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Title: Hot Showers #5  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Hot Showers #5
77 Mins.
Hustler Video
DIRECTOR: Clive Mclean
THEMES: Showers, all-girl
STARS: Lea, Cherry, Buffy, Foxy Lady, Cintia, Tiffany, Riley, Piper, August, Becca
Reviewed by: Mars
Hustler has been one of the top three skin mags for decades. And it has always been the nastiest and most hardcore of them all. It would seem that transferring that brand of porn to the screen would result in hardcore action. Oddly, that's not the case. In several Hustler vids, Hot Showers #5 included, the action isn't particularly nasty or hot. It's clear that the scenes, if they were still pictures, would work well for the magazine, but as video it falls a bit flat. The women are all pretty, the set-ups are decent, but the action itself tends to drag.
First we see Cherry (an extremely cute girl that makes some of the Ed Powers videos tolerable) in a sauna. She's a taut hottie with small breasts and long red hair. Lea, another modestly chested girl, comes in and they get to playing with each other. It becomes clear that Mr. Mclean knows how to set up a good shot. The girls are in positions that give us excellent views. Which is fine, except they don't shift much. There's some pussy eating and a lot of fingering. The best moment is when Cherry talks Lea through it as the brunette begins frigging the redhead's wet snatch. Cherry hogs the attention (which isn't a bad thing) and the big dildo that Lea uses on her. Again the views are fine and we get a great look at Cherry's legs as Lea plugs away for a while. This would have made a great magazine spread, but it's not a particularly energetic scene.
The next segment has another good set up. The very short and cute Buffy washes off in a large shower and Foxy comes around in a t-shirt to join her. The two of them grope and Foxy keeps the t-shirt on, getting it good and wet. That piece of clothing adds some heat to the episode, making for a good tease as Buffy paws and nibbles on Foxy's tits through the fabric. Buffy fingers Foxy and licks her neck, which turns up the temperature a bit. They trade off with the finger work and Buffy does some face sitting that the camera captures well. They grind pussy to end things. A decent piece of work.
I believe my disappointment in this flick stems from the third scene. Cintia, an extremely beautiful, tan and tawny woman pairs up with a pale and blonde Tiffany who is also an exceedingly fine woman. Just looking at them got my hopes up. Then they got together and became mechanical and cold. The nipple sucking is wooden and the kissing was boring. They do redeem it somewhat when Tiffany is up on her shoulders with Cintia's face buried in her twat. The 69 is full of monotonous, fake moaning. It cannot be denied that the two of them look great and the camera takes full advantage of that. However, there is no spark between them during the action. Once more, it's a beautiful magazine spread, but not a very hot video scene.
Riley and Piper do a good job in the next scene. Riley, a blonde with solid legs and a small chest, is taking a bath and convinces Piper, a brunette with a nice ass, to skip school so they can screw. Fair enough. They spend some time on each other's nipples before they step out of the tub so Piper can eat Riley. She's good at it, her tongue getting nice reactions from the blonde, and adds in some fingers for good measure. Riley gets a chance to taste Piper before the brunette gets on all fours and takes a dildo in her cunt. The two of them are into the action and that enthusiasm makes the scene a good one.
August, a tan and lovely girl, takes a shower and ends up fingering herself before getting caught by the pale and pretty Becca. They get into the standard foreplay with some groping and licking before Becca dives into August's muff and then fucks her with a dildo. It's nothing spectacular. Becca then gets some dildo work from August as the tan girl sits on her face. It's a pretty picture and the camera angles give us a great view of it. The action comes to a close and the movie ends.
Overall: It seems as though Hustler Video is still trying to find its legs in moving-picture porn. Or perhaps it's just that, knowing that the magazine is the nastiest of the big three, I'm expecting more sweaty, raunchy sex in the videos. This flick is reasonably tame, porn novices aren't going to be scared off by any of it. It has pretty ladies, tepid action, and very good camera work. In fact, the thing that points most clearly to the deep pockets of LFP on this disc is the direction. Now they just have to work on the action and the sound.

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