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Title: Euro Angels #7  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Euro Angels Hardball #7: Anal Ringmaster
137 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Domination, Fetish Clothing, Anal
2002 (produced 2000)
STARS: Karma, Sandra, Ellen, Jana, Jessica, Nancy, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Ian Scott
Reviewed by: Mars

Christoph Clark, Evil Angel's premier European director, proves himself to be an dab hand at creating wickedly nasty porn while maintaining a playful edge. With a couple of his horse-cocked French buddies Clark works his way through a bevy of Euro-babes who can take it in the ass with surprising ease. Add to the superb fucking a lot of light domination and well chosen fetish clothes and you have a scorching disc for anal fans. And this disc is certainly for anal fans. Clark and his cock-jocks are obsessed with all things ass. Luckily, they're also extremely considerate. The guys are on the ball (so to speak) and do a great job of building up to the cornholing. Each girl gets a few fingers first, then more, and finally an ass full of meat. It keeps 'em happy and they show us just how enthusiastically a well-lubed woman can get butt-banged.
There's some preamble with Christoph before any real action starts. Eventually he lands in bed with an extremely pretty girl named Sandra. She's in high heel, split crotch rubber panties, a collar and leash, and nothing else. Clark takes charge, spanking her ass and slapping her face lightly with the leash before putting on a pair of long, black, rubber gloves. He gets to work on her ass (expect to see the word "ass" a lot in this review) and works his way up to four fingers in her hole. It's a slow process, but his enthusiasm and her pleasing moans make it a hot bit. After a time Christoph simply says "You're ready," and leaves. His two friends come in the room (as though they are just arriving) and find Sandra on all fours on the bed with a note saying "Fuck me, I'm ready." This makes for an excellent transition to the next piece of action where the two guys make full use of the present Christoph has left them.
They take turns doing her doggy style in the ass, pounding away as she takes them all in very easily. She even talks dirty to them a bit as the fucking gets fast and hard. The guys D.P. her and we get some of the best views I've ever seen of a D.P. Christoph obviously knows how to position his actors for a good shot. In fact, the camera work is excellent throughout this disc. They shift between just fucking her ass and D.P.ing the pliant Sandra. She can really take the fucking, letting them pump away in both holes. After the two guys dump their loads on her chest and leave, Christoph comes back and takes her in the ass for a bit and then has her clean him off with her mouth.
The pair of guys from the last scene make another appearance in the next. After some talking they end up in a workout area where they watch the pretty Ellen on an exer-cycle. Two more ladies appear in fetish clothes, to tempt them away from the gym. Karma is one and Jana is the spectacular other. Jana is a solid girl with cock-sucker lips, magnificent breasts and well tanned skin. She's also in charge and after fondling Karma orders her and Ellen to suck dick. They do so and Jana even joins in. It's a steamy time and Karma even gets in a bit of tit fucking. An excellent moment involves Jana fingering Karma's ass deep and fast while getting her mouth fucked at the same time. Karma's ass soon becomes the cock stop and the guys switch off. Ellen leaves and Jana takes hold of a large dildo so she can take turns with the boys. They D.P. Karma for a long time before letting them cum on her tits. Jana then licks the goo from her girl to end the sexy sequence.
Next we get to see Jessica in a full hood with a collar and leash on. She's hooked up to the wall, sitting obediently in a corner, when Christoph comes in and leads her around before getting to her ass. He fingers it as she begins to moan. He builds up, as always, before giving her a dildo to do herself with. Shortly after he's fucking her butt and she's writhing away under his attentions. There's a little D.P. action with the dildo before he gets her on her sides so we can appreciate her long legs. They get to a bed at some point and Christoph straps a dildo onto his face so he can do her with it. It's a little odd, but what the hell, it's his movie. The last sequence has him fucking her heels and then her feet until he cums. It just isn't a Christoph Clark movie until he gets a foot job.
The two guys are back again for the next segment and they're paired with the very well toned Nancy. She's a blonde with nicely sized breasts and she dances for them before getting down to business. That includes a hand job for one and a blow job for the other before switching off. She's got a busy tongue and does decent mouth work on both shafts before one decides he's going in. She gets speared at both ends (but not in the ass just yet) and gets into it. We get great views of them as she works her hungry mouth over one and the other fucks her pussy. She rides cowgirl on one dick and the other cock-jock fingers her ass, getting it ready for the cowgirl anal that comes next. Once the anal starts the guys end up burying their cocks in her bum, she takes it all with enthusiasm. There's some ATM for those keeping score and D.P. to keep things interesting. For a few minutes they even stuff her cunt in missionary position, though the guy then moves to her butt again. Did I mention they're obsessed with ass? Connoisseurs of anal, or gluttons? Whatever it is they do it well. After one of the guys has Nancy lick his ass and balls (something you don't see much in U.S. films), both cocks pop on her face to end this very long and involved scene.
The final scene is a strong return to the fetish and domination themes. Christoph, after sending his friends home, sits in bed with a hooded slave and Ellen, who's showing off her excellent natural breasts. He and Ellen then proceed to use the slave (it's Sandra) like a fuck toy. It's hot stuff. Christoph encourages Ellen to finger Sandra's ass and she gets into it, practically fisting the enthusiastic slave. The mess around with some toys, stuffing Sandra's butt with a couple of different forms of plastic (with Ellen straddling her back) before Christoph uses his cock for the same purpose. There's an excellent moment when he tit fucks Ellen as they both sit on Sandra's back. This whole dynamic is hardcore enough to satisfy the casual B&D aficionado yet retains that playfulness that Christoph infuses his movies with. Sandra's body stocking gets ripped away and they attack her ass with a speculum for those of you looking for deep views of a gaping hole. Christoph eventually fucks Sandra's high heels and then cums on their upturned butts to end things.
Overall: At the end, Christoph tells us the truth. He says that he received a letter asking how he gets his girls to be so nasty. His answer: Because I love them, I love them so much.
And, truth be told, I believe him. He really loves what he does and he obviously loves the women. His joy in what he does is infectious, it permeates the films he does and the stars he works with. It makes all the fetish and domination less about power and more about having a good time. And that translates well to the camera.


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