. When he damn near drops her he realizes it's probably time to change it up so he lays her back down and puts all nine inches into her corn chute, which, despite leaving her ass a gaping chasm, she seems to enjoy. It seems that she also likes to taste herself, as she sucks her companion's beef to orgasm after being buried to the hilt in her sphincter.

Scene eight is a beautiful display of love and affection between Shelby, a hot blond coed, a dude, a dude and a dude. She blows all three, then one gets her from behind while she sucks off the others. They rotate again, and now she rides a different dude while eating the remaining dicks. Then, as if you didn't see it coming, she gets it in all three holes simultaneously, mouth, pussy and ass. To end the scene and the movie they all take turns unloading salty streams of baby batter on her chin.

This is a great move overall. The girls are all hot and way into the sex. With eight different scenes, this is definitely a good buy.


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