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Title: Anal Intensive #2  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Hustler's Anal Intensive #2

Time- About 2 hours

Company- Hustler

Director- Pierre Woodman

Cast- Barbara, Sandy, Oxana, Ania, Chrystal, Timea, nameless uncut euro-cocks.

Review- The girls in this DVD are cute. Fucking cute! They are almost all naturally endowed and although heavily made-up are still cute, natural like the girl next door COULD be. They are all euro-whores and therefore little to no dialogue of any meaning in the scenes. As a rule this does not bother me as long as we can here the universal language of grunts and groans. But there are also times when I really want to hear that girl talk dirty and when there is a language barrier well, sometimes that can be an impediment. Mostly though, it works. Woodman has established himself as a kick-ass porn maker both with Private and now at Larry Flynt's Hustler line. Woodman is deserving of his reputation. He always finds hot girls from around the globe. His production values are always very high and his sex scenes generally have good heat content. But having had the pleasure of reviewing several (well a few more than several) of his efforts I am beginning to notice a pattern. The sex is starting to seem very similar throughout his scenes. Perhaps this is just his signature on his work, so to speak, but it may also become a bit repetitive and boring after a while. Perhaps I just need to take a break between my woodman viewings....his work is still great and more than enough to keep me attentive enough to wax my wood. There is though a certain distance between performers in most of the scenes on this DVD. The sex is right on, they go through all the right motions and sometimes the energy is there BUT there is a lack of connection and fire between the actual performers. This is the main reason that this DVD gets an overall B from me (usually woodman gets A's). Between the repetition and the lack of chemistry the sex was not as hot as usual. That was the only disappointment for me.

The box cover for this DVD promises: "To hell with cunts. Anal intensive#2 skips the tired open wound known as the pussy and jumps straight to sodomy. Foreplay and lube are a thing of the past. A colon killing stab is all these girls crave..." Well, this DVD actually delivers exactly what it promises. The only real foreplay to speak of is the requisite bj to get the guy hard. Then straight to the anal. Cunts get attention only in the event that the ass is already full. In other words pussies are used only for DP and an occasional finger. So, if you don't like anal sex stay the hell away from this DVD. This DVD is chocked full of fudge-packing, colon probing action. The girls are sexy and fine and eager. Woodman gives us clear visuals, great angles and sets (and girls). My particular favorites on this DVD: Timea (so fucking adorable!) and Ania (great boots, boobs and bum). Also the lengthy scene with Chrystal is good too. I mention her here because in a previous review (Nikki takes a Trip) I mention a skinny, tall, long legged Asian beauty who put on one hell of a performance. Thanks to Woodman's model profiles and scene-by-scene index I now know that this sluts name is Chrystal (aka Crystal). I mention this only because she is worth keeping our eye on.

Another fine production from Pierre Woodman and Larry Flynt.




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