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Title: Nasty Newecomers #20  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Nasty Newcummers #20
Time- 1:20
Company- Metro
I have to admit I was a little leary when I read the title, Nasty Newcummers. Yea, right. Every girl in porn has already done like a hundred movies. But with Nasty Newcummers 20 I was pleasantly surprised. They really have to start off somewhere, and this is it.
The first scene begins with an interview, as do the following five, which is a nice touch. I for one like to get to know a girl before I rub one out to her. In any case, Lana Rose starts of by telling us she's 19 and this is her first film. But she's really thinking about getting out of porno and into the modeling business. Uh hu. I'm sure Victora's Secret is going want a girl who sucks dick all over the internet. But whatever, soon I'm distracted by her cleanly shaven gash getting slobbered on by Alex and his Herculean physique. The obligatory BJ is next, but Lana really pulls this one off for the camera; her eyes fixed on the lens like the slut she is. Transition into the reverse cowgirl and the most authentic sounding sex I've ever heard. As trivial as that sounds, it really contributes to the authenticity of the film. As do Lana's natural boobs jiggling in stereo. And unlike those low quality porns full of antiseptic sex, we actually see Lana enjoy herself with some slow fucking. But not for too long, she finishes Alex off with the tongue ring you've been dying to see her use and takes one right on the tonsils.
Marrella is 19, has done 4 pornos prior to this, is allergic to cats and only has sex with Scott, her boyfriend. Not that you needed to know that to seer her deepthroat Scott's Johnson. (By the way, she claims Scott is the only guys she's ever done it with - which is really quite a stretch of the imagination). Regardless, as she blows Scott, or rather, as he fucks her face, as he's doing most of the work, we see her cute little tummy bounce uncontrollably. By no means is she fat, but slightly chubby it that if-I-keep-this-up-I-will-be-fat sort way; but I'm sure you'd still fuck her. And that's just what Scott does (who by the way HAS slept with other people) after he eats Marrella's pleasantly hairy muff. Unfortunately, he pounds her on the noisiest bed you've ever heard, which makes you realize that there's none of that cheesy porno background music - another nice touch. They're in the most contorted position I've ever seen, facing each other Scott lifting her pelvis slightly with this thrusting while Marrella supports most of her weight with her arms. It's almost as interesting to watch her strain to keep herself up as it is to see her get pounded. Next, Marrella gets it from the side, which affords us a pleasant view of hear beav. She really seems to enjoy it, and Scott finishes her off doggystyle and gives her best pearl necklace money can buy.
Scene three features Trinity, 22, from Hungary (which the director thinks is somewhere in South America). And unfortunately, the leading man is Alex and his shaven ballsac again. But he really comes out shooting in this one, going down on Trinity and eating her ass like it's going out of style. I don't know, maybe they do it different in South America, but Trinity really doesn't seem to enjoy this reaming, looking more like she's doing economics. When Alex is done drooling over her bung she rolls over and tries to blow his flaccid pipe. (It's always a shame when some hot babe is blowing a nasty porn dude and he's got the softest dick you've ever seen). She follows this up by riding his dick and the camera is so close I'm pretty sure you could see her colon. Alex flips her over and does her from the side and she finally starts to enjoy it. Which is fortunate because shortly thereafter she takes Alex's load on the face like a good girl should.
Scene four is an exquisite dykeout the likes of which is worth the price of the movie alone. Joey and Sunshine (18 and 19) just met this morning but they fuck like they've known each other since grade school. They start off distinctly different than boy-girl scenes, with a good deal of making out prior to revealing a boob or anything. But when they get going they're unstoppable. First Joey gets her finely trimmed beaver eaten out. Then they switch and it's Sunshine's turn. And then the highlight of the entire movie, the most beautiful 69 I've ever seen. Which you'd think is untopable, until they break out 'Roger the friendly translucent double-headed dildo.' They proceed to piston each other like Detriot muscle cars and then, unfortunately like every other lesbian scene, the dykeout comes to an anticlimactic end.
Twenty three year old Jagger finishes off the film (although she tells the camera that she can be 18 if you want). An interesting note, she only performs with one man...not her husband, not her boyfriend...her neighbor! Tommy, her lucky neighbor starts her off by playing with her sniv, finely trimmed into the ever so popular Mohawk. Shortly thereafter he eats her dark-lipped pussy out, and then she blows his pathetically tiny wiener; which doesn't really surprise you when you see that he's still wearing stupid black kneehigh socks. He bones Jagger in the cowgirl, then missionary and then doggystyle. Finally Tommy redeems himself, as contributes to a textbook ending to the film, when he drops the hugest load ever all over Jagger's chin.
This is a great film and well worth the money, particularly if you appreciate genuine amateurs.



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