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Title: Kaitlyn Goes To Rio  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: n/a


Bottom Line: The sad thing is that the best looking talent in this film are all of the chicks from Brazil, and yet none of them get used to their potential. Kaitlyn is a fish in this flick and pails in comparison to the hotter and more fuckable Kia. There isn''t a whole that this movie has going for it except for hot Brazilian betties who never get nailed. The Feature: 6 Chapters. Our movie opens with the wide expanse of the Los Angeles Skyline, which isn''t very interesting I guess because I see it every damn day, but hey I guess you have to start somewhere. We cut toe Kaitlyn and Monica (Kia) talking about Kaitlyn shit boyfriend who has recently dumped her. Kia then (of course) tells Kaitlyn that she should come with her to Rio. Of course Kaitlyn is initially hesitant to go, but once Kia recommends that Stacy tag along too she bends. They are going to see Kia''s boyfriend Roberto (Marcel). After a quick call from Kaitlyn, Stacy is on board for the fucking. Kaitlyn unfortunately looks a bit worn out. She can''t be older that 22 but she looks 33. I guess the porn industry really does take its toll. Kia on the other hand is an incredible Asian with long black hair and a near perfect boob-job (in that you would be really hard pressed to see any scars whatsoever). Another thing that she has going for her is that she looks like a scaled down version of Asia Carrerra, with out the husky lisp. Soon we are transported to the magical land of Rio De Janeiro, where we meet Roberto (who I think is Marcel). Our man walks out while letting it all hand out, and we then cut to he and Kia going at it on the couch. Roberto starts in on sucking away at Kia''s tits, while licking her very nice boobies. But the funny thing is that he looks like a 12 year old boy with his first experience seeing a girl naked. I mean I am all for the whole sexual innocence look for a Porn but the guy is rubbing his face in her tits like he really doesn't know what he is doing. Kia on the other hand knows exactly what she is doing when she decides to suck our man''s already barren cock. She grinds down on his dick and flicks away at the head of his penis with her tongue. The only thing that is a bit messed up is the moan track. I mean when the girl has her mouth full I find it hard to believe that she would be able to moan and talk. While she delivers lip service to Roberto, Roberto pounds away at her clit. Yet Roberto rubs her clit with about as much technique as he sucks tits (this shouldn''t be taken as a compliment). Yet I have to give the boy credit, he sure knows how to eat pussy. The camera work in this scene leaves a little bit to be desired as well; there are just to many pan up shots of Roberto''s ass. I wonder who the camera man was more interested in? When we get to the fucking, Kia is spread eagle on the couch while our condom covered friend pounds away at her. It isn''t long before Kia is clawing for the walls. When the two of them go doggystyle we get some great shots of Kia''s perfect ass. The funny thing though is that while she is getting nailed from behind, her tits hardly move. Somebody should really give those puppies a deep massage. In the end out boy shoots his stuff all over Kia''s heaving tits and erect nipples. While the sex wasn''t all that I have to say that Kia is a joy to look at. We then cut to what be the next day and Kaitlyn is taking in the sites of Rio. You know jogging (at least I think that is what she is doing) along the beach, strolling the shops, and trolling for hot Rioins to have her way with. We then cut to a scene where all three girls are at the beach playing soccer with some locals with their tops off. Here we get to see that not only are they all seasoned actors, but they are athletic as well. That evening Kaitlyn tries to pick up of one of the locals (called Ned), until his very hot girlfriend (I wish I could tell you her name) comes and takes him away. Now I think we really have had something here. She is beautifully petite with long full blonde hair and nice (but small) tits. Form here we cut to Ned and this beauty going at it on the beach. She has this kind of wild unshaven bush. You know the kind that you never see in the magazines, but the kind that you always end up with at the end of the day. Ned is down on her bush and is munching away while she lies back on a rock. The only problem with the scene is that we don''t get enough shots of her face--I mean it she is really hot and is boner worthy just looking at her. The problem though is that the action stops here. I tell you man, what a waste. Kaitlyn and Kia get into a tiff and Kaitlyn is bitching about not getting laid yet. Kia tells Kaitlyn that she could learn some pointers from Stacey. When they get to the club it turns out to be a strip joint. The main attraction is another Latin beauty that I am sure we will never see in action. The three girls sit from row center as she strip down out of her white one piece. Hilariously the camera for some reason tries to stay on her hips, an so it is all over the place. Yet I have to say this does give us some choice shots of her pussy and asshole (both of which are of the wildly unshaven sort). We then watch as another beauty gets on stage, where there is a mattress appropriately laid out for her. Up comes the young Brazilian stud who is going to fuck her there on the stage for everyone''s enjoyment. After a little initial kissing and fondling, she takes this guys dick downtown. She sucks and strokes his meat until he has a full erection. From here he uses her mouth as a little fuck hole pushing his cock into her without any help. In return for such a splendid blow job, our main gets down and hits her tiny pussy with some tongue love. I have to say that this chick (and I apologize because her name escapes me) has what has to be the smallest pussy in the history of porn. In all it can''t be bigger than a half dollar. Soon our man is gong at it with her Missionary position. The thing that sucks though is there is just the music track. You hear nothing from the talent at all. But thank goodness this doesn't last for long as he pulls out quickly and blows his load all over her face. Ok you remember the hot Brazilian chick that was stripping at the club, the one that had the beautiful long black hair, is hanging with Stacy, who is a hot blonde in a teal sequin mini-skirt. Both of the girls start in on each other very quickly, moving to get each other''s tops down. And after a little reciprocated nipple sucking, both girls get down to their birthday suits. Stacey is an incredible blonde with great tits, a full ass and long blonde hair. Stacey starts in on this Brazilian''s very wet pussy, by taking her time to flick her clit back and forth with her tongue. While the action here is a bit reserved for a lesbian scene, at least you can here the moan track. When the two head for the bed, we get a perfect shot of two perfect bodies. The only thing missing is a nice hard cock between the two of them. But this is the obligatory lesbian scene, and so I am sure that my hopes will be dashed. Dare I dream of such things. Some of the best action is when the girls grind hips, and we get some great shots of both their pussies. On bottom, shaved, on top, unshaved--you be the judge. The muff mashing continues until both girls act as if they have had orgasms. This should be considered great acting, but as of yet the Academy has not responded to my letters for Best Actress is a fake orgasm. The best of these girls however does come out in a fabulous 69 scene, where both girls bury themselves in the other''s love tunnel and fire away. Yet it does seem that the Brazilian knows a bit more of what she is doing than Stacy does. Note to Stacy: when eating pussy, if you move your head from side to side it really doesn''t matter if your tongue isn''t touching the pussy. After we fade away from the blaze'' lesbian action we catch up with Kaitlyn who is still trolling for a fuck along the beaches of Rio. We then cut to Kia smacking Roberto and telling him to fuck off. I bet you can see what is coming--Kaitlyn is going to nail the desperate Roberto. Yet before Kaitlyn shows up we watch as two hot Latin beauties get down and dirty with Roberto and his friend. One of them is absolutely incredible with long black hair and great tits. This girl has to be the best one in the entire cast. She has full black hair that stretches down her back, coupled with full tits and a tan body. She sucks cock like a monster too. Both girls do a fine job in getting their men hot and heavy, and it isn''t long before they are ready to get schlonged from their partners right there by the pool. The funny thing is that when this Brazilian beauty takes her mouth off of this guys cock I have to say that it bares a striking resemblance to the Concord--you know with the tilted down head for aerodynamics. Its at this point that Kaitlyn shows up and boots out the blonde that is sucking down Roberto and takes his place. Kaitlyn grinds down on his cock, while the hot Brazilian is making herself useful by keeping the blonde satisfies in a lounge chair not far away. When they switch though it s the blonde who seems to hair her pussy licking chops down, as she slurps away on the hottie''s pussy. Then in nice mini-orgy scene we watch as Roberto eats out Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn eats out the hot Brazilian with her Gene Simmons size tongue, all while the blonde sits on the hot Brazilians face. When we get down to fucking Roberto starts off by nailing Kaitlyn form behind while every else grabs hold of themselves and strokes away. I have to say that Kaitlyn looks a but bored at this point, and it is the Brazilian that seems to be getting into things. From here it isn''t long before we are put out of our misery and Roberto shots a load all over Kaitlyn''s lips. While this is going on you can see the flashes going off form the still photographers. In the end I feel totally robbed, it's the hot Brazilian that I wanted to see get nailed in the face with the white good stuff but that just ain''t going to happen. Talk about a waste of talent.  

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