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Title: More Dirty Debutantes #168  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Dirty Debutantes #168

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B+

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- D

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- B

A/V Quality- C

Time- 2:04

Company- New Machine

Director- Ed Powers

Cast- Cherry Rain, Kristina Black, Petite, Venus, Ed Powers

Review- With so many shots at the target it was inevitable that Ed Powers would hit the bull''s eye, and he did it in this volume of his long running series. Usually there''s a bunch of uncomfortable women and babbling from Ed that makes it hard to watch his flicks. This time, however, he nailed it. There are three exceptional (by Dirty Debutantes standards) scenes on this disc, with sexy women who are into the action in a big way. I will go so far as to admit that I would recommend this disc, it will stay in my collection.

The jewel of this disc is the first scene. Venus, a very pretty brunette with a decent natural body, has signed up to do a girl-girl scene. She''s paired with longtime Ed collaborator Cherry Rain, an elfin waif with boundless enthusiasm and thirst for sex. It''s immediately evident that they''re going to do well as the kissing gets hot. Venus eats Cherry''s box and makes a meal of it. Cherry is moaning in pleasure and Venus stays down a long, long time. And, something new for a Powers flick, I didn''t want it edited down. It stays pretty hot for the whole ride. Cherry hits an O and, after a brief rest, Venus dives in for more. Excellent. Cherry returns the favor with her talented tongue and fingers. Then they get to the strap on. Venus snaps it on first and fucks the hell out of the slender Cherry. There are two camera people and the jump in quality of the angles is stunning. Cherry bucks into that strap on like a champ and is dripping wet at the end. Venus gets a turn and rides cowgirl on the strapped Cherry. She''s also into it, fucking her ass with a small dildo as she works to a nice orgasm, but the views aren''t as good. They cuddle, Venus rides to another climax and things finally wind down. Quite a show.

Kristina Black is a dark haired beauty with a good body who is doing her first boy/girl scene with Ed. Ah well, it doesn''t go badly. Ed eats her and she gets into it, clutching and moaning and shaking. She doesn''t mind that Ed is fucking her, so I guess I won''t either. In fact, Kristina likes it. The blow job shows off her talented mouth and an ability to suck down his entire shaft with every bob of her head. Nice work, Kristina. The doggy style also goes well, with some cool hair pulling. The camera work is pretty bad since it''s just Ed and a few stationary cameras, but Kristina''s enjoyment distracts from the shortcomings. The mish starts up (Kristina, it bears mentioning, is a vocal girl) and we see more of Ed''s ass than is healthy. It''s certainly isn''t hurting her though, and after the cum shot Kristina thanks Ed for the sex. Geez...I never would have dreamed it, but I guess after so much practice Ed must be good at what he does...

Petite is a tiny English girl with curves. Ed reverts to his awkward conversation and speaks with a hideous English accent at her. While this might creep out some women, Petite finds it funny and (for once) it puts her at ease. She''s nervous, but eager as they kiss and get to the naked part. After a few minutes playing with herself with a vibe, Ed eats and fingers her pussy. Petite makes some pretty noises and writhes in pleasure at his attentions. The hummer isn''t so great, but she''s into the doggy style and it gets a bit warm. The mish gives us good views of her face and it''s apparent that Ed''s doing something right. He pops on her face and she not only swallows, but scrapes up and eats the cum on her face and neck. But wait, there''s more...Cut to Petite and Cherry Rain kissing and rubbing each other''s mounds. Petite shows some pussy eating talent and Cherry returns the favor on Petite''s very wet cunt. She then fucks the British girl with a strap on and it''s a good time. Ed gets back into it for a tag team blow job and then pounds Petite missionary again. The pop is internal this time and we get to watch a close up of it leaking out. Joy. Still and all, a good scene.

OVERALL: Well, Ed Powers has shocked me by putting out a disc that is good action through and through. I''d enjoy it more without Ed but he seems to be doing right by the girls so I won''t complain too loudly. If you like amateur stuff, this is a keeper. It''s not slick, the girls aren''t polished dolls, but the action is very true.

EXTRAS: As per usual you''ll find a scene selection, an Action Menu, a photo gallery of past Dirty Debs that went on to make a name for themselves, a bio of Ed, a clip from his late night radio show, six previews, and company info. You''ll also find a weird "message from Ed" that''s just him talking to the camera. Odd.





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