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Title: It Had to be You  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


TITLEIt Had To Be You

Reviewer- Sheyna

Time- Unknown

Company- Wicked Pictures

Director- Unknown

Cast- Temptress, Kylie Ireland, Briana Banks, Chloe, Kitten, Dillon Day,

Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Tony Tedeschi

Review- Temptress is a young hottie with waist-length brunette hair who is a

terrible actress. She plays a secretary at a girlie magazine and she seems

stoned or drunk in every scene, but not in her interview. First off, Jonathan

Morgan works the shit out of Briana Banks pussy, which is very nice although her

fake tits are not. She is just fake, fake, fake all over, a complete porn-mold

girl. She gets very turned on in this scene, but as usual, Jonathan is the star

of the scene. The best scene in this video features a black chick named Kitten

who sucks the living daylights out of ... frankly, I am not sure who the guy is.

It might be Dillon Day. Any man who could hold his jizz against this blowjob,

however, is a living hero. She gives a nasty, vigorous, spitty, very

enthusiastic suck workout to his relatively small but hard cock before he bangs

her all over the place, wearing white socks and a pink condom. NOT SEXY. She

does a great job of moaning and hollering and eventually smears his man juice

all over her face and lips. Chloe then worships Tony Tedeschi's balls while

Kylie Ireland sucks his cock. Chloe always gets so turned on in her scenes, but

she goes away unsatisfied in this one, which never really gets going. She is so

tiny and always looks emaciated but is full of kinky passion anyway. Next, we

get to see Temptress in action and it is apparent that she loves to eat pussy

(which she also says in the interview). Another great moment in this DVD shows

her sitting backward on Kylie's stomach with Kylies legs spread wide, working a

dildo in and out of Kylie's ass while Kylie shoves three fingers in her own

cunt. Temptress gives her a few spanks and really gets Kylie going. After

that, Temptress takes on Dillon Day, who drives her pussy home hard. She is a

sweet, innocent beauty with a fresh body and small tits. This scene features a

running litany of moaning and whimpering.

The girls in this DVD were not great looking. The camera gets too close in many

shots, ruining them due to poor lighting and shadows. The acting was terrible.

I gave it a B because of the Kylie/Temptress scene, because of Kitten's blowjob

and because I am a Jonathan Morgan fan. Other than that, this DVD was "just




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