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Title: Wet 'N Frosty  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Wet 'N Frosty

MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

134 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Group sex



STARS: Belladonna, Katie Morgan, Phoenix Ray, Samantha Sterling, Calli Cox, Daisy Chain

Reviewed by: Arnon

REVIEW- Usually is Patrick Collins is involved in any way with a movie I'm never disappointed. Wet N Frosty is no exception to the rule. If you've ever seen the Slumber Party series, this is very reminiscent of that, except that there're guys there as well as girls. Within two hours Zak Wylde manages to squeeze about thirty different sexual encounters into an enjoyable movie. In between all of the great sex scenes are different clips of the people hanging out and acting slutty, which is great to watch if you're not one of those who only like the sex. If you can handle a little real-life goofing around with your porn then you'll love this movie.

The premise of this movie is that a bunch of porn stars go away for a weekend to Big Bear Mountain in California for a weekend of snowboarding and presumably fucking. The movie kind of reminds me of the Slumber Party series, in that it seems like everyone just kind of does what they feel like and the camera captures the moment. I think this one was probably a lot more staged than SP, but it still gives you that interesting home camera feel. It starts off with a really good video montage of their weekend, along with a decent song to go with it. Right at the beginning the camera wanders into a sauna with three girls and a guy fooling around. I couldn't tell who any of them were, as the camera fogged up right away and it was hard to see. They do clean the lens off, but it's still a little blurry. After some really cool video editing showing everyone fooling around and masturbating the camera focuses on Daisy Chain and a guy going at it in the sauna. They go through mish, doggy style, and mounting, accompanied by some kind of rock song dedicated to porn. The music isn't bad, but when it stops you enjoy it so much more because of the good moans and slapping sounds you missed before. The guy unloads onto Daisy's tits.

During the next video montage, which you only hear half of because of the soundtrack, the cameraman pseudo-interviews Katie Morgan, who appears to be drunk. You also see Samantha Sterling taking a naked dip in the hottub, and in one of the funnier parts Belladonna is walking around in her pajamas with a facial cream covering up her mug. You don't see that too often in these movies. The next scene the camera walks in on is Pat Myne standing naked by a bed and masturbating while watching Phoenix Ray eat out Samantha. You don't get a close-up of it though. Pat lubes up his dick with some gel and pulls Samantha to the end of the bed, putting himself inside of her and ramming her like, uh, a goat. They flip over to doggy style, where Samantha eventually takes it up the ass, with the help of some more lube. There's a very good, very close close-up of the initial insertion. She takes it up the rear again while on her back, and luckily they give us a break from seeing Pat's balls to show us some of the other girls in the room masturbating. Unfortunately it's too short to appreciate. Pat cums right into her gaping asshole.

There's another very interesting photo montage. As before this one is filled with humor, conversations, plenty of nudity, and masturbation. There's a section where the girls are doing body shots off of each other's tits. Also, in a somewhat humorous section, it shows the next morning, including people still sleeping, running around bleary eyed, and it's also accompanied by "morning" music. By that I mean lots of flutes, and other typical musical instruments you associate with the morning. It's funny to hear it in a porn movie, but it's there to be amusing and it works well. The next sex scene has Phoenix taking on Pat Myne on one couch while Calli Cox takes on another guy across the room. While the two couples go their routines, including plenty of dick sucking, tit licking, and of course fucking, Samantha and Daisy sit on a couch next to Pat and Phoenix. They take turns licking some pussy and they use some toys on each other. Luckily they decided not to put any music to this so you get to hear 6 moans at a time, plus the cameraman. I'm not sure why he's moaning, but he must be whacking off. Luckily they don't show us that one. The guys unload onto the girls and then we're onto the next video montage.

The next montage shows the girls playing strip twister, which is fairly fun to watch, although there's really no interaction between any of them. While that's going on there's some cool music playing. I have no idea who it was, but it had a funky beat. The sex section in this part is another orgy, similar to the previous scene. Pat, Phoenix, Samantha, Daisy, Katie, and a couple other guys fuck and swap partners all over a living room. There're some very good moans of pleasure going on during this section. All the girls end up getting showered on, of course.

For the next video montage, we get to watch some of the stars snowboard, rather pathetically. Then they move into a hot tub, with everyone naked of course, and Daisy uses one of the jets to give herself an orgasm. Finally Belladonna shows up. I was waiting for her, as she's one of my favorite stars and she's awesome to watch in action. Unfortunately this isn't her best scene, although it's not a bad one. Her and Katie take on a guy together in one of the bedrooms. Bella and the guy take turns licking Katie's pussy at the beginning. Katie gives him some head while being licked and then mounts him, going deep. Bella pulls him out from time to time to suck him off, which is fun to watch. When she's giving head there's enough spit to fill a river. In a humorous part Katie is on her back being fucked while Bella sits on her face. In the doorway Daisy appears holding a little dog and pretending to fuck it, much to Bella's amusement. They go through a couple more positions and Bella takes it up the ass on her knees and riding him backwards. The guy finishes by cumming all over Bella's pussy and spread thighs.

For the final scene I was a tad disappointed. A couple of the girls sit on a kitchen counter and use whip cream and chocolate sauce to make sundaes of each other. Only on their feet and tits though. Then they briefly use dildos on each other. It was kind of a weak ending to an otherwise really good movie. If you don't mind some goofiness between your sex scenes, and enjoy some good female nudity then you'll enjoy this flick.



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