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Title: Assman #20  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


The Assman#20
140 Minutes.
Anabolic Digital
DIRECTOR: Jean-Yves Le Castel
THEMES: Anal sex, A2M, gapers
CONDOMS: None noted
STARS: Linda, Agi, Kelly, Barbara, Vanessa, Christina, Nichole, Marie, Mercedes and Natalie. Also, David Perry, Steve Holmes, Roly Reeves, Ian Scott, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Ted, Yves Le Prince.
Reviewed by: Gary

REVIEW- This DVD is nasty. Although it is not NEARLY as NASTY as it could be. Despite the diabolical acts and engagements there is a certain quality to this DVD that takes some of the nastiness out of the sexually depraved acts in question. There is a certain very playful, humorous characteristic. You can hear it in the dialogue between the camera man and the "actors and actresses". You can hear it in the dialogue between the "actors and actresses" themselves. On the one hand it's reassuring to see that these girls (despite what they are doing) are not totally humiliated and degraded on the set. In fact, there is too much laughing and fun being had to possibly confuse that each and every one of these girls is happy to be there: sluts! The flip side of this is that because of the super friendly, laughing, fun environment some of the element of sleaze, heat and nastiness is compromised. SO, like I said at the outset, despite the depraved and nasty acts on this DVD, it is not near as nasty as it could be. It's almost like a drunken fraternity game/activity (Like Porn and Chicken) rather than a full blown assman series. That being said, there is still some very nasty, freaky and hot sex that ensues on this DVD.
The first scene left me a bit disappointed but I was reassured that this is the weakest scene on the DVD and they only get better from there. Agi is the star of this scene although she is for a short while joined by two other lovely sluts: Linda and Kelly. Oddly enough, Linda and Kelly seem happier and more eager to be there than does Agi.
Even though this next scene was a little more tame per se than the prior scene it is much hotter and probably one of my favorites on the DVD. This scene stars Barbara and Vanessa. I am not sure who is who but luckily it's a situation where one is a blonde and the other a brunette. The blonde, in my humble opinion, steals the scene. She is a fucking doll. She is very REAL looking though. She has a very pretty face, great teeth and a knock-out smile. She has huge natural tits and a slightly soft middle and upper arms (but she wears it well so to speak). Both girls treat one lucky stud to a hell of a date. They start off sucking his cock. They both display great technique and enthusiasm and they are soon (fighting) over who gets to suck. They roll through some sweet positions that exhibit the girls' bodies and sexual skills quite nicely. The highlight of this scene for me is the incredible boob-fuck-job that the blonde lays on her man. She looks great. The cleavage fuck looks hot and I don't know many men who wouldn't jump to trade places with that cock if only for those few moments.
Christina is a very plastic looking blonde who has the courage to take on two guys at once in a picnic romp. She didn't really do much for me but she seemed to please Jean-Yves and his cohort quite well.
Nichole and Marie put on a very hot scene with Mr. Le Castel. These two fucking sluts are hot and certainly know their way around the business end of a cock (and a cunt for that matter). They take on Jean- Yves by a pool for a hot fucking poolside tryst. The sex and the technique employed by these ladies are as hot as these two are themselves.
Mercedes is a young and na´ve looking thing who takes on two studs on a leather couch. She is young and cute but inexperienced as well. Don't get me wrong, she could suck my dick anytime she wanted but she has some experience to gain in her years ahead. I should think that it will all cum quite naturally to her. She is on the right track, just needs some more practice with what she's got. Tell ya'll what...she looks a lot less innocent and na´ve with two jizzloads of man cream across her face and chest.
Finally, we get to see the cover girl Natalie in this final scene. She isn't quite as good looking in the scene as on the box cover but she has great tits and a beautiful ass. Her face/ chin is a bit pointy though (but I guess that is all relative).
She also takes on two lucky studs and gives them the anal adventure of their lives. She gives good head but she takes the shit stick up her asshole even better. Funny, with her face coated in man mayo, I didn't notice her pointy chin as much. A word to the wise Natalie, keep your face frosted in goo!


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