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Title: Euro Angels #4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Euro Angels #4

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- B-

Male Looks- B-

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- C-

Extras- C+

A/V Quality- C-

Time- 2:16

Company- Evil Angel

Director- Christoph Clark

Cast- Vanda, Ispahan, Margarette Natasha, Bianca, Emanuell, Magela, Brunetta, Carolina, Yves LePrince, Jean-Yves LeCastel, David Perry, Leslie Taylor, Mario Levente, Nick Lang

Review- With the rapid production schedules in porn it''s possible to watch a director "grow" within a few years. Christoph Clark is currently (in 2002) one of the better gonzo directors and one of the best European directors. However, watching Euro Angels #4, which was shot in 1998, is like watching a film student flick. It''s very earnest, not bad, but he has definitely improved since then. Christoph is very anal focused in Euro Angels #4 and there just isn''t a scene without corn-holing and close up shots of gaping female ass, so booty-phobes beware.

It starts with Vanda, a very cute girl from some indeterminate Eastern European country, and Christoph and his buddy Yves. Yves is paired up with Ispahan, who''s got great enthusiasm but is way, way too skinny for her own good. Vanda gives what turns out to be the best blow job in the film (that''s not saying too much, though, European girls have only just learned how to suck cock, if porn-flicks are to be believed) as Ispahan gets her ass and pussy tongued. Ispahan gets double teamed by the guys a lot but Vanda''s action is worth watching. It all leads to the ass fucking as they guys end up swapping partners and then D.P.ing Vanda. She takes it well and gets it a couple of times with a little ass-to-mouth on the side for Ispahan. It ends with both women getting doggy style anal action and then pop shots.

Natasha is a hottie who poses for still photos while some odd blue screen stuff is going on behind her (as though she''s standing in front of a screen showing a different porno). She fucks herself in the twat and the ass with a dildo before we''re introduced to Margarette, another cutie with fantastic tits. They get into bed together but a guy comes in dressed as some kind of officer and demands boot licking and blow jobs, in that order. He gets them both. The tag team hummer is terrible, they''re barely touching his cock with their tongues. Margarette gets a bit of a cowgirl ride before they try the tag sucking again and get it right. The guy fingers their asses for a bit and ends up doing the tan and silky skinned Natasha doggy style. We get some good views of Margarette (did I already say "nice breasts?") and the girls swap out on the cock-jock-ride so Margarette can take it in the butt. Natasha gets on all fours for the backdoor treatment as Margarette lays under her and gets a bit of ATM while the guy switches between Natasha''s holes. Not bad, but I''d ask for better angles next time. Tag sucking leads to the finishing money shot.

While the next scene has more potential than actualization, it''s still hot. The blonde and bespectacled Bianca (a fine looking woman) gives a bartender a decent blowjob before getting stripped and pressed against a wall. He licks her ass and stuffs two fingers in before abandoning the foreplay and just sticking his cock in her trunk. They stay standing as he pumps away and she makes a lot of good noises. Two other guys step in as Bianca gets into reverse cowgirl for more anal from the bartender. Decent angles let us see the whole picture before it changes to some doggy style anal with the three men cycling through in turns. This is kind of boring as the camera stays right up close to the crotch area and we can hardly tell that the guys are swapping out. Let''s just say that there is a lot of ass-fucking and a lot of gaping. They shift to the table with Bianca on her back, vigorously pounding her own rosebud with a dildo. Soon she kneels with her large glasses on and the three men spew gobs of spunk onto her lenses, which she licks a bit afterwards. Decent scene.

Emanuell is the girl in the next scene and she''s not the prettiest girl on the disc, but she''s got a good body and fine ass. A couple of guys join in for a blow job and some ass fingering before she lays between them and does her own rear, which is pretty hot but the views could be better. One pounds her missionary as she sucks the other and then they move to some doggy anal. Christoph joins the fun and some D.P. happens. A brief flirtation with a double anal penetration raised my eyebrows. That girl is a trooper. The scene lasts a long time, with Emanuell stuffing cock into every hole all at once without complaint. Christoph even fucks her feet for a bit before all the loads fall on her mouth and tongue. She took a lot of action.

Did I mention this is a long fuck flick? Christoph shows up again, flanked this time by the brunette and pretty Brunetta and Magela, with the reddish hair. Both girls are good looking and the action begins with a lot of foot sucking. This trio gets it right by keeping everyone involved. For example, Christoph fucks Magela in the ass as Brunetta licks his balls. Then Brunetta gets butt banged as Magela licks her slit. See? Teamwork! They switch it up here and there, but it''s mostly anal work throughout. They''re all enthusiastic, which makes the scene work. Many ass wreckings and ATM moments later, the pop shot lands on the tongues and ends the scene.

The final segment involves Yves and the fine looking Carolina. After some uninspiring oral work, we get to see some good angles on the mish position. It develops quickly into ass pounding and the Christoph comes out of the closet. Literally. It''s supposed to be funny, but it''s hysterical. Christoph is not afraid to act clownish and this one had me laughing for no good reason. Anyway, he adds himself into the action and they spear the lady on cock. Guess what? It leads to a D.P. and some ATM. Much fucking occurs and Christoph indulges his foot-fucking fetish again before a double shot on the chin turns out the lights.

OVERALL: Christoph certainly likes what he does and, on the whole, he does it well. Euro Angels #4 is a bit dated if you''ve seen any of his more recent stuff (which I recommend), but it''s not too shabby. Anal fans will get what they need from this disc.

EXTRAS: A chapter menu, a rather complete fetish menu, a photo gallery, very good filmographies for the women, a bio of Christoph, some URLS, and the reviewers dream a cast list by scene.





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