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Title: Tales from the Script  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Tales From The Script

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- B-

Plot/Acting- C

Extras- Ridiculously boring Behind The Scenes, photo gallery, bios, phone sex ads

A/V Quality - D

Time- Unknown

Company- Legend

Director- Jerome Tanner

Cast- Hannah Harper, Nina Ferrari, Nikita Denise, Sandy Knight, Salena Del Ray, Joel Lawrence, Brian Surewood, Joel Ray, Billy Glide, Chris Cannon, Frank Bukkwyd, Ginni Lewis

Review- This DVD only warranted a grade of B- for two reasons. One is because most of the girls take it anally and the other is the very hot first scene. Other than that, I probably would have given it a much lower grade due to poor lighting and sound and downright crappy sex.

The scene I mentioned features Brian Sherwood and newcomer Sandy Knight, who I have just seen in the New Girls In Town series. This girl is really energetic and the scene is hot, even though her hairstyle is a silly silver bob that looks like a wig. The light and sound are terrible in this scene, but the sex gets her howling and they have a rollicking great time. She gives a yummy blowjob. She has a very good boob job and wears thigh high red stockings. Her shaved pussy is really nice, too. Ends with a very nasty facial with lots of eye contact. You go, Sandy.

Nikita Denise and Billy Glide get nasty next. She takes 4 fingers in her ass and 4 fingers in her pussy at the same time but hairless Billy has disgusting, bitten-down fingernails. She sucks his big cock and it goes straight into her ass. Other than the poor camera work, there is a good bent in half ass fuck in this scene. She could have used a spanking, though! The scene loses steam and it is hard to tell if she really goes ass to mouth or not.

Chris Cannon and I believe Hannah Harper are next, I could be wrong about her though. She's a blond with smallish bolt ons. She was the worst performer in the whole DVD. Terrible blowjob and a lame fuck, kept her eyes closed the whole time. The best part of this scene was when Chris was fucking her ass and shoving two fingers in her pussy simultaneously. This was just an awful scene overall.

Next scene featured a frizzy blond cutie, probably Selena Del Ray, who gets her ass eaten while wearing stockings and very cool shoes. Hard to tell if her tits are real or not, but they might be. He fingers her ass and she goes way overboard with the howling. There are weird condoms used in more than one scene of this DVD and this is one of them. She gives a good spitty blowjob that she obviously digs and he cums on her tits after a rowdy tit fuck.

Lastly we have Nina Ferrari and Joel Lawrence. She has too much hair that keeps getting in the way until she finally wraps it around his dick and gives him a hair job, which does not look sexy or fun. She has fake tits and a pierced tongue and does way too much groaning. In fact, these two sound like they are completely stoned as they rub bodily fluids all over themselves.



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