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Title: Original Sin  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The Feature: Stanton (Randy Spears), our protagonist, has a problem with fidelity, and we open with a him in bed with two women, having the time of his life—who wouldn't? He gets his cock sucked, and nailing the shit (literally) out of one of these women in a great anal scene. These girls are by no means passive however, they are having a good ole' time poking each other with a dildo. At one point the girls take this double-ended monstrosity for a double-anal scene. Stanton fucks the brunette while the Strawberry blonde fingers the brunette's ass and only to have Stanton pull out and the strawberry-blonde lick her raw pussy lips. Mary (Racquel Darian) pulls up to the driveway of the house in a red sports car. Could this threesome turn into a torrid four-some—I think not. The woman comes in sees the bedroom fuck-fest and leaves to the kitchen without announcing her presence. In the kitchen we see her pull out a gun from the cupboard. OK, now I have a question here. Who is afraid of getting robbed in their kitchen? I guess it would have been hard for her to get the gun if it was in the bedroom—wouldn't it. She walks out of the kitchen and the screen goes black. We then hear three shots—she is obviously Stanton's wife. Next we see Stanton washing up with the girls lying in bed. He notices a bullet hole in his chest. In comes a very beautiful and vivacious Asia Carrera as Cleo, who is obviously Stanton's guardian angel. Damn—you know, the guy gets shot for cheating on his wife and you would think he would be met by the wilder-beast from hell. Nope—not in the world of porn my friend. He gets a guardian angel who would tempt Jesus from the cross—ain't (after) life a bitch? Cut to a scene with Bob (Vince Voyeur) telling Mary that he wants to marry Mary, but Mary just is sure if she wants to marry. Follow that. We swing back to a motel rampant with infectious sex. Stanton walks past open windows in this voyeur heaven ,while in a self-pitied state because his wife is moving on so quickly after his death. Cleo slaps Stanton a dose of reality in noting that he is a "pussy hound" and what should he expect. They move inside to the bar, where the strawberry blonde that previously shared Stanton's bed (and that double-edged dildo), is now sucking some other guys dick. Sans the bullet hole however. (Whether this is intentional or not remains to be seen.) The husband gets blown off (sorry not that kind of blown off) by just about every girl in the place, including the brunette who Stanton fucked in the opening scene. Someone else is currently pounding her. Awe, there is no joy in Cumsville tonight my friends, for Stanton has struck out. Note however that the blonde has learned a lesson—she is now practicing safe sex (i.e. the guy is donning a condom). Now here is where confusion sets in. We are back at home with Stanton and Mary, where Mary is in the bathroom rub-a-dub-dubbing away. A hot scene with Mary beating herself off while hubby Stanton waits with a towel. It is not long before Stanton and Mary go at it. Could all be forgiven—or could this be before there is anything to forgive? Your guess is as good as mine. Mary takes Stanton in tow, and sucks his knob to the quick. Stanton equally enjoys Mary's palatable pussy lips as he licks her to moaning ecstasy. Finally unable to hold back any longer Stanton blows his wad, which Mary enjoys thoroughly. We are next transported to Stanton's work, where Stanton and his fellow mechanics are sizing up a potential customer. The lead mechanic comes out and condemns them for what they are doing because they are all married. Thus the "don't screw around on your wife theme" rears its ugly head. The mechanics do not bide by this warning and take this vivacious little fuck rag into the back of the shop, where she checks her own oil with the help of a rather large dildo. No sooner has she checked her own fluids does she turn on the hydraulics for Stanton's co-workers. She sucks down one of the mechanics while the other fucks her with the dildo. This is another safe-sex fuck with her taking it on her back on the hood (and roof) of a car that they have been working on. She gets on top of one of the mechanics and rides him until he can't contain it anymore, and he must check and drain his fluids. She takes it in the face loving the lube job she's just been given. We are now back with Bob and Mary, with Mary baring her feelings about how Stanton's cheating is hurting her. She is a women scorned and a women in pain, and to ease her pain she gives Bob a nice little dance in black skirt and starts to bang herself. Bob unable to watch such a body in motion, and not interact, comes over and raises her skirt, sinking his tongue into her pleasure pocket. All the while Stanton is at the window watching. Mary sucks on Bob's cock until he is hard as a rock, and then Bob takes her on her back. He flips her over for some hip pumping doggy-style fuck me down and dirty luvin'. Bob erupts with his love juice all over her back. Ending a nice (albeit quick) fuck scene. Cleo again tells Stanton that he is getting what he deserves for how he has acted. (Yeah Stanton you dumb ass take have threesome somewhere other than your own bedroom!) Now again this next scene, which is by far the hottest in the movie, is also by far the most bewildering. Cleo, our lovely and trusting guardian angel, shows up at a house where three guys are playing strip poker. Our diligent emissary of the immoral nature of infidelity, quickly loses and is soon naked naked naked. In the background you can hear the song "Dance Horizontal" playing, which I think is a nice touch. The third guy, mysteriously absent from the free for all fuck fandango, shows up pissed and with a gun. Again we hear a shot off camera. Maybe this is how Cleo came to be a guardian angel (Your guess is a s good as mine). Asia Carrera has an incredible body and eyes—and this scene even though confused and possibly even misplaced is by far the best scene in the movie. Back at the mechanics shop again where the blonde fuck-vixen Trisha (Claudia Chase) is maintaining an awesome feat - she is sucking off a dildo while fucking herself with it. This is a hot scene and Chase is definitely monster masterbatorial material. Enter the lead mechanic (you know the "cheating is bad" mechanic). He wastes no time in finding her honey box and tasting its contents. Likewise, Trisha sucks his dick. The fucking here is great; the lead mechanic fucks Trisha with one leg over his shoulder (I dig the flexibility shit). We are embroiled in watching Trisha get the shit nailed out of her when guess who shows up—you guessed it—Stanton, watching through the window. Stanton picks up the phone and pages the Mechanic's wife to his work number. The phone rings, ending their little foray. (Damn you Stanton!) The Mechanic proceeds to talk lovey dovey with his wife while cum soaked Trisha stand in the doorway. The mechanic then kicks Trisha to the street. The movie ends with Cloe telling Stanton that he has been in purgatory, then says good-bye and walks off. The true disappointment of this movie was not seeing Spears and Carrera get it on. That I think, given the context, would have been great fucking. Other than that the plot was disjointed and confusing; however, some of the sex was definitely sploog worthy.  

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