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Title: Hustler Exxxotica  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Hustler Exxxotica

Time- 1:50

Company- Hustler

Director- Pierre Woodman

Cast- Drimla, Angel, Electra, Pokahontas, Nikolette, Sabrine

This movie was excellent in almost every aspect. One thing that a lot of porn suffers from is repetition, and a lot of that is derived from the same location being shot over and over and over. You can only see so many beds and couches before you get bored. This movie takes a standard sex formula and adds beautiful beaches and waterfalls into the mix. With the help of pleasant, natural lighting and very attractive people, plus the excellent locations, this movie would be a great couples movie. While it does focus on some hardcore things, it also provides certain romantic aspects that I believe many women enjoy. If you want to get your significant other to watch a movie with you, you might both enjoy this one.

The first scene takes place on a beach in Bali, wherever that is. Much nicer than Wisconsin, that's all I know. Two ripped guys are walking up the beach, doing a little sight seeing at the base of a mountain type object. At the top they spy Drimla wearing nothing but a towel around her waist and waving down at them. Then you hear the horribly, horribly dubbed voices and wish you hadn't. The two guys climb up the side of the mountain until they meet the brunette and start to sex her up. She's a great-looking girl, with a shaved pussy, and tan natural tits. Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I hate 2 guy 1 girl scenes. There's always a dick in the girls' mouth and the other guy is doing something to her pussy. Over and over again. So I'll spare you the details of the scene. I'll just say that they're in a field, looking out over a nice shot of the water, and they do all the stuff you'd expect in a scene like this. Aside from the repetitive nature of the scene, it was very nice.

Next Hustler travels to the Seychelles, wherever the fuck that is. A gorgeous blonde, Angel, and her boyfriend drive up into a hilly region, overlooking another beach and some islands. As they're walking along they stumble upon a guy sunbathing naked on a blanket. The boyfriend strips his girlfriend down so that the two guy's can share her very hot body. Now, maybe it's just me, but even for porn it's kind of an unusual scenario when a guy stumbles upon another naked guy and offers to share his girlfriend. Usually it's the girl who shares. Definitely odd. Just like the last scene the camera switches from blowjobs to fucking, until both guys cream on the girl. Unlike the last scene the girl does do some dp at one point, taking it up the ass and loving every inch of it.

Back in Bali, another couple is walking through some sort of park, right by the beach. This girl (Electra) is extremely hot, with long black hair and a perfectly tight body. They strip each other down right away, and she gets down on her knees to give him a mediocre blowjob on the beach. The guy lies down and pulls her toward him, which lands her squarely on his face, and he proceeds to tongue her pussy. Their first position is cowgirl, with plenty of good close-ups of the action. The setting sun provides some really good light for it, and you can see the ocean in the background. At some points during the scene there's some really annoying Jamaican style music playing, which detracts from the sexuality of the whole thing. When it's not there you can hear moans the crash of the waves, which really adds to the experience. Next the couple goes at it with her on her back, and you can see a whole bunch of sand stuck to her butt. I can only wonder how much gets inside of her during this scene. I can't imagine that it would be comfortable. When it's time for some rcg, Electra decides to take his sandy dick up her ass, and continues to do so when they roll onto their sides. They finish with him unloading into her mouth. A very nicely done scene.

Finally we get to a rainforest in Hawaii, where instead of it being sunny and pleasant it's raining like a motherfucker, and a hot redhead named Pokahontas (no, I'm not making this up) and her man decide to fuck in the downpour. The guy removes what little clothing the girl is wearing, which is a wraparound skirt of some kind, and buries his head between her legs while she's still standing, giving her clit a good lick. Then it's time for him to remove his shorts, and she drops to her knees to give his half-hard dick a good sucking. By the end the guy is rock solid and I don't blame him. The couple is standing on some kind of stone staircase in what looks like a garden, and the girl bends over on the stairs to get fucked from behind. Then they walk down to the base of the stairs and lie on their sides. She mounts him facing the camera and takes it up her ass, giving us some good shots. Then they move onto a bench where she mounts him, still taking it up the rear. Continuing that theme the guy carries her to the ground and gives it to her on her back before he pulls out and cums all over her face.

Back in the Seychelles, wherever that is, a couple guys are hanging out on their boat in a perfectly blue inlet, right by a white sand beach. Nikolette and her dog are chilling on the beach, not doing much of anything except looking hot. The girl that is, not her dog. Although the dog is licking his crotch, so if that's what you dig then there you go. Nikolette wanders toward the boat with the two guys on it and talks to them in an awfully dubbed voice. She hops on board the boat and they take off into the deep blue yonder. The girl must be very trusting, since she just left her dog sitting on the beach licking his balls. After some dubbed conversation, one of the guys goes into the back of the boat, takes her clothes off, and starts getting his cock sucked. The pilot of the boat soon gets up to join them, allowing the boat to continue on its own, and what we get is the standard 2 to 1 scene, although this time it's on a moving boat with some great scenery, so I'll let it slide. Both guys unload on her face.

In Hawaii again a guy is jogging near a waterfall, when he comes upon a hot Hawaiian girl named Sabrine sitting and combing her hair. Why she's sitting here by herself, I don't know. Probably because she wants to have sex with this guy. He asks if she minds if he swims, and of course she says no. He strips down to a bathing suit and swims around beneath the waterfall, while she admires him from afar. When he climbs out he convinces her to go with him where there's a better view. Once they get to the better view spot he hikes up her shirt to briefly lick her tits, and then she undoes his shorts and does an excellent job working on his flaccid cock. The guy was just swimming in cold water so I suppose I should give him a break. It doesn't take him long to get hard, especially when he spreads her legs and starts licking her snatch. Before long she's on her knees on the rocks and he's railing away on her. Then it's time for her to mount him, which we get some great shots of with the waterfall right behind them. For the anal shot they switch to rcg, giving the viewer plenty of good viewing. Sabrine takes it up the ass on her back, and for a special treat while she's giving the guy head to finish him off you see her squirt onto some rocks, which is a fairly unusual thing. She must've enjoyed herself quite a bit. And she squirts for almost a minute straight. After the guy cums onto her tongue, roll the credits. A very good movie, with very attractive people and shot in some very pretty and remote locations. Recommended for everyone who likes good sex, and especially for couples looking for a romantic alternative.



Interview with the director - This is sort of a mix between an interview and an In the Day of documentary. It was very interesting.





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