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Title: Dr. Fellatio #41  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #41

Reviewer- Gary

Company- Evil Angel

Director- Corey Jordan

Cast- Krystal Starr, Kali Sands, Brittany Blue, Miss Aroyo, Rebecca Bordeaux, Lacie Cox, Mandy Ridge, Lynn Marlo, Gabriella, Kristina Black, Star, Christy Hayes, Kelly Kendall, Kitten, Rachelle Devore, Shay, Brooke Lane, Patricia.

Review- Wow! What can I say about this DVD except that if you like watching blowjobs then you are in for a real treat. This DVD contains nothing but Blowjobs. More specifically, this DVD is a compilation of very pretty girls giving really good head. Each scene starts off with the girl introducing herself and explaining that she is "here" to "suck dick". All of the girls are AT LEAST above average in looks. In fact, most of these girls are really very pretty. And they range in age from looking barely legal to mature as we find with Ms. Bardoux's scene. Actually, there are really only two or three girls (out of 18) that are average looking and again...that is not to say that they are ugly. Next we move on to the actual task at hand: sucking dick. With again, only one or two notable exceptions, all of the girls deliver first class, high quality blowjobs for the doc. Deserving special mention for effort, technique, enthusiasm, and aesthetics in a blowjob are: Kali Sands, Kitten, Patricia, Brittany Blue, Lacie Cox, Lynn Marlo, Rachelle Devore and Brooke Lane. Kali gives perhaps the best and most enthusiastic bj on the DVD. She is a little older but still fucking great. Kitten gives perhaps the nastiest, spittiest blowjob on the DVD and talks so dirty throughout that you might just blush. Lacie Cox upstages her bj partner Mandy Ridge big time but both looks so sweet giving head. Mandy takes a big cum shot up her nose and almost pukes! Patricia is the eurobabe super hottie who looks incredible even without a dick in her mouth. Lynn Marlo starts off slow but really gets going and Brooke Lane just looks like a big fucking sexy ass slut and she gives head as good as she looks. Rebecca Bardoux is getting older and though her bj technique was not the best on the tape she really tried and that counts for a lot. She still does give good head and her tits,oh my god her tits, are still fabulous.

Each scene ends with a nice messy facial. What else needs to be said? Good looking girls, great blowjobs and every scene a facial. Yummy!




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