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Title: Private Castings #9  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Private Castings 9
MOVIE TYPE: documentary
not much xxx in this DVD ƒ¼
Company: Private
DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman
THEMES: behind the scenes castings, still shoots and interviews
STARS: Pierre Woodman, Sophie Call, Judith Fox, Roseanna, Natatcha, Kitty, Eve and Olivia Del Rio
Reviewed by: Gary

What a disappointment. This is the very first time that P. Woodman has ever let me down. I admit that I did have very high expectations from him but that is the reputation that he has earned himself. He consistently puts out high quality, fresh pretty girls, engaging in white-hot, ball-blistering sex. I admit that when I put this DVD in to review I already had my pants off and my cock in my hand. About 15 minutes into the DVD (and yes that does include minutes spent on fast forward) I pulled my pants back up and put my disappointed dick away. Man, this isn”¦t hardly porn.
This DVD is a behind the scenes look at how Woodman interviews and casts his fresh young sluts. It also documents a behind the scenes look at a Private still-photo shoot (actually 3 or 4 different shoots) and one behind the scenes look at a moving picture shoot (i.e., video). Because the footage shot for this DVD was probably never intended to be released, the A/V quality is much lower than Woodman”¦s regular productions (for both Private and Hustler). There was a language barrier between Woodman and most of the actresses and even for us the viewer since they had to use subtitles for us to understand as most of the conversation was in Czech or French). Believe you me subtitles in porn are counter-productive!
Moreover, there is very little real porn sex on this DVD. We get broken bits and pieces, just like the actors and actresses typically get. There are penetration and gyno shots BUT only enough to keep the cocks hard and get the photo (in the cases of the still photography shoots) and in the one actual video shoot the angles are poor and we miss a lot of the important (and highly erotic) action.
All the girls are really cute (well most). They are all so young and fresh (hell he even gets a virgin to do his bidding) and cute as hell. I suppose if one was a big fan of one of these girls maybe it might be more interesting yet these girls are so new to the biz that how could anyone be a big fan yet? Besides, the editing and production plus the lack of hot content made this DVD painful to watch. Fuck this shit. Give me some real porn!   


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