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Title: Peach Fuzz  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Peach Fuzz

Reviewer- Gary

Time- 2 hours 1 minute

Company- Elegant Angel

Director- Alex Ladd

Cast- Sharon Wild, Karine, Vivian, Ashley Long, Kinky, Gia and Claudia. Johnny Slovak, Darren James, Jay Ashley and Alex Jr.,

Review- We kick this DVD off with a total fucking doll: Sharon Wild. Sharon is a drop dead gorgeous, very fare, girl-next-door knock-out. She is very hot, sexy and sensual but not in the usual porn slut sort of way. Though very sensual and oozing sexuality she has a sort of an innocence about her that makes her seem very real; not some over-acting average porn slut. She has a slender and long body with soft curves in all of the right places and a face that could make an angel blush. She has sweet tits and the obligatory peach fuzz that this DVD requires of its ladies. Sharon is so fare skinned and haired that her peach fuzz is subtle and therefore sexy. She starts off teasing us with her perfect body by dancing around and caressing herself in all the places I wish my hands and tongue could have been. She has her long blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, which only got me more excited to see her with a nice fat cock in her mouth. She peels off her light purple dress revealing her perfect tits, nipples and that sweet peach fuzz on her ample, natural breasts. She looses the panties and peels apart her pretty pink little pussy and starts to diddle herself. She looks so cool and yet sexy-hot! The masturbation is hot and just as you can tell that her pussy is getting nice and warmed up a nameless stud appears and applies his oral technique to her smooth box. Her pussy looks great as he licks it up and down! She returns the oral favors with a very inspired blowjob, taking his cock deep, applying ample hands and no hands technique. She becomes very slutty and aggressive in her blowjob and you can tell the guy is really enjoying it. She is posing just perfectly rubbing her pussy and peeling her legs apart in a very sexy manner. I love her oral moans and groans as she really gets into the cock-sucking-zone. After an enthusiastic, lengthy and hot blowjob he enters her from behind doggy. She looks great taking his cock but from this angle the camera reveals a small amount of ink on her right ankle which takes away from her "perfect 10" status. Next they roll to spoon on the couch. This position is really kind to Sharon as it shows off her breasts, torso, tummy, legs, feet and of course her beautiful snatch; then to a missionary with one leg up in the air while she rubs her clit with a fervor. He plants a small but very thick load in her mouth and she immediately applies post-cum attention to him and ends with a very sweet and sexy smile. This was a very hot scene and despite the fact that the energy between them was neither that high nor personal they both enjoyed the sex.

Ashley Long, another very pretty blonde is up next. She is not quite as fare as Sharon but she is quite lovely with smaller natural breasts and a bit more peach fuzz noticeable on her tummy, ass and breasts. She again gives us a nice tease, not too long either before we get into the hardcore action. Her man arrives poolside and gives her some adequate oral attention on the sun-chair. She encourages him with some nasty, hot talking and despite the fact that his technique is quite average she seems to enjoy it. After a very short taste of her yummy looking cunt she gives him an excellent blowjob. She is able to take him quite deep, repeatedly and she exercises excellent eye contact and hand technique. At several points she is really throwing her head down on his cock! He enters her as she climbs on reverse cowgirl, She looks hot in this position, her torso and stomach are toned but not hard and I think that is sexy as fuck. She is no louder orally than Sharon during the fucking but Ashely is more of a talker...she encourages her man to fuck her good and nasty increasing the heat of the scene. They spoon, then a doggy anal followed by a rcg anal and finally she climbs off and kneels next to him as he milks his load out for her to enjoy. Unfortunately he gets more on himself than he does on her but still a great scene.

Kinky is the next blonde up but she appears to be a bottle blonde. She is kind of trashy looking and not nearly as pretty as the last two girls. She has a little too much ink on her but otherwise her body is fine. She draws a bath and teases us as she gets in. Another nameless meat puppet joins her and goes down on her nasty little slit. She climbs into the water to get at his cock and gives him a spitty yet average blowjob. He enters her from behind with one of her legs bent up. Her pussy looks really sexy during the penetration shot. They move the party to a bed where he licks her pussy just enough to moisten it for repenetration and then takes her missionary. She re-applies her hoover lock to his dick and he slams it into her backdoor missionary before popping his man milk into her mouth!

Gia is up next. She is a brunette and is really pretty with a great body even if she does have too much visible ink. She has great peach fuzz and eyes that could melt a glacier. The problem...heat level of the sex. The sex in this scene is cold. Gia gives a very mediocre blowjob leaving me only to conclude that she must not like sucking dick. Her sexual antics are equally as inspired. Granted her partner in this scene does very little to help things out. All in all, a pillow king and queen in a cold fucking scene. Skip this one!

Flick Shagwell is the pleasant surprise of the DVD. Aside from a very clever porn-pseudonym she is also incredibly pretty and sexy. She has fuck-me-eyes, plump dicking sucking lips, great natural tits with very sexy nipples, a great torso and tummy, long toned legs and a great ass to boot. She also has very sexy peach fuzz. I had seen pictures of flick in the internet that did not do her the justice that this DVD does her. She looks young, firm, sexy and great! My only complaint: too much make-up. She also has the courage to take on a rather large cut of dark meat in this hot-tub scene. But first she masturbates, really hot, to give us a tease and show off her assets to us. She gives a great blow job, lots of great eye contact, a good balance between hands and no hands work and considering the size of the schlong she was working on, she got down pretty far on him. He enters her for a long, hot standing doggy (she looks and sounds terrific) followed by a rcg with two angles. She looks great in this position. Not only do we get a great look at her body but we also get a nice look at her pussy lips caressing and enveloping his large throbbing member. Next he fucks her missionary before blowing his baby-formula all over her mouth, cheeks and neck. A great scene!!!

Next up is Claudia, a skinny, tanned beauty with a toned body, great tan lines and perky little titties. She has sort of an asian or Hispanic flavor to her and she looks sexy. She gives us a sexy strip tease pulling out some very hot stops! She is joined by Vivian, who is of the same flavor but has a more ample body, including her tits. She also is wearing some of those really sexy shoes where the skinny straps lace up the calf! They get nasty with each other before being joined by their meat puppet. This is one of the weakest scenes in the movie as far as heat goes, although the girls moan, mew and groan like slut-kittens. This is also the only scene that I noticed condom use in. They roll through some average 3-way positions and the scene really sort of drug out for me. One major issue for me: the girls seem more into each other than the guy they are fucking. Oh, well...only two weak scenes on the DVD and both are still strokable.




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