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Title: Beautiful Girls #6  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6
138 Minutes.
Evil Empire
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: hotties sucking and fucking like ravenous sluts
STARS: Claudia Jamsson, Dora Venter, Sabina Black, Nomi, Andrea, Eva, Linda, Denisa, Luisa de Marco, Christoph Clark, Chocky Ice, Gary, David, Perry, Titof, Greg Centauro
Reviewed by: Gary

Wow! What a nasty fucking DVD. Okay, my bias now being known I will say that this was a smoking hot DVD. My hat's off to Christoph and his cast and crew for this production. Okay, so all the girls aren't SUPER HOTTIES but guess what... they are all good looking, well above average chicks and they look fresh and young. No complaints there folks. Even with the aid of the chapter titles listing the actresses' names they are all European and quite new to me so it was hard to discern who was who sometimes. Bottom line: they are all cute and nobody that I know would kick any one of them out of bed.
All of these chicks are great performers, they have enthusiasm, technique and the sexual drive required to put on white-hot performances all the while acting like shameless sluts on camera for the world to see. I would like to bring special mention to the scene with Nomi and Andrea. Again, I am not sure who was who but luckily (for ID purposes) one was blonde and the other brunette. The blonde in this scene stole the show. Hell, as far as performances go she topped the DVD. She may not have been the sexiest kitten in the litter but god damn can she suck and fuck with wild abandon and without shame (looking right into the camera doing nasty, nasty things). She also had that naughty little schoolgirl thing going on too (meow!) She took both jizz-loads in this scene sparing the brunette from a face full of baby formula. After her face (the blonde's) is well coated in man juice she says (in her little Czech accent) "I like womens but mens are good too". You nasty fucking SLUT! Can I get your number?
The other scenes are very hot too. Linda and Eva put on a hell of a show and look damned fine all the while. I love their stocking and shoes; very sexy! The Brunette from the Claudia and Dora scene is the cutest of the bunch. Man she is a fucking looker! Right before she gets her facial she looks directly into the camera, gives us a nasty, sexy look and smiles, then she looks up at that purple-veined havanna like a little kid looks at Santa on Christmas (with great anticipation and excitement) and awaits her thick, sticky full facial load prize! What a good girl.
All in all, don't watch this if you have too weak a stomach. There is lots and lots of anal, ass to mouth and other nastiness going on. To me, this makes this DVD a paradigmatic example of what good old-fashioned, nasty ass fucking porn should be.  


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