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Title: Up & Cummers #102  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Up and Cummers #102
MOVIE TYPE: pro-am
120+ Mins.
New Machine Productions
DIRECTOR: Randy West
THEMES: nasty, slutty, hot fucking newbies
CONDOMS: one in one scene
STARS: Avy, Angela Crystal, Sabrine Maui and Jana Cove
Reviewed by: Gary
REVIEW- Sweet, red-hot and nasty! What a way to kick off a review. Randy West has done it again! He has found four very fresh faces, all pretty as hell, who fuck and tease like pros and compiled them onto a well shot, high quality sequence of great scenes for us to enjoy. Thanks Randy.
Avy is a super fucking hottie from Tampa with a body built for fucking. She is obviously a slut in real life; very promiscuous. But that just lends itself to her scene. She has incredible, natural tits with great shape, slope and nipples and as she is still so young gravity has been kind to them so far. She has great feet, long slender legs, a slightly soft middle (but that is what it takes for natural tits as fine as these), incredible knockers, a devilishly sweet smile and a very pretty countenance. She is paired up with Jay Ashley, someone that she requested to work with and was obviously looking forward to "meeting". This lends itself to some great chemistry and some truly sincere and white hot fucking between the two. It was as if if the camera and Randy were not there, if they were not getting paid, they would still be there giving the same performance as they were now. That is real energy folks and that is welcome in the world of porn. Truly hot! She loves to give head and it shows. Special surprise: she loves to swallow too. Yum, yum you nasty fucking slut! I think that we will see plenty more of Avy on the circuit; keep your eyes open and she will keep your cock hard.
Angela: a Czech goddess. Another super fucking gorgeous babe that Randy has found for us. She is a fucking knock-out. OMG she is blisteringly hot. Another blonde, with a tight, firm sweet ass, great feet and legs and hard toned middle, ample natural breasts and sweet, almost innocent looking face. She shows with her husband...awww poor Randy doesn't get to pork this one. Instead we get some fucking with a real connection behind it. Sex with passion, familiarity and intimacy. We are treated to an incredible cream pie and Angela lets the camera linger on that sweet, sweet man cream as it dribbles out. For all you internal affair fans, you'll love this scene.
Sabrine Maui is a cute, little Pilipino looking thing with a very slender body and small, natural tits. She has gorgeous long black hair and a lust for sex that will get her places in porn. Randy is incredibly turned on by her and thinks that she is about the prettiest thing he has gotten to fuck in a while. I felt that she was cute but not hot compared to the previously mentioned blondes. Here we see a condom used as Randy porks away at this sweet little treat. She gives decent head and what she lacks in technique she makes up for with enthusiasm. Randy doesn't get to fuck her all that long before he pops a sweet load of man formula all over her. Even he is surprised at how long he (didn't) last(ed). So, we cut to another sequence where she sucks him off (up) and he does her again. The bj in the second clip looks better than the first. This scene was weaker than the other two sex scenes but still quite good.
Lastly, we have Jana Cove. She's another fine young Czech thing. And yes, she is stunningly beautiful. She's not here to have sex though. She is here to tease Randy (and the rest of us) with her incredible body, pretty face and sweet slit. She finishes a shower and begins masturbating. She moves the single(s) party to her bed and accessorizes with some nasty toys. This whole scene is basically a long tease but its sweet, sweet eye candy. I would just like to say that it's a sad shame that we don't get to see her coated in the sugar frosting of thick baby making formula.   

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