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Title: I Love Lesbians Too  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: n/a


Bottom Line: If you consider yourself a person who doesn't like lesbian movies, then consider yourself warned. ''I Love Lesbians Too'' will make a true believer out of you. You cannot (that is you CANNOT) miss the scene with Felecia and Raveness. It is to die for. Trust me you will watch this and then you will buy it, so that you have something good to put with went you rent a loser. Rent it. Buy it. Live it. The Feature: 8 Chapters. Randy West has got to be one of the luckiest men in the world. Not only does he get to nail some of the hottest untouched women out there, but (with this series) he is able to bring together some incredibly hot women and let them have at each other. All this while West mans the camera. Let it be known that in order for a lesbian movie to really move me it has to be incredible. Needless to say any lesbian film will have to overcome the dick handicap in order to make it with me. The first scene is with Avalon, Coral Sands, Crystal Knight and Taylor More. Avalon and Taylor are two incredible blondes, both of whom are dressed in one-piece mini-skirts. Both girls have brought along girlfriends to share in the excitement. Coral Sands and Crystal Knight are also hot. Crystal is a hot Nubian beauty and Coral is a long legged brunette with legs that seem to go on forever. Crystal starts in on More while Coral puts her tongue to use on Avalon. The great thing about these opening shots is that More and Avalon both leave their mini-skirts on while their girlfriends push them up around their hips in order to get to the juicy fillings. This doesn't last long though as all of the girls slip out into their birthday suits. Coral has an incredible ass as well, which is shown off nicely with a white thong. We get some great shots of it, and that''s about all we get in the beginning because her face it buried in Avalon''s cunt. The action here is all taking place on some undisclosed couch, as each couple makes out with one another side by side. Avalon is as limber as can be, stretching her legs in all sorts of positions in order to give Coral maximum exposure. More meanwhile looks like a blonde version of Deinse Richards, except with better tits. There are some incredible shots here. For instance, Coral standing above Avalon getting some nice tongue action while More is eating out Avalon and lastly Crystal is taking out More''s pussy from underneath while she is on her knees. Coral Sands is a hot fuck her, shoving her pussy into Avalon''s face. She gyrates her hips wildly while Avalon does everything she can top hold onto her hips. From here More climbs on top of Avalon, while Crystal and Coral go for play on the floor. Coral is spread wide and deep to the pleasure delivering tongue of Knight. The action gets even better when the toy store opens and West busts out with some nice double-headed dildos. Sands starts out by fucking the shit out of Knight as both go back and forth on this double-headed job. The action continues with its intensity, as all of the girls pair-off with one another in a frenzy of tongue-fucking delight. Another great shot is on Crystal finger fucking Avalon while she pocket-rockets herself to ecstasy. Equally hot (and going on at the same time) is the tongue fucking that More delivers to Coral Sands while she is face down and ass up on the floor. Nothing says love like a bobbing head to the pussy. The great thing about this scene is that you would be hard pressed to find one girl truly standing out above the rest. If you had to choose I think it would be a dead heat between Coral Sands and Avalon. Both of these girls deliver potent performances, and in the end both are reverted to quivering mounds of flesh lying beaten down on the floor. This is the real deal to, here you get an all to close shot of the cum oozing out of Avalon''s pussy. Another great shot is of Sands fucking More from behind with a massive strap-on. Again it inset long before More is overtaken and becomes hysterical. Coral is unrelenting here as she pounds away at More in more positions than are in most guy-girl sex scenes. Again another lump of post-orgasmic flesh is left quivering on the floor. In the end each girl gets hers and is left for dead on the floor below. While all of these girls truly shine I think MVP in the end would have to be awarded to Coral Sands, who fucks better than most guys. First-Runner up would have to be Avalon with her high pitched YZ motor orgasms. The second scene will have a lot in order for it to keep up with the first scene. This scene is with Lynn Monroe, Stacey Valentine and Ashley Renee. Monroe is incredible with black leather knee high boots along with matching black top and pants. Both her top and pants unlatch from the front. Hot, very hot. Both girls start out by undressing for each other, which I must say is a shame. They get out of their clothes rather mechanically instead of undressing each other in a more playful manner. Valentine starts out by heading straight for Monroe''s very nice (not to big but not too small tits) but this too doesn''t last very long. From here Valentine heads for Monroe''s pussy. Monroe is really beautiful, with a nice body, beautiful hair and really full eyebrows. I must say that Monroe looks incredible lying back on the bed with her legs spread, inviting Stacey in for a meal of a life-time. This is the proto-typical man''s fantasy. The only ting that is missing is---the man. Another thing that is great is that for all intents and purposes Monroe looks to have natural tits. With is incredible considering that they have the look of plastics, except you would be hard pressed to find any scars on them. After ample time spent on Monroe''s pussy, Monroe flips it and starts in on Valentine''s tits. Starting with her nipples, Monroe slowly and deliberately makes her way down to Valentine''s crotch. Here we get to watch Monroe (as an obvious novice) try her hand at pleasuring Valentine. Things start to heat up under the constant hum of electric pleasure. Monroe delivers the goods to Valentine with a pink dildo, while Valentine gently rubs Monroe''s clit. Not to avoid talking about Valentine, who has an incredible body in her own right, but Monroe has great hips and a full-figured ass as well. From here Ashley Renee shows up. Renee does this kind of over the top strip tease for the two girls, instead of jumping right into the action. In the past I have not been a big fan of Renee''s, given all of her previous bondage stuff. Partly I think because I just don''t get that. But for the first time I have to say Renee fits right in with these two lustful beauties. Renee wastes no time in heading for Valetine''s pussy, and she slowly sucks on her clit while delivering a two fingered fuck. Soon tow fingers become three, and this peeks Valentine''s interest as Renee works both Valentine''s cunt as well as her own. Ashley then lubes up the trusty dildo for full penetration. Shoving one end of this double-headed beast into Valentine, and shortly thereafter shoving the other end in herself, Renee does her best to engorge herself. We then cut to a shot where Renee and Valentine are fucking each other, except you can barely see the dildo. Its buried inside of both pussy''s so deep that these two look like they are connected at the cunt. Monroe, with the exception of getting her pussy eaten out by Renee, is basically left out of the dildonic fun. Renee boils herself down to queen lesbian, reaching out yearningly for Monroe''s tits while Valentine uses both hands to ram the dildo inside her. While none of the girls are exceptionally loud here, this doesn't deter from the point being driven home. In the end it is Renee who is lesbian extrodanaire, both in receiving and in delivering. The third scene is with Raveness and Felecia, the latter being probably one of the hottest porn starlets out there. Here Raveness is wearing some weird green nightie, with lave arm coverings. To start with Raveness has this incredible Southern accent. By Felecia is in an incredible white pair of bra and panties. This is supposed to be a no holds barred celebration of the fact that Raveness and Felecia get to go off on each other. And what would a celebration bee without a cake? Both girls start with licking the icing off of the cake with just their tongues. Both girls are absolutely to die for here. Raveness has incredible bleu-green eyes against a head of died black hair. While I am not one for food as a prop for porn I have to say that I wen t ballistic watching these two share the icing as a preamble o making out. The delight comes when we get to watch Felecia undress the very sexy Raveness. In return Raveness smears some rather cold ice cream all over one of Felecia''s nipples, bringing it to full attention. Raveness uses the talents of her tongue and mouth to smear cold ice cream all over Felecia''s tits. But this doesn''t stay here for long as Raveness uses this as an excuse to suck on Felecia''s nipples. The great thing about this scene is that if it is staged it certainly doesn''t feel like it. Both girls seem to truly enjoy each other''s company, which is evident from the tons of kissing and caressing between the two of them. Felecia, after a little while, takes some of this extremely cold ice cream and smears it all over Raveness'' pussy. Of course what a better reason for licking off a hot girl''s pussy with your tongue. Both of these girls act in such a sensual fashion that you will find yourself with a fucking rock hard cock without even realizing it. After clearing away all that pesky ice cream Felecia starts in on Raveness'' pussy with her full and long tongue. Not only is each of the girls playful with each other, but there is plenty of interaction with West who is ever-present behind the camera. Felecia quickly delivers a knockout blow with her golden tongue, and Raveness can do nothing except accept and curl her toes. I tell you I can''t get over how hot these two girls are together, and it floors me that they have never been paired in a scene before this. Kudos to West for coming up with this one. It really made my night. Not only is Raveness hot, but she is flexible as all hell. Spreading her legs she is able to give maximum exposure to her pussy without even using her hands. Soon enough Felecia gets rid of her white panties and lies back on the bed awaiting the oral delight that is too come. Felecia has an incredible body, with small tea-cup tits, and an incredible tan line. Before Raveness starts in on her pussy, she spends a little time sucking on Felecia''s toes, and then slowly she makes her way down to the good stuff. Felecia is also a little nimble nymph, as she is able to pull her legs back to her tummy, allowing for Raveness to tongue fuck her with maximum exposure. Of course it isn''t long before Felecia busts out with a vibrator. Here we start to get down to basics. Raveness works Felecia''s pussy while still taking the time to lick her wide open lips. But it is Felecia who is in control of the action, as she moves to her knees and takes the vibrator from behind while Raveness tongues her asshole. When the action switches back to Raveness we find a women who is in dire search of a screaming orgasm. Holding her ankles behind her head, she allows Felecia to bury her tongue deep inside her. And soon enough that screaming orgasm is delivered, over and over again. What a great scene. Raveness is almost brought to tears by the finger fucking of Felecia. What a wild ride. If this doesn''t do it for you then I doubt anything will. To end the film we cut back to the first scene with Coral Sands who we watch fuck herself with the dildo that she so diligently used on Avalon and More. We then watch as Crystal pounds her to an orgasm with the strap-on. Then for the freaks out there we get to see Crystal fuck the shit out of Coral with her foot, while Coral drives herself to an orgasm. I guess it doesn''t count as fisting if it isn''t a fist does it? From here there is a preview of the next I Love Lesbians. The only ting that I think is worth noting here is Jenteal fucking Nicole Lace with a strap-on while both girls are on their knees on a pool table. But I think I will save that for the next movie. Trust me the last 10 minutes here are nothing but a bounty of beautiful babes getting off with various apparati of a sexual nature.  

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