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Title: Sexx the Hard Way #7  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: C-
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Sexx the Hard Way #7

Time- 90
Company - Digital Sin
If you're anything like me, when you hear Sexx the Hard Way you think nipple clamps, cats of nine tails or at least a thorough ass reaming. But if that's what you're expecting you're in for a surprise (except for the ass reaming). A more appropriate name for this move would have been Sexx the European was, as nobody in this film has even the slightest grasp of the English language. But their inability to speak English in no way inhibits their ability to perform dick stiffening sex.
The movie opens with a delicious 18 year old brunette giving her lucky boyfriend a surprise wake up call by sticking her tongue down this through. He responds much as I suppose any man in a similar situation would, by slipping out her taters and thoroughly sobering over them. He makes his way to her completely shorn cooter and dives in, but not for long, as she can't wait to have his tube steak on her tonsils. She blows him for what has to be damn near ten minutes before the real sex begins. Don't worry, though, it's worth the wait. She rides him in the reverse cowgirl and her tats bounce so exquisitely it's a shame he doesn't pull out and hooter-hump her. But you're worries are soon forgotten, as all of a sudden a second dick appears out of no where and she begins to blow this one as she rides the other. Dismissing the first one, we discover who the mystery penis belongs to - the angriest looking fellow in porn. If he looks this upset when he's laying pipe in a gorgeous coed he must be really pissed when, say, he's got to go to work. But the girl in this scene does her best to cheer him up. She rolls over on her side and he takes her from behind, then doggy style, then she hops in the saddle and rides his dick. Then, not a minute too soon, he pulls out and shoots a load on taught little stomach.
The next scene is a girl-girl-guy threeway. Girl 1 is blond and Soviet looking. Girl 2 is Indian (dots, not feathers). And guy looks like he's a thawed out Neanderthal. But apparently they knew how to fuck back then, cause he gives both of these babes a through beefing. It starts off as most three ways do, with quite a bit sucking and licking. Pretty soon clothes are off and the Indian babe is blowing the caveman when all of a sudden (and a pleasant surprise for her I'm sure) the camera man slips one in her hairy ass. The blond taps in so she can get some of that caveman wang just as the cameraman finishes blowing his wad. In a move of sheer genius, the caveman cashes in on the numbers and has both ladies blow him simultaneously and then has another brilliant idea, and has the blond eat the other chick's ass. After a few minutes of reaming she moves from bung to Johnson and swallows a giant load of swimmers.
Scene three starts of like a German schiza video, the stars speaking with thick German accents talking about, what sounds to me, like sauerkraut and weinerschnitzel. But soon my fears were abated and the scene begins one of the most beautiful acts in nature, an intimate encounter between a man and a woman...and a woman. There's a blond, a brunette and a dude that I swear looks like Antonio Banderas. This is one of the best three ways I've ever seen; the actors actually seem to enjoy themselves. You'll remember such memorable quotes "welcome to the jungle" (when Antonio goes down on the brunette's liberal beaver) or "two pussies are better than one" a statement of pure wisdom. The blond blows Antonio while the brunette sits on his face. Then he fucks the blond from behind but not for too long, as he doesn't want to neglect the brunette. He fucks her doggy style while she licks the blonde's closely shorn sniv. Clever Antonio notices that she's in a licking mood and with a little goading, succeeds in getting the brunette to eat his nasty German arse. And as I'm sure anyone would with a gorgeous frauline rimming their butthole, Antonio releases a furious salty one on her face.
Scene four features Neanderthal man again, and a stunning little coed who looks seventeen but I'm sure is legal. He sucks her tits for a bit and then lets her deepthroat his unit. You'll notice a recurring trend in this movie right about now, when another mystery dick comes out of nowhere and our cute little nymph begins to swallow it. (You'll also notice that the mystery peen has a nasty looking wart on it, but this doesn't stop Hoover from burring it in her pie-hole). When she's had enough of the diseased cock she rides Neanderthal's in the reverse cowgirl. Soon, she's bent over, getting it doggystyle. And eventhough he looks like a caveman, you'll realize he's a good deal smarter when he slips it into her dirt box and closes escrow with a money shot right on her chin.
The last scene of the movie features the most yummy girl of them all. Light skinned, dark haired, young, and with huge tits and green eyes; she's definitely nut busting material. She starts out by blowing the lucky guy and again the mystery dick shows up, genital warts and all. She blows both dicks and proceeds to 69 the first dude while he eats her ass in one of the few rim jobs you're actually jealous you're not performing. Shortly thereafter she rides his dick and the asscam gives us a great view of her supple poop chute. The scene and movie end superbly when the dude shoots a load directly in her eye.
This disk has several additional features including interviews with pornstars and a picture library. This combined with the high production quality, stunning babes and hot sex make it a great buy.


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